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Bahrain Daily 14 November 30, 2007

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Time after time November 28, 2007

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If you’re lost you can look- and you will find me
time after time

If you fall I will catch you- I’ll be waiting
time after time

Bahrain Daily 13 November 27, 2007

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Dinner in Salmaniya Medical Complex.
(and yes this is what it looked like when it was opened)

Early morning late November November 22, 2007

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It is 05.42 am and I have been awake for a few hours already. Just had a bacon sarnie on sesame bread. Ain’t nothing like it. Reminds me of my years in England. Woke up about 3 or so and I just couldn’t sleep. Too many things were running and still is through my mind. So much going on in my life at the moment. Inshalla it will all be fine and to my likening in the end. Bahrain is still treating me good cept for the occasional nutcases popping up (like the whackos in uniforms at the airport yesterday shouting – you lot need retirement, you can sit at home shouting at the TV or grandchildren or something cus you’re not doing anything useful at the airport for sure -old farts).

Our housekeeper left Bahrain yesterday. I will really miss her and I am already(since 2 weeks). Little A 2 years sometimes stops playing and looks around the room and goes – Where is A? (she says it in Lebanese Arabic) . It was really sad to see her go.. Funny how much work it took to get her to Saudi and we were so pleased with her on all accounts and then bam she falls ill. God bless her.

As it is getting lighter outside I feel my head is clearing up a bit. Wish I could go for a drive but I am guessing that would freak the family out if they woke up and I’m not there. So wish there were somewhere I could go for a swim in the sea. Still haven’t swam in the sea here…only walked around in the water with my trousers folded up a while back up, to the amusement of the fishermen nearby.

The weather is great these days by the way. Can’t help but smiling when I see some people wearing knitted sweaters or warmer clothes due to the change in temperature (saw a Saudi dude with his trousers hiked up to his armpits wearing one yesterday- aaah so amusing you made my day).

I feel my mind has been quite occupied thinking of gender issues lately (and it was also fueled by the papers I looked at for you dad ;)). I always knew it of course but it keeps coming back to me on a daily basis now how so many things are acceptable for men to do and not for women. Not just in this part of the world but in most places. Men are free to act pretty much how they want and women always seem to think how they will be perceived in the eyes of others and society as a whole.
I must say though that one thing I like down here is when I see a man that actually looks away when a woman is coming – instead of staring like so many guys do. I am not saying women and men should avoid looking at each other totally but it is quite disturbing for us women when men constantly and with no shame oogle us. That’s one thing I really don’t experience when I am in Sweden (ya ya we have many other disturbing things I know..that’s another post)

I was followed by two Saudis as I left the parking by Toys R Us the other day. First I thought I got rid of them but as I stopped by the traffic lights by HSBC they drove up next to me smiling like two dicks. I really don’t get what it is that makes these people so dumb (the ones following women around – not Saudis so please don’t go there mmkay). It must be the ultimate stupidity to commit this act. It just makes them look so dumb. Shame I’m so small or I would have picked a fight with them (aah that reminds I should go to the gym) . Really would have liked to kick their fat thob clad butts. I could really do with that now.

Now it’s 06.11 am and I don’t know whether I should head back to bed before Los Huliganos wake up or not. I’m not even tired but I know I will be later. Decisions, decision, decision…aaah.

Oh yeah, seems I missed the Swedish celebration of Fathers Day this year (since I don’t follow the Swedish calendar I seem to miss out on a few things). I am so sorry. Hope you had a great day dad. Happy Fathers Day!

Them there eyes – Billie Holiday November 17, 2007

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It was so hard to find any video with this song and I guess perhaps there is no footage of Billie Holiday singing it. Shame really. I will just have to make a video of my own (not that I have a clue how to do it really).  Mmm just love this song.

November November 17, 2007

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Some things that I have been thinking about lately…

Sometimes as I a driving I feel like I am in India or maybe Bangladesh (or Pakistan). There are so many people from these countries here that it feels like I am not in an Arab country. Yoooo, Arab Bahrainis you need to get more kids cus I don’t see too many of you. I would (and no offence to anyone) so like to see more Arabs in this country. Anyway, I guess I can tick off Bangladesh and India of countries that I have lived in now. And I feel the need to learn some basic Hindi for sure.

I still enjoy driving here and find people to be really helpful when parking for example. There are some dick heads on the road at times (yes women as well as men) but I don’t see too many of them.

In regard to our housekeepers sickness. The ward she is in is really old. Of course it is a stately hospital but what makes me wonder is…why are there only a certain kind of people there? I have seen mainly Asian workers there and sure it is probably so that they are in majority of having TB but how come I don’t see for example middle class Bahrainis there?

I been told that If I had TB (I have done every test in the book now and it all came out negative so fiiine hamdulillah) they wouldn’t admit me to this hospital for those two weeks of isolation even though it is the only hospital treating TB ( so I been told). They said that I could be at home getting treated if that was the case. The reason for these two weeks in the hospital is to make sure the decease doesn’t spread. I just don’t see why they make exceptions for some people? How can they control that people getting treated in their homes don’t go outside and spread their germs? I must admit that I have become seriously germ paranoid since this all happened. I have never cared much for germ paranoia but now I feel there are creepy germs everywhere! I always saw myself going to India (and I will anyway) but now I see myself wearing a mask walking through the crowds.

dude!! November 15, 2007

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Me married a real bitch.

Just read in the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter that this Indian man married a female dog after being told that his misfortune and bad health was due to a curse he had been struck by after killing to dogs copulating in a field. He was told that by spending his life with this dog as his wife he would break the curse. Good luck mate. I don’t even want to think about what your kids will look like. Check out the happy faces of the wedding guests. And should these guys really be touching his wife like that? Poor dog doesn’t get why she is getting fed all of a sudden and not kicked around as usual.

Bahrain Daily 12 November 14, 2007

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Salmaniya Medical Complex

Robbie rox my car November 12, 2007

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Robbie Williams – Karma Killer

The ultimate song for driving.

Bahrain (not so) Daily 11 November 12, 2007

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WTC Manama

World Trade Center – Manama