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Driving Ms Sous February 21, 2008

Posted by Aella in Bahrain, Lebanon, Life, Manama.

Dead tired. Woke up at 6 as usual. Someone pissed me off just before I went to bed and I actually woke up in the same state. Not like me really.

Dubbelorn, the following account is for you especially 😛

The uh not so cool thing happened the other day. As I had picked up a client to show some apartments I got pulled over by a little man in white on a motorbike. He asked for license and insurance (not registration like in the movies huh). Not funny since it was spelled out that my international drivers license wasn’t valid here. It says in the license book that it’s valid but at the front where I haven’t looked at all it says that it’s not valid in the GCC (I should have checked the letters out before I post this but can’t be asked) or what it’s called countries.

Me never having dealt with the police in my life got dead nervous and fumbled as I was trying to find my insurance for the car. Couldn’t find it of course and pulled out take away menus whereas the police exclaimed “Yes that’s the one”. Not.  Sigh, not cool. At all. I asked him why he had pulled me over and if my driving was bad but ooh no my driving was very good according to him and he repeated it twice since I thought he was being sarcastic. He didn’t have any reason for pulling me over really which puzzled other officers when filing the report later. So ya it sucks. I am now taking driving lessons (with a manual uuh) so I can take the test and get a Bahraini license (which was the plan anyways).

It didn’t end there. The man in question was a happy little fella and kept telling me and the client stories from work, obviously wanting to entertain us. I tried humoring him but really wanted to tell him to shut up… He called the officer in charge who turned up shortly after. Quite uptight is an understatement when talking about him.  A young man that apparantly told him that it would be ok if I drove with my (SUCKY!!) Lebanese license but mr Motorbike didn’t agree. Soo….I had to go to the station. Not cool really but after having spoken to my bosses at work I felt a little calmer and went there. I sat in the traffic department office with a dry mouth, reading a book until  they came from work and picked me up.

I was later fined for being clueless and told to take lessons and pass the test so now I am depending on the company driver for coming and going.
Funnily enough, I  made it through the day not feeling as bad as I would have expected to feel. My company has been great on all accounts and I would have been rather clueless without the support and help provided by them.
I really need to get my license soon because I am feeling rather helpless having to depend on the driver since I am on my own. Good thing I only live within a walking distance from the supermarket :).



1. Nicole - February 21, 2008

Gosh, that sucks :(!
But I’m glad your company at least helps out!!!
Stories in the Middle East…tststs….

2. bahraintaxiblog - February 29, 2008

You were probably driving a million times better than most of the road users in Bahrain. Now you have to go for the test here, make sure you don’t pick up any of the local bad habits on the way.

3. Dubbelörnen - March 3, 2008

Well to be cought by the police I sure know everything about *lol*


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