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Indian mornings September 14, 2008

Posted by Aella in Bahrain, Culture, Food, India, Manama, Pictures.

Do Indians eat curry and onions for breakfast as well as lunch and dinner? Why do I ask? Because every morning (and the rest of the day as well) my whole bathroom smells of Kalpaka ( a Keralite restauant in Hoora). I can smell onions, curry and I don’t know what and it is quite frustrating when you are fasting. Been thinking to put a sign downstairs or in the lift the telling people (that was before Ramadan) that are cooking to drop  some yummy food off at my apartment. I mean what the heck, they are all cooking this mouth watering food so the least they could do is share it.



1. Balqis - September 14, 2008

I came to the conclusion that they have a stomach made of iron
Ramadan Kareem

2. D.H - September 14, 2008

Underbar ide’ 🙂 Det blir ju så mycket rester i ramadan så säkert kan de dela med sej!!! Och det är dubbel belöning att bjuda en fastande så de borde ju vara uppskattat,vad ska det stå på lappen?? Hoppas du får napp 😉

3. jiggaman - September 14, 2008

most indians can physically handle (foodwise) food we cant even handle :p some of their extra extra spicy stuff, which they eat without a second thought, can put most of us in a coma :p

4. SoulSearch - September 15, 2008

hahaha. That’s funny…get a load of our neighbors! They fry fish early in the morning!!!! Can you beat that???

5. Sous - September 15, 2008

Balqis, Ramadan Kareem :). And yes they must have considering the amount of chillies they can eat.

D.H Hehe good thinking. Not sure they are Muslims though since they are eating in the mornings 😛 . The note would say hmm For anyone cooking GOOD Indian food in this building please drop some off at flat X on floor XX just before iftar time. PS. Don’t forget the chutney and the poppadums. And while you’re at it drop by the cold store and get me a coke.

Jiggaman, yup yup yup so true. I wonder how their insides can handle it. I have an Indian lady at work thought that doesn’t like spicy food at all. Maybe the cooking is different in Banglore where she is from.

SoulSearch, must be a sweeet smell in the morning. Not! Eew that is really not a cool odor for when your getting ready to go work! I wouldn’t like to fry fish and THEN go to work. Such an odd thing to do.

6. Sunny (@Kumarsumit716) - October 30, 2012

Very Very Delicious and Mouth-watering food. Its makes me Hungry too Much.

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