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Thank God for the days of ignorance February 24, 2009

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For some reason it just hit me that back in high school I used to have a major crush on Johnny Rotten, the singer in the Sex Pistols. Only. The Sex Pistols played in the 70’s so by the time I had a crush….

I don't wanna holiday in the sun!

I dun wan'a holiday in the sun!

…..Johnny probably looked like this.

Not so hot :)

Not so hot 🙂 (who said I had a strange taste in men huh)

Well, thank God there was no internet back then so I didn’t have to see this haha and thank God dreams don’t come true so I never got to meet him.


Sucks February 23, 2009

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When the air is full of sand. It gets in my eyes and screws up my contacts. Was seriously considering to go to Amwaj for a swim today (even if the water out there has a suspicious colour – not sure it’s healthy to swim there)

Woke up with this in my head

bigfishyOne,two, three, four, five, once I caught a fish alive
Six, seven, eight, nine, ten, then I let it go again
Why did you let it go?
Because it bit my finger so
Which little finger did it bite?
This little finger on the right!

Don’t ask me why it was stuck in my head….

Cheers to all of you out there….
Cheers, to freedom and turning a blind eye.
Ignorance is truly bliss!

I was a cynic since quite some time but it is only becoming more deep rooted within me every day.

I want to be made.. February 14, 2009

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Slurp dribble drool where's ma food?

Yesterday as I went to bed all stressed out (having  X-mans lawyer trying to intimidate me by phone with threats – no visa – no lawyer and no money aah life is great) I had a vision. I suddenly had a wish that I was a dog.  I have always thought people are ridiculous asking what kind of an animal I would be if I could be an animal…I mean, I love being around them but hell no I wouldn’t want to be one….

Now last night…. I felt it…yes….I would love to be a big fat Saint Bernard dog. Not a little, happy, yappie puppy, no, a fat, lazy, dribbling Saint Bernard with droopy, wet eyes.  Just sitting and staring at people with a drooling gob. No bravery and no actions. Sleeping most of the day. Having some dummy giving me left overs and taking me for walks. Slobbering all over little kids and furniture. Farting and chasing cats in my sleep when the family has guests. No visas to worry about, no exes, no money worries, no lawyers playing head games and no nothing keeping me up at night.

I never really liked Saint Bernards. My uncle had one when I was a kid and since I was really small it used to knock me over (with its butt). It had a funny smell and the fur wasn’t even that pleasant to stroke…still…this is the only dog that came to mind.

And no, I didn’t take my pills today either.

Protected: down and out February 12, 2009

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February Friday February 9, 2009

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Yaaa baby!

A new week has started and I feel that time is flying. I am currently teaching and the weeks are passing by way too fast.  On Friday I drove down to Seef beach. I needed to clear my mind and of course I ended up sobbing as I stood there on a rock gazing across the sea. Eating a banana and a bag of Maltezers. A sad sight to see.
It hit me that I’m in a puddle with borders. This sea has no connections with my sea and even if I had superman’s eye sight I wouldn’t be able to see anything even remotely resembling my country across the puddle.
How sad am I on a scale for even thinking that thought?

In any case. I took a walk and ended up next to an Asian (Korean I’m guessing) couple staring into a fishermans hmm well fish box we can call it. He had just arrived back from sea and was proudly showing off his catch. He held this little octopus (I think it is classified as an octopus but I could be wrong) and I asked if I could hold it. He handed it over and  I  grabbed it the way he gestured I should hold it. As expected it was slimey. It curled its tentacles around my arm and fingers and coloured my skin a little dark. Slimey…but hmm I’m sure it made a great meal for the fisherman and his family (he told me they would cook all the fish later).  I must say holding this poor creature made my day.

Light up the barbie!

Light up the barbie!

I love being out there. It’s so quiet yet you can hear sounds in the distance. No buildings in my way, no people, no nothing.


Quite the opposite of the place where I headed after that. I have since a long time ago gathered a bunch of clothes that I want to make copies out of so I decided to go to the souq for some fabrics and to see if I could find a tailor (don’t ask me why I chose the souq when I already have a tailor and when it’s such a crowded place). Said and done.

Manama souq
No people! I don’t want a singing camel, a pink plastic mosque or a pashmina! And no, I am not a tourist either. I really enjoy walking around the souq, well before it gets too crowded. Only thing is that I feel that I sometimes walk around in circles and end up in the same place again and again. Same guy trying to sell me huge underwear with printed kittens on again and again. Naaa, don’t want those either. In any case. I found some black fabric and I will pick up a dress and a yoga bag tomorrow ( the bag is soo my own design – hope it turns out luukin good).

Manama souq 1
Sorry dude, just had to take a pic.

What else can I say about the souq? Well it’s smelly in some places, dirty in others, I don’t like the idea of eating there and I have a major para about catching germs whilst walking about (TB!), still I go there cus the occasional visit does something for my well being just like my little beach in Seef.

Oh and I almost forgot to mention :)! My mum and her husband are coming here in the beginning of March. I am really looking forward to that. Any suggestions of must go places?

It is Sunday, I still have no visa and I am home sick. When will things look up?