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These days February 9, 2008

Posted by Aella in Bahrain, Culture, Life, Manama.

These days I wonder where all the turkey bacon is in Bahrain.. I mean I want some but can’t find it! I also wonder why so many people here keep the plastic covers on their seats in their cars. Too weird I think unless you have messy little hoolingans with sticky fingers. I just don’t see why grown men and woman are sitting on plastic like this. Makes me think of people that pee themselves hmm..don’t know why.

I went for a walk late afternoon in my new neighbourhood Mahooz and I must say it was a glorious afternoon. I really like Mahooz and find it so much more appealing than the soul less quarters whereI lived before (Sanabis, just before after Dana Mall and before the Exhibition Centre). Mahooz has little shops, beautiful villas and some streets that actually has some greenery. Yaa I like it there (sitting in Juffair now – not a good looking area by the way).

Still stressing out trying to find a maid that can work afternoons but it’s bloody hard to find anyone. On top of that the kids have all been sick and are taking turns. Feeling a little stressed out since I don’t have anyone to be with them so I have to stay at home from work. Inshalla all solved soon. Inshallah.

In any case, life in Bahrain is looking up and I am feeling a lot better. I think in six months all my little problems will be but mere memories. I know I will probably stay here in Bahrain for quite some time and I am looking to make the most out of it.



1. Nicole - February 9, 2008

Maybe they leave the plastic on because of the dust?

“I know I will probably stay here in Bahrain for quite some time and I am looking to make the most out of it.”

There you go, that’s the Spirit :)!

2. ammaro - February 10, 2008

B as in Bahrain, then?

I love Mahooz. My family are originally from there (i guess i’m making it sound like Bahrain is one huge country).. anyhow, if you need help with anything or info for whatever while you’re around, let me know šŸ™‚


3. Nzingha - February 12, 2008

All the turkey bacon is here in Khobar šŸ™‚ I’m on the look out for some beef bacon and I would easily run over a gathering of folks just to get some good beef breakfast sausage.

We are looking to move to Bahrain, right now I’m checking out houses in the Saar area.. any suggestions on good neighborhoods?

I don’t get the plastic on the cars either I would think it makes your arse sweet a whole lot more in the summer months

4. Sous - February 14, 2008

Nicole, Yes it must be cus of the dust…can’t think of any other reason really. I mean imagine keeping your plastic cover over your other belongings while using them…weird.

Thanks Ammaro šŸ™‚ Sweet of you. I really like Mahooz to be honest and hope to stay in this area for some time.

Nzingha, so ok you bring some turkey bacon to me and I will get you some beef bacon from Al Jazera in Mahooz (aha aha it’s there).
In regards to the house hunt, I will email you about it šŸ™‚ . Oh god you are going to loooove living here!!! I soo do šŸ™‚ !

Hehe you cracked me up with your arse sweat comment šŸ˜› but it’s soo true šŸ˜›

5. Brains - February 28, 2008

the loose plastic is pure vanity. They just want to “show off” that their car is new. It’s the same thing with the red & white plates. Very childish.

6. Sous - February 28, 2008

Hehe so it has no real function then really, just a show off thing. What about the red and white plates? Not sure I seen those…

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