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Shou? September 29, 2007

Posted by Aella in Bahrain, Manama.
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For two Fridays in a row have I now seen a huge crowd of people outside Dana Mall just before iftar. Cars have been parked everywhere and people have been smiling and looking excited. Shou? What is this and why are they gathering there? Some people have suggested that is a big iftar gathering but I see no sign of food or anything of the like. As I left the mall just after iftar (hm I was a little late yes) they were all mysteriously gone.


Driving in Bahrain September 25, 2007

Posted by Aella in Al Khobar, Bahrain, Culture.

I have now been driving here for about 10 days or more and aaah I just love it. Since I have seen the traffic in both Saudi and Lebanon I feel the traffic here is not really bad. Having a Lebanese license of course isn’t very good here (or anywhere) and the Traffic Dept. wasn’t too keen on stamping my international license. They gave me 6 months to drive with this license and asked me to get a Bahraini one so that’s what I’ll do. The car rental places weren’t thrilled either but I eventually found a place that would accept a crazy Lebanese license…


This pic was taken as I sat in the passenger seat so don’t worry ;).

So far I have been driving here and there. Been driving around in Adliya, Mahooz, Juffair, Seef and even took a trip to Ali and Isa Town last week. Oh and yes, Hoora has the name it deserves…. Don’t step out of the car there less you are looking for sleaze (I mean by the crowded hotel area).. Hoora by the way means whore in Swedish and it is a suitable name for that area (no offence to anyone living there). Drove through the souk the other night as well which was kinda cool. It was really packed with people coming from the mosques and shopping in the area but it was nice to be able to drive there ( and no I didn’t drive where you aren’t allowed to drive ook). Planning to go for a little shopping trip there one of these days. Just don’t want to go on my own since all the dudes there stare way too much.

Keep on loving you September 24, 2007

Posted by Aella in Culture, Music.
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Keep on loving you – Reo Speedwagon

Ramadan Kareem September 13, 2007

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Ramadan Kareem to everyone out there. May Allah’s blessing be upon you all.


May Allah accept your prayers, fasting and your good deeds.

The wonderful world of Barney September 10, 2007

Posted by Aella in Bahrain, Culture, Manama, Pictures.

I must say it was with great sadness that I noted the demise of our great Pavarotti the other day. It really broke my heart. I always wanted to see him but never had the opportunity. I believed that one day I would see him live… Anyway, may god bless him.

The last few days A has been having a Barney feast and quite frankly it is driving me mad. I have changed the dvds to Teletubbies at times but approaching the age of two she knows how to change the dvd back without any problems. Now Barney is sweet and colourful (and quite unfit- no wonder dinosaurs died out)…but the bloody songs gets to your head. If all the raindrops were gummybears and milkshakes blablablablabla standing outside with my mouth open wide yack yack yack yack yack yack la la la….and so on. I have gone to bed hearing these songs in my head, I have dreamt of Barney singing and woken up in a cold sweat knowing I am dreaming of an imaginary creature. Because this is according to the songs what Barney is. Imaginary.


First time I watched a whole Barney dvd I realised in the end that he is a just an imaginary friend. Now that is really worrisome. Whole generations are watching and loving a pink, queer dude jumping around doing all kinds of stuff and then the production company producing this, is telling us he is not real. How is that? I can’t help thinking we would have to take some serious hallucinatory drugs to imagine such a character and the things he does. I mean, we can actually see him, he is not in our head, so he does exist. Right. Couldn’t they have settled for letting him be a real friend? I’m all for imaginary friends but this guy actually exist so why pretend he doesn’t? I find is so odd that six kids in one Barney episode imagines the same thing…and some of them are more twelve years old than say five (I can’t see any twelve year old imagining she/he is taking submarine rides with Barney). Really odd. Really odd.


My kind of Barney.

Weekend.. September 8, 2007

Posted by Aella in Bahrain, Manama.
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Went and had an English breakfast in Upstairs – Downstairs yesterday morning and I can’t say I’m impressed with their service. I’m not really used to having to wait 35 minutes for a fry up. I could make six of them and prolly more in that time. It was far from packed when we arrived so unless they had to go and slaughter the cow for my bacon I can’t see why it took such a long time. I have heard that Ric’s Kountry Kitchen is supposed to be good for breakfasts so I will check it out another time. Really won’t bother go back to Upstairs – Downstairs for breakfast. It seems to be a jazzy place at night so for their sake I hope it’s better then.

Lulu Hypermarket opened up in Dana Mall the other day and I just love it. Its really neat, well organised and their fish and fruit and veggie section beats Geants (where I usually go) by far. I would like to check out the Jawad (I think that’s the name) Supermarkets though, I just haven’t got a clue where they are located yet. All in time…

Had a really rough night with little L waking up way too many time and I’m not feeling to perky today uh. Had to take a ride to Saudi the other day to renew the visa stamps until the Bahrain visa is sorted. I can say that my heart dropped as we approached Saudi. It felt like all the other times when we used to go back. I felt a sadness in my heart but as soon as we turned the car and started going back to Bahrain it all eased up. Talk about letting your feelings run you. As we were driving towards Bahrain I felt the same happiness I used to experience coming here before from Saudi. Ugh, God please never let me live in Saudi again.

Feels strange now that it is actually weekend – Saturday that is. I almost got used to the Thursday- Friday weekends and now it’s Friday – Saturday which I find nice. My son is off to a mall to watch a movie with a new friend in school. He didn’t mind living in Saudi but he will soon see the advantages of living here since he is old enough to go out by himself now.

Bahraini scam Letters :P September 3, 2007

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As most of us with email address I too get the Nigeria scam letters which I of course never even bother open or read. Today to my surprise I found the following in my inbox:

“I am khalid mahmoud, A Bahrain national I have been diagnosed with Oesophageal cancer .It has defiled all forms of medical treatment, and right now I have only about a few months to live.I am very rich,but was never generous, I have given most of my assets to my immediate family members. I have decided to give alms to charity organizations.I cannot do this myself anymore because of my health.I once asked members of my family to give some money to charity organizations,they refused and kept the money.I have a huge cash deposit of Eighteen Million dollars with a finance House abroad. I will want you to help me collect this deposit and dispatch it to charity organizations.You will take out 20% of this funds for your assistance.DO REPLY ME VIA MY PRIVATE EMAIL(khalidmahmoudh@yahoo.gr) TO ASSIST ME.”

Can’t help but giggle 😛 .Now this dude couldn’t even be bothered to write a proper mail even. Just like eeh I’m not generous so help me. Why would anyone help a person that claims not to be generous anyway? Wouldn’t that mean that he probably would rip one off. Ya ya I know, I shouldn’t even waste my time writing about it.

Yesterday I walked to Dana Mall from our house after realising they have shoemaker (not so sure they actually make shoes but they fix them) there. I put my shoes in a bag and went for the 15 min walk that it took. The humidity was so high and I felt really sticky by the time I got there. Not a problem really cus I really enjoyed the fact that I could just walk there. Just like that. No one bothering me on the way and no one bothering me in the mall. Now, people can talk about freedom and what that is but for me, being able to walk freely without having to have someone driving me or arranging it hours before, is part of what I define as freedom. It might not be much for people that take this for granted but after my time in Saudi I really appreciate this.

I am right now in the process of changing my Lebanese (wicked) drivers license to a International one and then I am looking to take some driving lessons and get a Bahraini license. I am a little worried about driving since I haven’t been driving for a long time and only in Beirut but I will just have to do it anyway. Inshalla it will all be fine.  It’s not like I am a crazy driver … 🙄 (please have mercy on me you writers of the lifeinbahrain blog!)