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My brother from another mother April 30, 2008

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Why do I think of Andy Pipkin everytime I see Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan?


I wonder.. April 30, 2008

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who the fuck is messing around with my gmail account?

I had to change the password 3 times the last week cus it keeps saying the password that im typing in is wrong… no people, I don’t have caps on and nor did I forget that password…

What could possibly be of interest in my gmail account for someone to do this and how do they do it?

For the love of madness April 23, 2008

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I just love these guys. I love them for their confidence and for their belief in themselves, for their complete lack of truly relating to the rest of the world and for giving me a good laugh. They are what makes the world go round (and I am not being sarcastic here). I would like to say that the world needs more of these people (for entertainment purposes).

This first guy just kills me. Just kills me. He should be paid to sing without a doubt.

Humiliation unlimited…

Now this last guy..He can’t be for real…still great to watch.

Juvenile April 19, 2008

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Dakota Fanning

The other day I was told I reminded someone of Dakota Fanning.

Dakota is fourteen years old.

My son is fourteen years old.

Does youth rub off?

Thursday aha aha April 17, 2008

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Feeling a lot better. Things sometimes gets too much but somehow there is ray of sun behind every cloud passing over me.
Living in Bahrain is strange somehow. As if I have been given a life and a freedom I never felt I had before. Or did I just take it? Was I supposed to go all the way here to find my happiness?

It is seven in the morning and it’s too early to get my head together to write more.

Too poor to be crazy April 13, 2008

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Quite frankly, I been happy lately but right I now I am feeling like the old ways of 2007. I could really do with seeing someone about this but I am just too damn broke to do it. I would be in the most psycho, psycho ward if I could afford it.

I googled you April 12, 2008

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Henrik and Louise

I have a habit of googling most things. People, companies, old friends, words and even myself. Something I do find quite amusing is to google old friends. Quite a few of my friends from high school days are in the circus/theater/ different kinds of performance (whatever) circuit and it’s fun to see what they are up to these days (or what they have been up to years ago). The fun part is when you talk to them (if you are not in regular contact) and they get soo surprised that you know things about them. Some are totally oblivious to the fact that you can find them online
Here are some of the people I like to google 😉 , Tobias Törnell (a few pictures are a little too much even for me) , Henrik Agger (check out the gallery), Fatima Hedman (the feisty redhead at the bottom of the page) and Weine Pernersten ,

Head fuck April 4, 2008

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Dr Jekyll Mr Hyde

I don’t know what it is about me but lately I feel that people (are men classified as people?) ehm well one minute they love me and I am the the most amazing person in the whole world and the next minute I am the worst person in the whole world. Quite frankly it messes you up even if it shouldn’t. I know some of you that have addressed me in this way are reading this but I really do not wish to discuss it. I merely want to express my thoughts on this.

During the last month I have been accused of being a liar, totally without manners, crazy ( I can agree on that one), evil, mean to people, heartless, cold aaaaand the list goes on. Oh and apparently I am so bad I should be locked up for good for ever and ever…. I know I have changed during the last few years and my decision to be and stay single for now puzzles and annoys people (men again). It is like they can’t accept that a woman wants to be single. I must be dating someone secretly right? And when I say I don’t then I am a liar. When I turn someone down for a date I am cold or heartless. Sigh. Men these days remind me more of the way people perceive women more than anything.

How is it that I can be considered to be such a beautiful person, funny, amazing, lovely, great to be with, intelligent, kind, caring, loving aaaaand once again the list goes on… only to be the total opposite in an instant? I am starting to wonder whether I am the female Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.