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S as in Saudi – over and out. April 25, 2009

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Seef beach

So.  I have for quite some time been thinking about ending my blogging here at S as in Saudi. I have a lot to say but still nothing interesting to be honest. It has all been said. Been bitchin’, going on my rants, praising, celebrating, crying, whining and shit…
I have recently turned over a new leaf and I can see things quite a bit clearer and more focused when it comes to my life.  I must say that, the years that I have been blogging here has been some of the hardest yet most interesting years of my life. I finally feel I can focus even if I don’t know exactly where I am heading. At least I know where I am not looking to head.

It has been an interesting journey where I started blogging to record the changes in my life and attitude and ended up a truly different person in a situation in which I never thought I would be in.

So I guess this is the last post here. I will keep the blog online for now and I will come back and hopefully read old posts and comments with a smile. It has been great getting all these comments from people all over the place. Some of you which I got to know a little more and some who only came once for whatever reason. I want to thank you all for your presence.

I will eventually be blogging elsewhere but it will be about a topic that  I am passionate about. Who knows,  we might meet again.

love to all of you out there



Yalla bye Bahrain real estate! January 4, 2009

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Abraj  Lulu Today I resigned from my position as a sales associate in the real estate company that I worked for.  Khallas, I had enough of it and  really can’t run around like a mad person doing it anylonger. The market is down big time but I must say this is not the only reason why I left since the company I worked for has a steady stream of clients wanting to rent apartments, offices and villas.

I just had enough. It has been both a great and dreadful year. I met many funny, interesting, sweet and kind people but also many seriously creepy people that wasted plenty of my time and unfortunately I have been blessed with too much patience.

The real estate market in Bahrain is in no way regulated so it is jungle to say the least. I think everyone can agree that anyone and everyone here is as an agent. From the watchman, to grandpa Abdullah, to the stray cat , to the ice cream man.  A client often has many agents and things can get kind of messy in the end of who should have the commission since the same property can be shown by many agents.

There are not such word as ethics, standards or morals in the real estate market here. Agents steal each others clients, companies refuse to pay commission and even fire agents once they realise they have made a lot of sales  for the company (court case – shame on you ), people steal information from each other (clients and property data) and so on. In the middle of all this you got clients noticing the chaos in the market and desperately trying to play agents against each other by bargaining on commission rates (screw you – do you think we are the Red Cross?).  Many people seems to think agents are charity workers that owes them their lives (even if they pay jack-all). Not to mention the owners of property that ask you to sell their property and once you are about to close the deal for them they suddenly increase the price :). That really makes us looks like asses when we tell the clients. Well suckers, you are stuck with your property now :). Can you feel the sweat as you are paying it off not being able to get rid of it as you planned muaahahaha!

There are a few companies that have set standards for how their agents can act and they also back up their agents in times of need. I welcome and applaud this. The market needs some hard ass rules and some serious people backing up agents and kicking their asses if they act irresponsibly.

I have a great interest in the real estate market here but since being a sales associate doesn’t really lead anywhere here and all of the above mentioned, I say yalla byeeeeeeee! Gimme a shout people if you hear of any interesting vacancies 😉 !

Oh, and Happy New Year!
Have a wicked 2009!

Note December 21, 2008

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Talking to or listening to  Indians speaking English can seriously damage your English. God. I need to get reprogrammed. My head is paining! Doh!

For more on this recognised dialect of English see:



Barack Obama rules! November 5, 2008

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Today is my birrrrthday and I have been given the best birthday present ever!
Barack Obama have been elected president of the United States Of America and aaah I feel like weeping!

I am so happy and I wish him and the people of “America” a great four years and hopefully more years to come. I hope that this will be something positive for not only the “Americans” but for the rest of the world. Hopefully the world will be a little more peaceful now and hopefully Obama will spend more time working on what needs to be addressed inside the United States and not only lining his pockets like a certains someone.

May God give him a long, healthy life (and may intelligence protect him)!

obama barack
Sing Halleluja!!

Now I will go and watch Obama’s speech and cry a little!

Those wicked Swedes September 15, 2008

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An Indian woman selling software is visiting a real estate office in Manama:

Conversation goes….

Indian saleswoman: Oh, so you are fasting?
Swedish saleswoman: Yes
Indian saleswoman: Oh, what is your good name (who the F invented this expression?)?
Swedish saleswoman: XXX
Indian saleswoman: Oh, that doesn’t sound like a muslim name!
Swede: No, I guess not.
Indian: Well let me say, from one sister to another. You should at least cover your hair. I understand you want to wear your business attire but you should at least cover your hair!
Swede: Ya, I know. (Andy Pipkin style)
Indian: You are showing men your beauty. A woman’s beauty is in her hair.
Swede: (sigh and yawn but smiling, isn’t the person she is meeting ready soon?) Yea I know. (Andy Pipkin again)
Indian: You shouldn’t show them your hair! The men sees the beauty in your hair.
Swede: Well, I’m thinking to shave it all off and then that problem is solved!
Indian: (upset) It is not your right!!
Swede: Oh really?
Indian: No it is not your right?
Swede: Hehe nooo really?
Indian: Aren’t you married?
Swede: No
Indian (too caught up in her mission): Well then your husband has the RIGHT to enjoy your hair! You can’t take that right away from him!
Swede: (busy imagining herself with a shaved head wondering if she will look like Sinead O’Connor or butch lesbian) Ya, ok.
Colleague to Swede: Aha, ok hello Samira, sorry I kept you waiting!

Indian walks away throwing eye darts at sinful Swedish muslim.

Indian mornings September 14, 2008

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Do Indians eat curry and onions for breakfast as well as lunch and dinner? Why do I ask? Because every morning (and the rest of the day as well) my whole bathroom smells of Kalpaka ( a Keralite restauant in Hoora). I can smell onions, curry and I don’t know what and it is quite frustrating when you are fasting. Been thinking to put a sign downstairs or in the lift the telling people (that was before Ramadan) that are cooking to drop  some yummy food off at my apartment. I mean what the heck, they are all cooking this mouth watering food so the least they could do is share it.

Ramadan Kareem August 31, 2008

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Ramadan Mubarak to all sisters and brothers out there.
May Allah accept your prayers, fasting and good deeds in this holy month
and may it’s virtues extend to many years to come.
Have a good ‘un!

No, not in general (in my experience) May 31, 2008

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Todays best catch in the search strings

“do lebanese like indians”

I love to read these things cus it is like a window into peoples minds even if I will never know who they are.

food and food March 29, 2008

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Remind me not to order Indian food from restaurant Bangkok again…. Drowned in youghurt (and I mean drowned), no distinct flavours and useless garlic nan… yes useless food. Wanted to order from Korma which I really like but I couldn’t find the menu  nor the number so I thought I give Bangkok at try.  Korma is really good though. Good service, great food and good pricing.

Went to Dome today for my first Bahraini bloggers meeting. It was sweet to see the faces behind the texts. All really witty and easy going people. Now, two of them ordered food with bacon and damn the bacon there looks gooood. I will have to go back to eat some breakfast there. The smell of it just killed me.

I’m tired.
I need to go and buy food for the kids lunch boxes.
I don’t want to.
I want to sleep.
Please someone do my shopping.

Or those days… February 15, 2008

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As I am driving around in Manama I constantly have things in my head that I want to write about buuut once I am sitting down it all goes away. Still no internet connection so Starbucks will have to do for now.

The other day I had two Ethiopian girls coming to my place to do some cleaning. We spoke a little and one of them said that after five years of working in peoples homes as a maid she couldn’t imagine doing that again. She said she needs her freedom and that “Arab people” treats us like slaves, especially if we are from Africa. This is such a sad thing to hear. I mean, I know it but it’s so sad that people have this attitude towards their staff.

Yesterday the other girl that was cleaning my place came to the entrance of the house as I stood there waiting for the caretaker to open. Suddenly she put her hand up in the air and high fived me, grabbed my hand and did some YooooMTV rap handshake… I was like uuuh? What’s that all about. I don’t mind shaking peoples hands but what’s up with this “sista” yo yo handshake? Sigh.
Later in the evening I went to cut my hair and ended up doing it in Sanad (just passed by a place and went in – couldn’t get an appointment with Dessange the same day bleh) . After the haircut a Filipino woman was blow drying my hair. I was watching her face in the mirror as she was working. Serious and concentrated on her work. I was thinking a little about who she was and how long she has been here when she finished and held up a mirror in front of me exclaiming – There Madam!! Sooo sexy, very sexy!! Look Madam!
I felt like a mix of a question mark and a exclamation mark..
So many times I must look like some odd person with my facial expression just hmm puzzled when these things happen. Sooo sexy! Such an odd comment to say when you fix someones hair uh.

Anyway, I still feel like I am in India most of the time (always wanted to go there). Indians everywhere basically. A little confusing sometimes. Yesterday I actually understood something when two men were talking Hindi (to my surprise). In December I signed up for a Hindi course at Livemocha.com but haven’t been too active lately. Well since there are so many Indians here and I love their food I should get something out of it so I sometimes ask them about where I can get authentic Indian food. I was told by a colleague yesterday that a restaurant called Lahore serves good food so I will go and check it out sometime. Anyone been there?

But khallas, do I really have nothing to write about or what? Last week has been so hectic with all the kids (sounds like I have 12 huh) being sick, me trying to get a part time maid calling one gazillion people, trying to go to work, trying to get the new place together, one of the kids in hospital for two days and then wham as soon as they are all fine I get sick! Inshalla the coming weeks will be better cus I am really eager to start working properly and get my new life together.