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Wake up call February 29, 2008

Posted by Aella in Bahrain, Life.

Hamdulillah, I heard myself say as I woke up in the middle of the night. Still sleepy and confused, I said it again. Alhamdulilla.
Why, asked my son who had just entered the room. -Why are you saying that mum? I told him still in a dreamlike state that I had dreamt that I that I was dying from cancer. The dream was so clear and so real and I could feel the desperation as my life was slipping away from me in my dream. I insisted on going up and out to work without telling anyone because I wanted to feel that I wasn’t just waiting for death to come. As I left the hospital I felt dizzy and weak and I could feel my internal organs giving in for the disease. It had spread all over my lungs and in my head I had a picture of the state they were in.

At one stage I sat in the car with my son and my ex husband and I cried, pleading with God to let me live. Please don’t let me die. I want to live, please. Not now, not now!
They looked at me with pity and sadness in their eyes knowing that there was nothing they or I could do..
I was really upset because the cancer had been found at an early stage but it had spread too fast. The last thing I remember before I woke up was talking to a client in a thoub who was looking to buy some apartments and it pleased me so much even if I could feel the pain from within me. Sick dream but so clear. It felt like a shock when I woke up that it was actually a dream and not real.
Whilst dreaming I realised how much life is worth and how we know it but we don’t actually feel it…until something like this comes our way. I have never wanted to live more than I did in that dream.

About two weeks ago I had a dream where the details also were very clear and what presented itself in that dream later happened and was accurate to about 90% (can one measure such things?). I don’t see myself as someone whose dreams will become true in any way but I think sometimes we can sense things that comes to us as we dream. I sure hope this dream has no accuracy at all in real life.



1. Pia - February 29, 2008

Oh what an awful nightmare, sometimes they just feel so real when you suddenly wake up.. I guess it’s one way to teach all of us to appreciate life, some days are great, some just about ok and some truly awful.. I remember reading from somewhere “life is precious, don’t wish your life away”. I could say I speak from experience, I was ill, but recovered almost fully, and after being seriously ill, life is so much better 🙂

2. Nicole - February 29, 2008

I also hope this is just a nightmare.
Maybe the dream just wants to remind you, like you say, how much Life is worth!

3. ammaro - March 2, 2008

awww, thats a horrible dream. wierd thing, dreams. they can really freak you out and an hour later, you dont even remember what you dreamt… except that every once in a while a dream will hit you so hard you won’t forget it for years and years…

anyway, dont worry, dreams dont ‘predict’ the future, so hopefully you should be fine 🙂

4. Dubbelörnen - March 3, 2008

Usually dreams are your inner thoughts and fights. I’ve been told that death means changes in a positive way. You have just now changed your life, started a new one, so this dream could perhaps be seen in another light… 🙂


5. Sous - March 11, 2008

Thanks all 🙂
I must say I am still a little puzzled by the dream.

6. Steve - March 16, 2008

dreams sometimes are a wake up call and sometimes they represent fears
happened to me many times, you will have a healthy life if you be careful and listen to this wake up call

7. Da Shnutz, - April 5, 2008


dreams sometimes are a wake up call and sometimes they represent fears..

TRUE..very true

….you will have a healthy life if you be careful and listen to this wake up call…..

Amen to that…

over n out

in my dreams.. (though im clinically insane..*twitch*..)
been shot, thrown from a building (so many a times)… erm.. falling airline (6 times)… hit by a bus….attacked by helicopter (i could go on..but you get the point )

damn it.. forgot to take my pills…(orders from the asylum)

over n out
for real this time..

resolution: to abstain from caffeine..*twitch*

8. Sous - April 5, 2008

uh now I was reminded of this…perhaps i should do a check up or something hmm

9. The Dream Wizard - November 15, 2008

Oh, my! What a terrible dream! But I really believe all dreams speak to us to show us what the problems are in our life, but also to show us the answer or solution to tis problem. Sometimes these solutions are beyond are control, but what we can find then is the best way to deal with or cope with circumstances beyond our control.
Cancer can be something wrong that spreads. It may be a physical illness within ourselves, but more often, cancer can be a symbol for what is wrong in a relationship, family or society. We can’t always change society, but we can learn how to heal ourselves when everything around us seems to be attacking or dangerous. I would suggest you look into your dreams for symbols of survival, of healing and hope. I think the fact that you were in dream like state even in your dreams, may indicate that further insight may come from future dreams. If you can listen to and heed the messages fro your dream, at some level, you may find the emotional healing I believe you seek. Best of luck and sweet dreams to you, please feel free to contact me at anytime!
Kind regards,

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