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Ramadan Kareem August 31, 2008

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Ramadan Mubarak to all sisters and brothers out there.
May Allah accept your prayers, fasting and good deeds in this holy month
and may it’s virtues extend to many years to come.
Have a good ‘un!


I am filthy rich! August 19, 2008

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Something which I find both amusing and annyoing is that most people (except for the average Western expats) here seems to assume us European expats are loaded with cash. Having our mattresses stuffed with 20 dinar bills, wiping our asses with the same in the loo. Some do yes and some don’t… I bloody don’t and it is annoying when people are insinuating that one could and should pay more for goods and services cus oooh I am so loaded. Well I’m not fucking loaded ok and I can tell you that the average maid on the street most likely have more money in her pocket than I have during the month. Really, it is annoying so stop bloody assuming we are rich just cus we have white skin and a (kind of) clear accent.

Sloth August August 18, 2008

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Not much happening here except for in my head.

It is hot but not as hot as in Dubai. I am so happy to have the girls back home and it is great to see them just doing their thing,  as in: pouring water all over the place, mopping the floor (yes a 2 year old can do that apparently) sneaking into the food cupboard for snacks,putting my shoes on, being addicted to their tooth brushes, stealing things from each other, looking after each other when one of them is upset (Mummy the table beat A! Why?) dancing and jumping to newly found “The Black Keys”, giggling at being tickled….bliss.. bliss…bliss.  Sweet little angles.

the black keys
the black keys

Work is slow and it seems most people are out of the country at the moment. A colleague of mine had to go to Syria for 10 days in order for her visa to come through here. Seems really inconvenient and I hope for her sake she will be back soon.

Hmm what else. Not much except for that ehm ehm you Saudis and Kuwaitis that come here, well you bloody suck at driving. My lovikavante could drive better. Dude I’m so sick of you guys cutting everyone of in your crappy ways. You shouldn’t be allowed in the country khallas! And you know I’m right! Ha ha I’m bloody well right, you know I got a right to say!

Ah anyway, I’m bored. Lights out.

(handsome is coming home in a couple of days!! yezz! It will be great to have you all back under the same roof)

Back in Bahrain August 16, 2008

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So, I am back in Bahrain since a few days. My little princesses are back, a little worn out from their holiday but in great mood exploring their home with great fervour. I must say the weather is much better here than in Dubai where it is humid as hell.

I am going back to work today…not too excited about it but that’s life I guess. I am just waiting for the maid to come and I will be off.

Don’t…. just don’t… August 8, 2008

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whackjobs inc

whackjobs inc

Don’t go and watch the movie Mamma Mia, just don’t…. The cheesiest and tackiets movie I ever encountered… The only time I ever walked out of a movie theater before the movie ended. Terrible, awful and just…fucking appalling.

General sadness August 2, 2008

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I am back in Dubai since Thursday evening. The last few days have been really busy and it took me some time to realise that I could actually use the computers in the hotel that I am staying in. In my typical ways I tried finding a unsecured wireless network to hook up to but only managed to disable the Microsoft Wireless client thingy..

My little princesses left for Beirut with their father Wednesday morning and it broke my heart, really broke my heart to see them leave. I can’t think about it cus it just makes me tear. After I went back up to the apartment I broke down. Seeing their clothes, teddy bears, a blanket, their fingerprints on the glass table, hearing the echoe of their little voices giggling as they tickle and tease me. I miss my children so much and I really cannot imagine what life would be like without having them near me. I used to think women that broke down when their kids leave home at adult age were silly but now I can so understand what they are going through..

Dubai…is humid and hot. Everyone has an opinion about Dubai whether they have been here or not but my general impression is that it is one huge construction site. There is plenty to do here for tourists though so I do think they have done quite a good job on that part.
What else?

Feeling exhausted from July. I felt weak and down throughout most of the month and the day before I “got” my leave was too much. Many times we don’t realise how living in cultures different than our own affects us. How we mistake things without even understanding it, assuming people have the same frames of reference as we do. How it stresses us out being confused about different sets of standards that are thrown at us. Different definitions of ethics. Yes, and most of the time we might not even understand anything of this as we go through it…
I am tired and I am feeling really old.

And lost at sea.