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Eid Mubarak September 30, 2008

Posted by Aella in Bahrain, Beirut, Manama, Sweden.

Eid Mubarak to you all. I hope you and your families will all have a great Eid.

Woke up way too early today. Will take a nap later.


24 September 24, 2008

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I’m three seasons behind but what the heck! I borrowed three seasons of the action series 24 a few months ago from a colleague of mine and about 4 days ago I started watching it with my son and GOD DAMN IT, it is addictive!

We finished, I don’t know which episode last night and I thought I was going to have a stroke and a heart attack when 24’s hero Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) broke into a compound to rescue his wife and daughter. They got away in a van and god damn it even managed to leave the compound when some dude shot one of the tires!!!! It nearly killed me! Now I know why I stay away from the TV.

But all well that ends well. They got into the helicopter in the end and YOOOHOOO!!! Jack Bauer you are my HEROOOO!!!

More episodes to come tonight!

Bimbo Noodles September 17, 2008

Posted by Aella in Bahrain, Culture, Food, Manama, Pictures, Whack.

I present to ye!

That is like so totally hoooot!

Spicy Thai bimbo noodles was found today in a Thai-Filipino-Chinese food store in Hoora.
A must buy for sure.

Those wicked Swedes September 15, 2008

Posted by Aella in Bahrain, Culture, India, Life, Manama, Sweden.

An Indian woman selling software is visiting a real estate office in Manama:

Conversation goes….

Indian saleswoman: Oh, so you are fasting?
Swedish saleswoman: Yes
Indian saleswoman: Oh, what is your good name (who the F invented this expression?)?
Swedish saleswoman: XXX
Indian saleswoman: Oh, that doesn’t sound like a muslim name!
Swede: No, I guess not.
Indian: Well let me say, from one sister to another. You should at least cover your hair. I understand you want to wear your business attire but you should at least cover your hair!
Swede: Ya, I know. (Andy Pipkin style)
Indian: You are showing men your beauty. A woman’s beauty is in her hair.
Swede: (sigh and yawn but smiling, isn’t the person she is meeting ready soon?) Yea I know. (Andy Pipkin again)
Indian: You shouldn’t show them your hair! The men sees the beauty in your hair.
Swede: Well, I’m thinking to shave it all off and then that problem is solved!
Indian: (upset) It is not your right!!
Swede: Oh really?
Indian: No it is not your right?
Swede: Hehe nooo really?
Indian: Aren’t you married?
Swede: No
Indian (too caught up in her mission): Well then your husband has the RIGHT to enjoy your hair! You can’t take that right away from him!
Swede: (busy imagining herself with a shaved head wondering if she will look like Sinead O’Connor or butch lesbian) Ya, ok.
Colleague to Swede: Aha, ok hello Samira, sorry I kept you waiting!

Indian walks away throwing eye darts at sinful Swedish muslim.

Indian mornings September 14, 2008

Posted by Aella in Bahrain, Culture, Food, India, Manama, Pictures.

Do Indians eat curry and onions for breakfast as well as lunch and dinner? Why do I ask? Because every morning (and the rest of the day as well) my whole bathroom smells of Kalpaka ( a Keralite restauant in Hoora). I can smell onions, curry and I don’t know what and it is quite frustrating when you are fasting. Been thinking to put a sign downstairs or in the lift the telling people (that was before Ramadan) that are cooking to drop  some yummy food off at my apartment. I mean what the heck, they are all cooking this mouth watering food so the least they could do is share it.

Iftar 10/09/08 September 10, 2008

Posted by Aella in Bahrain, Beirut, Culture, Karlskrona, Lebanon, Life, Manama, Sweden.

The sun had set and something made her slow down the car as she passed by the now lit up fast food joint. She parked her car in an utterly bad and careless way on the side of the road. Not because she was actually careless, merely because she felt no will or strenght to care for a proper parking. Surely the police will be eating now anyway she thought as she grabbed her cardigan, car key and bag and left the car.

As she pushed the door open she once again registered what she already had seen from the street. The place was pretty abandoned except for one couple that had come to pick up a take away. They sat by the window talking and smiling. Their silver coloured car was parked outside the door in the middle of the lane, the engine still running. A small man in a big suv was honking his horn obviously thinking the car would move. It didn’t.

She walked up to the counter and made a quick order of something she had eaten before but still didn’t care much for. Why was she here, she wondered as she walked down the room and sat down by one of the many empty tables. The streets outside were empty with the expecetions of a few men on bicycles cycling by. She rested her face in her hands and sighed. Something inside felt sad and god so heavy. How sad am I, sitting here alone she thought. She grabbed her bag to see if there was anything to read in there but could only find her passport. A manic version of herself was smiling back at her as she flicked through the pages. Sad and lonely were the only feelings she could describe the moment as.

The take away couple grabbed their bags and left. Silence. A feeling of something strange in the air. Her heart sank even deeper. So this was it? She looked outside and saw her reflection in the mirror. Fifty-six empty chairs in the room and then there she was. Alone. She hated to admit it but the air was carrying a feeling from the past. She felt like an abandoned child at Christmas. Not that she ever was abandoned at Christmas.

She ate her food with no contentment whatsoever. Left the joint and drove home.

As she washed her face in the bathroom after having arrived home,  she sang a song from her childhood. A song that was a part of a life left behind but held dear in the most secret part of her being.
Loud and clear did her voice echo up through the thirteen storey building. Families having just finished their first meal of the day stopped talking and looked up. Children stopped their crying and interupted their boisterous games. All members of these well constructed family units leaning their heads towards their bathrooms listening to the lonely and clear voice. What language may this be they asked themselves? What floor does this voice stem from?

natten var stor och stum
nu hör det svingar
i alla tysta rum
sus som av vingar

se på vår tröskel står
vitklädd med ljus i hår
Sankta Lucia
Sankta Lucia

The song cleansed her broken spirit if only for a moment and a certain beauty was added to her loneliness. Something from the past held her company.

Lazy asses September 5, 2008

Posted by Aella in Bahrain, Culture, Don't - just don't, Life, Manama, Pictures.
A picture I took a few years ago in Beirut.

Beirut 2004 - we need some of those signs here!

Here is an advice for anyone looking for accomodation here in Bahrain. If you are happy realising that there is a so called cold store (mini market) close to your new found home – think again before you sign those papers. My home is next to a building which houses a cold store and God it is so annoying. Why? Well, simply because people are so damn lazy they can’t even get out of their cars and go inside and get what they came for. So what do they do? They honk.. and they honk…and they honk. You see, if the little Indian man doesn’t run out the very second they honk, well then they honk again, and again and again until he comes out. There is no such thing as (God forbid) patience because oooh I dragged my lazy ass out and drove all the way here so you should run for me!!
I wonder what makes them so scared of leaving their cars? Losing some of those hard earned calories perhaps?

This disturbing behaviour is even during Ramadan where I would have expected people to show some respect but aah nope.. The cold store is open until twelve at night and yes…they keep honking until then. How are these people raised I wonder?