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Moroccan bath and dolphin watching May 18, 2007

Posted by Aella in Al Khobar, Bahrain, Beirut, Culture, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Saudi culture, Sweden.

My day at Dessange was bliss aha hm hmm. First I had a Moroccan bath with steam sauna, scrub and I don’t know what was going on. Made me sleepy. Then I went on to a massage and a facial. I must say the head massage was the nicest part of this even if it wasn’t as long as I would have preferred cus I luuuv head massage. I could have one all day and every day.

Anyway, after that I went into the salon and had a pedicure while eating reaaaallly nice sandwiches from a place called Cafe Loulou (I think that’s how it’s spelled). Now that place I have to visit. The sandwiches were to die for. Little nice square buns with halloumi and other goodies that I, who was hungry and had only eaten a banana for breakfast quickly ate (I am a disgrace I know). Finished off with a manicure, hair treatment with oils and more head massage and hmm I don’t know what it was and a blow dry. Felt pretty nice afterwards.
Of all the things I did I must say the Moroccan bath was the best. The other treatments were good too but the Moroccan bath was great.

Today we are off to a boat for some dolphin watching. I really didn’t know there were dolphins in the Gulf (I dare not say Persian Gulf nor Arabian- even if I always thought it is the Persian Gulf) so that’s all news to me. I really hope we will see some dolphins…

I was thinking yesterday that in Sweden and in many other countries we wear black when we mourn. In Lebanon they were black and white. In Saudi they wear black and white every day of the year. What do they wear outside to show they mourn the loss of a loved one?



1. Saudi Stepford Wife - May 18, 2007

Mourning rituals for women depend on who it is that was lost and what the persons background is. For example, the Shia in Al-Hassa both men and women) are distinguishable by wearing black during Ashoura as they mourn for the martyrdom of the Prophet’s (PBUH) grandson. Widow’s are not supposed to wear make-up, perfumes, or do any beautification of any kind during their mourning period of four months and 10 days. They do not necessarily need to wear black but must wear plain (not brightly colored or decorative) clothes. This usually means browns, dark grays, navy blue as well as black. All of these are for women, I’m not sure about the rules for men or if there are any.

2. Sous - May 18, 2007

Thank you Saudi Stepford wife :). It is interesting to know since the normal colours you see outside on men are mainly white in Saudi and of course black for women.

3. Dubbelörnen - May 18, 2007

Äntligen något som bara är tillägnat dig!!! Du behöver verkligen sådana här pampering dagar… Ja, alla behöver vi dessa dagar…

Hoppas ni snart får sköna dagar i Bahrein o unna dig fler liknande dagar…


4. Saudi Jawa - May 19, 2007

Speaking as a Saudi man, I can say that I don’t know of any kind of rituals (in wardrobe or otherwise) that a man goes through for mourning a deceased spouse.

5. Aysha - May 20, 2007

VERY interesting thought on the mourning ritual. Especially when you think that for women, there are ways to dress for sadness, while for men there’s none!

I am so envious of you right now, because with school load, baby son, and all..I’m going totally under. I would love to have a day that is so free and with nothing to worry about but relaaax…

As for the Persian/Arabian Gulf issue, I learned it the hard way. You can understand that while in Saudi, it carried one name (of course!) However, as I went to study in Canada during highschool (Canada that is loaded with Persian students) I called absentmindedly the Arabian Gulf, only to find myself in some deep hot water. The doors of hell, I mean politics, opened up on me. As they opened a Candian made map, I realized it was named so many other names except for Khaliji countries.

6. Sar - May 23, 2007

I Love Moroccan bath! You got me so excited to try that one.
Where exactly is it in Bahrain?

7. Sous - May 23, 2007

dubbelorn: Tack 🙂
Hoppas du och din familj mar bra

Saudi Jawa, Interesting like Aysha said that there are no rituals for men..

Aysha, I hope you get many relaxing and free days soon 🙂 . I know how much work it is with small children in the house. And the Gulf Issue, well in Sweden I think most people call it the Persian Gulf as well. Once I went looking for some info about this and even found a site dedicated totaly to this. One could wonder what to really call it today with the American ships there…the American Gulf perhaps ;).

Sar, The place is called Dessange but it is only for women. It’s a French chain and they have salons all over the world. And yes the Moroccan bath is well worth trying. You can find the address here
or read more about it here http://www.alghalia.com (it’s under health and beauty) .

8. Sar - June 3, 2007

I’m a man 😦

See? you’re luckier than we’re, so quit complaining 😛

Thank you anyway, I’ll let my (future wife?) try it. In the mean time I’ll be looking for one for men..

9. Sous - June 11, 2007

I’m sure there must be one out there for you :). And yes at some points we have advantages as women 😛 .

10. HANA BERRY - February 4, 2008


11. varun - June 11, 2008

hi, would like to know whether any soapy massage in dubai or in bahrain. what is morocan bath massage. pls brief me.
pls let me where i can have this soapy massage in dubai or in bahrain.

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