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Our precious little girl January 30, 2007

Posted by Aella in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia.

At 14.07 on the 27th of January a little, beautiful girl made her way into this world. She is a true beauty both mind and body mashalla. She is indeed a blessing just like her brother and sister.

The labour went quickly and our stay in Saad Hospital was great in all ways. For all you ladies out there who is considering epidural I can sooo recommend it. Epidural just rocks, in my opinion. Unfortunately I have heard that the experience is different for everyone. For me it meant that I was smiling  from the moment I got it, until the end of the labour and I managed to welcome my little girl without being too tired or torn by pain.


Li’l L on the way January 27, 2007

Posted by Aella in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia.

Seems no induction is needed in my case. I have been having regular contractions all morning now and we are about to leave for the hospital in a mo. It is 09.50 am here and inshalla things will go smooothly. Damn painful though and it won’t be getting any less painful until it’s over. Anyway hamdulilla it started today. We have an appointment for 5.30 tomorrow morning to start the labour but obviously it is no longer needed.

See you all :)!

Lebanese goodwill January 25, 2007

Posted by Aella in Beirut, Lebanon, War.
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As Chirac is making jokes about the delayed lunch at the international conference that is held in order to raise money to rebuild Lebanon the Lebanese riots have once again begun. This time it started at the Arab University.  Apparantly student trading insults which in the end turned out to fights, rocks being thrown and cars set on fire. Most Lebanese channels have been following the conference but NEW TV has been showing footage from the areas of the fights. Fights that are spreading from area to area. Before lunch Chirac said that a total amount of 7 billion dollars had been raised so far. Pretty nice, but what if they put a bigscreen tv in the hall of the conference and showed all the delegates what is going on in Beirut right now. Would they really want to hand out their money or cancel debts to a country full of people with no will whatsoever to improve things. Don’t think so.

Denmark gave Lebanon 3.5 million dollars which I think is quite big of them. When the Danish consulate was burnt down last year the Lebanese army didn’t really lift a finger to stop people. They did a good job in protecting the rest of Achrafie but that was about all they did that day. We can all have our opinions about Denmark after what happened but I still think it’s quite big of them to even participate in this conference.  

And here goes the the Lebanese again January 23, 2007

Posted by Aella in Beirut, Israel, Lebanon, War.

Beirut is on fire once again. There is nothing that can justify this kind of action. I am so dissapointed that the Lebanese never ever stop this fucking bickering. Cus that’s all it is. Nasrallah holds mighty speeches, Aoun bitches, Saad moans, Jumblatt twirls back and forth changing sides as it suits him, Geagea cries like a baby, but in the end they don’t make any fucking progress at all.  I’m so damn sick of it. As if they needed the Israelis to fuck their country up. I can’t see them ever getting on as LEBANESE. Simply beacause being Christian, Sunni, Druze or Shia is much more important.

What is wrong with you guys? You have the greatest spirits in the Middle East, the most beautiful and hospitable people, the most stunning country, the best food, the greatest capital… but you still bitch. Aren’t there any common grounds upon which you can be united?  I am seriously sick of you my beloved Lebanese.

Seee, today is the most depressing day of the year!!! January 22, 2007

Posted by Aella in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia.
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Just found this,


Time to eat something cheeeeery!

Happy Mondays… not January 22, 2007

Posted by Aella in Al Khobar, Karlskrona, Saudi Arabia, Sweden.

Have been twisting and turning all night. All the pains that comes at night makes me think things are about to start but aaah no, no, no.  Was due yesterday but since Little L has decided to stay indoors the hospital gave me another week before inducing. Will go back in  a few days for a check up. Feeling kinda low but I guess it will pass once I had my brekkie. Saddo, I know.

 I miss home right now, siiiiiiiigh. Just to be able to go for a walk or to sit in a cafe without too much fuss and preparations. Had a run in with some muttawas the other day. It was the first time ever but the man that spoke to my husband asking him to tell me to cover my hair was apparantly a very kind and soft spoken man. I knew what my husbands answer had been before I even asked him…inshalla of course. Funny thing was, that I was actually planning to buy a black shawl for this purpose that very day. I feel that when someone speaks to you in such a kind and respectful way you just can’t ignore them (this man must surely get a lot of work done). In any case, they didn’t seem as scary as what I have heard but perhaps we were lucky.


Slow start January 17, 2007

Posted by Aella in Al Khobar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia.

Not much happening here. Went to Bahrain for the day, last weekend but have mostly been at home since then. Due date is in four days but not much happening there either. You tend to wait impatiently at this stage… Just walking around fixing things up around the house, going for walks, doing the everyday chores (booooring!). Little one has fever today so I won’t be taking her out for a walk as I was planning. The temperature seems to have dropped overnight but at least it is sunny…… not much else going on here.
Wonder what happened to the two cats that used to roam around the compound. The car that fumigates the area once a week probably poisoned them to death, poor little things. One of them was a kitten with a broken paw and I was looking to take him to the vet…but hmm now he is gone. Haven’t seen him for weeks.

Going native January 10, 2007

Posted by Aella in Al Khobar, Culture, Saudi Arabia, Saudi culture.

If you go to Toys R Us in Khobar you can find the following two pictures on boxes if you are going to buy a kiddies pool.

Who said Americans don’t adapt well to their enviroment? Toys R Us Pool

Heey where did mummy go?



The less modest woman next door only wearing her abaya.


It would be really cool to know who has the job of covering these womens bodies with black colour. Mabrouk to you for having such fullfilling tasks at work 😉 .

I must say it is kind of odd that it is allowed to show mens bodies in any way it seems (except their privates of course). I have seen pics outside gyms of men wearing nothing but small tight shorts…. and here is me having to wear the abaya in order not to entice the male population (as if).  I am really not complaining about people dressing modestly but surely there is something wrong when half the populations is a black mass (even on boxes) and the other half do as they like.

As I was sitting in Saad Hospital the other day I was watching a young male clerk fixing his head gear (still don’t know the name). He took his time in front of the mirror and he arranged it carefully in the fashion which he thought suited him. It was kinda endearing to watching him do this but at the same time I thought about how women are stuck with the abayas. Like there is no freedom of expressing yourself through clothes for women. You can see decorations on abayas and women wearing different accessories with it but that’s about it. Maybe I don’t see clearly what is going on around me yet but this is what I see right now.

Happy 2007 January 5, 2007

Posted by Aella in Al Khobar, Bahrain, Culture.

Last day in Bahrain today. It has been really nice being here and yeeeaaas my mind is blocked and no other word than “nice” can exit. Went to the Autumn Fair yesterday. Packed with stalls selling spices, artisanat, clothes, food and plenty of other goods. Bought a bit of this and that. Just had to get some Iranian saffron since I find it to be the best. Why is it called the Autumn Fair anyway? Here’s me thinking it is winter. If this is not the winter then when is it?

We went for a visit to the souk the other day. Now, I know what it would be like to visit Bangladesh or India. It will be packed with Indians and Bangladeshis. I always wanted to go to India but I am not sure I could handle these crowds. I would have to take 23 valiums before I land and every time I leave the hotelroom. Don’t think it would work in the long run. Anyway, the visit was interesting but I can’t say I found too many things I wanted to buy. Checked out some of the Baharani jewlery with tiny pearls and found them to be really beautiful.

Had dinner at the Lebanese restaurant Zahle in Gulf Hotel last week. They have a show with some musicians, singers and a dancer. I had never seen a oriental dancer live before and was looking forward to it. Now this lady, was nothing but downright scary. I really can’t understand what kind of dancing this was. Sometimes it seems she was jogging and some other moves were nothing but spastic. Seems some people think having a cleavage deeper than the Grand Canyon is enough to be a dancer. Here’s me wanting to see a more hmm sensual dancer, ya hotter even. Not cus of her looks or what she is wearing but cus of how she moves. This one reminded me of Chuckie the Doll. Grrr and buhuh for me.

Saw “Borat” the other day and aaah what can I say, as I expected both tasteless and hilarious. The wrestling scene with Borat and his partner, both naked, in the hotel is like ooooh so disgusting and funny you don’t know whether to laugh, look away or simply cry.

The closer I get to my due date the more I feel like my mind and body has been hijacked by a strange alien force. I have no control over anything these days it seems. Strange thoughts, pain, odd pains and I don’t know what. Eeenyway hamdulilla all is well I guess and it’s just getting closer and closer to the end.