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Wake up call February 29, 2008

Posted by Aella in Bahrain, Life.

Hamdulillah, I heard myself say as I woke up in the middle of the night. Still sleepy and confused, I said it again. Alhamdulilla.
Why, asked my son who had just entered the room. -Why are you saying that mum? I told him still in a dreamlike state that I had dreamt that I that I was dying from cancer. The dream was so clear and so real and I could feel the desperation as my life was slipping away from me in my dream. I insisted on going up and out to work without telling anyone because I wanted to feel that I wasn’t just waiting for death to come. As I left the hospital I felt dizzy and weak and I could feel my internal organs giving in for the disease. It had spread all over my lungs and in my head I had a picture of the state they were in.

At one stage I sat in the car with my son and my ex husband and I cried, pleading with God to let me live. Please don’t let me die. I want to live, please. Not now, not now!
They looked at me with pity and sadness in their eyes knowing that there was nothing they or I could do..
I was really upset because the cancer had been found at an early stage but it had spread too fast. The last thing I remember before I woke up was talking to a client in a thoub who was looking to buy some apartments and it pleased me so much even if I could feel the pain from within me. Sick dream but so clear. It felt like a shock when I woke up that it was actually a dream and not real.
Whilst dreaming I realised how much life is worth and how we know it but we don’t actually feel it…until something like this comes our way. I have never wanted to live more than I did in that dream.

About two weeks ago I had a dream where the details also were very clear and what presented itself in that dream later happened and was accurate to about 90% (can one measure such things?). I don’t see myself as someone whose dreams will become true in any way but I think sometimes we can sense things that comes to us as we dream. I sure hope this dream has no accuracy at all in real life.


Bahrain Daily 28 February 27, 2008

Posted by Aella in Bahrain, Bahrain Daily.
Baby Bahrain
At Toys R Us
(never saw a baby like that here, man they even threw a camel and a tent in)

Driving Ms Sous February 21, 2008

Posted by Aella in Bahrain, Lebanon, Life, Manama.

Dead tired. Woke up at 6 as usual. Someone pissed me off just before I went to bed and I actually woke up in the same state. Not like me really.

Dubbelorn, the following account is for you especially 😛

The uh not so cool thing happened the other day. As I had picked up a client to show some apartments I got pulled over by a little man in white on a motorbike. He asked for license and insurance (not registration like in the movies huh). Not funny since it was spelled out that my international drivers license wasn’t valid here. It says in the license book that it’s valid but at the front where I haven’t looked at all it says that it’s not valid in the GCC (I should have checked the letters out before I post this but can’t be asked) or what it’s called countries.

Me never having dealt with the police in my life got dead nervous and fumbled as I was trying to find my insurance for the car. Couldn’t find it of course and pulled out take away menus whereas the police exclaimed “Yes that’s the one”. Not.  Sigh, not cool. At all. I asked him why he had pulled me over and if my driving was bad but ooh no my driving was very good according to him and he repeated it twice since I thought he was being sarcastic. He didn’t have any reason for pulling me over really which puzzled other officers when filing the report later. So ya it sucks. I am now taking driving lessons (with a manual uuh) so I can take the test and get a Bahraini license (which was the plan anyways).

It didn’t end there. The man in question was a happy little fella and kept telling me and the client stories from work, obviously wanting to entertain us. I tried humoring him but really wanted to tell him to shut up… He called the officer in charge who turned up shortly after. Quite uptight is an understatement when talking about him.  A young man that apparantly told him that it would be ok if I drove with my (SUCKY!!) Lebanese license but mr Motorbike didn’t agree. Soo….I had to go to the station. Not cool really but after having spoken to my bosses at work I felt a little calmer and went there. I sat in the traffic department office with a dry mouth, reading a book until  they came from work and picked me up.

I was later fined for being clueless and told to take lessons and pass the test so now I am depending on the company driver for coming and going.
Funnily enough, I  made it through the day not feeling as bad as I would have expected to feel. My company has been great on all accounts and I would have been rather clueless without the support and help provided by them.
I really need to get my license soon because I am feeling rather helpless having to depend on the driver since I am on my own. Good thing I only live within a walking distance from the supermarket :).

Or those days… February 15, 2008

Posted by Aella in Bahrain, India, Life, Manama.

As I am driving around in Manama I constantly have things in my head that I want to write about buuut once I am sitting down it all goes away. Still no internet connection so Starbucks will have to do for now.

The other day I had two Ethiopian girls coming to my place to do some cleaning. We spoke a little and one of them said that after five years of working in peoples homes as a maid she couldn’t imagine doing that again. She said she needs her freedom and that “Arab people” treats us like slaves, especially if we are from Africa. This is such a sad thing to hear. I mean, I know it but it’s so sad that people have this attitude towards their staff.

Yesterday the other girl that was cleaning my place came to the entrance of the house as I stood there waiting for the caretaker to open. Suddenly she put her hand up in the air and high fived me, grabbed my hand and did some YooooMTV rap handshake… I was like uuuh? What’s that all about. I don’t mind shaking peoples hands but what’s up with this “sista” yo yo handshake? Sigh.
Later in the evening I went to cut my hair and ended up doing it in Sanad (just passed by a place and went in – couldn’t get an appointment with Dessange the same day bleh) . After the haircut a Filipino woman was blow drying my hair. I was watching her face in the mirror as she was working. Serious and concentrated on her work. I was thinking a little about who she was and how long she has been here when she finished and held up a mirror in front of me exclaiming – There Madam!! Sooo sexy, very sexy!! Look Madam!
I felt like a mix of a question mark and a exclamation mark..
So many times I must look like some odd person with my facial expression just hmm puzzled when these things happen. Sooo sexy! Such an odd comment to say when you fix someones hair uh.

Anyway, I still feel like I am in India most of the time (always wanted to go there). Indians everywhere basically. A little confusing sometimes. Yesterday I actually understood something when two men were talking Hindi (to my surprise). In December I signed up for a Hindi course at Livemocha.com but haven’t been too active lately. Well since there are so many Indians here and I love their food I should get something out of it so I sometimes ask them about where I can get authentic Indian food. I was told by a colleague yesterday that a restaurant called Lahore serves good food so I will go and check it out sometime. Anyone been there?

But khallas, do I really have nothing to write about or what? Last week has been so hectic with all the kids (sounds like I have 12 huh) being sick, me trying to get a part time maid calling one gazillion people, trying to go to work, trying to get the new place together, one of the kids in hospital for two days and then wham as soon as they are all fine I get sick! Inshalla the coming weeks will be better cus I am really eager to start working properly and get my new life together.

These days February 9, 2008

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These days I wonder where all the turkey bacon is in Bahrain.. I mean I want some but can’t find it! I also wonder why so many people here keep the plastic covers on their seats in their cars. Too weird I think unless you have messy little hoolingans with sticky fingers. I just don’t see why grown men and woman are sitting on plastic like this. Makes me think of people that pee themselves hmm..don’t know why.

I went for a walk late afternoon in my new neighbourhood Mahooz and I must say it was a glorious afternoon. I really like Mahooz and find it so much more appealing than the soul less quarters whereI lived before (Sanabis, just before after Dana Mall and before the Exhibition Centre). Mahooz has little shops, beautiful villas and some streets that actually has some greenery. Yaa I like it there (sitting in Juffair now – not a good looking area by the way).

Still stressing out trying to find a maid that can work afternoons but it’s bloody hard to find anyone. On top of that the kids have all been sick and are taking turns. Feeling a little stressed out since I don’t have anyone to be with them so I have to stay at home from work. Inshalla all solved soon. Inshallah.

In any case, life in Bahrain is looking up and I am feeling a lot better. I think in six months all my little problems will be but mere memories. I know I will probably stay here in Bahrain for quite some time and I am looking to make the most out of it.

Here comes the sun! February 4, 2008

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I have just moved to a new building which means I will not have internet for two weeks. That means at least 4 weeks in case anyone wonders. Kinda sucks but that’s life :). Starbux will do for now.

What else. My new apartment is great. Sunny, bright and aah well just nice. I am happy to be there. I

Have a great day!!