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Spring April 28, 2007

Posted by Aella in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia, Saudi culture.

Now our maid has been a little more than a week and all I can say is al hamdulilla.  I have heard so many stories about maids and this and that but she is truly great. Seeing how she has organised things here I hm kinda realised how disorganised I am. It’s like I don’t have any sense when it comes to order. Where she has put say for example all dvds in one place I had put one here and one there thinking there was a reason for that eeeh yea right. She was sure worth waiting for.

What else?
Ah the driving. Yesterday as I was sitting in the car I saw a kid in the car next to me. Behind the wheel. He must have been about 15 years old.  A skinny little shit. With 3 friends in the car. Two of them smoking. All sitting there confident as if they were adults.  And me, ya childish me, I just felt so insulted that this little shit is allowed to drive and I’m not. I really don’t care that I “got” my license in Beirut only last year and I am not a very skilled driver (nor reckless), I should still have the effing right to drive.


Our maid! April 21, 2007

Posted by Aella in Al Khobar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Saudi culture.

Our maid has finally arrived. She came last night and she is from Indonesia. We didn’t find out until a few hours before that she was arriving but heey you can’t really expect good service in this country.They didn’t even tell us her name before she came. She is 30 years old and has 4 kids that she has left back in Indonesia. Hmm really sad that people have to do that.  It does feel a little odd to have another person in our house even if I knew that it was coming. It doesn’t feel odd on the other hand to have a sparkling clean kitchen 24/7.

In any case, alhamdulilla she is great so far. Unfortunately she doesn’t speak English but she does speak Arabic but uuh I don’t. Any Arab would have laughed his head off hearing me trying to communicate in Arabic today. Like these are the words I have used…akil, jouanee, sghrir,lahza, harr kteer and some other things…… try to figure out what they mean! They are spelled as bad as I pronounced them. At some points I just used sign language and English and that worked just fine.

Now all we need is little ones passport and all will be hunky dory(until next time I have a fit over how people drive).

Interesting search strings April 17, 2007

Posted by Aella in Al Khobar, Bahrain, Culture, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Saudi culture.

It surely is always interesting to see what search strings people have used to land on your blog. Not saying people are weird out there but hmmm. Here are some that has been used the last few days;

arabian women’s breastfeeding photos

Hmm hmm, did you find any? Weirdo! I get a lot of similar search strings.

filipino gay maid looking for job

Good luck mate.

i don’t understand why israel exists

Well no one does but isn’t it interesting when people use the search engines as if they are talking to someone?

i am gays saudai

You’re what??

taking wine to saudi

Good luck to you too haha!!

men souk Breastmilk from woman

Eeeew, not sure how to interpret that but that’s just naasty!

“Why do humans breed in secret?”

Is this guy from the same planet as the rest of us? And like what kind of a question is that?

And this ones goes out to all the Saudi loving Bahraini readers!

“how a saudi can get bahraini nationality”

Maybe you guys can give him a hand hehe.

Smiley sunday April 16, 2007

Posted by Aella in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia, Saudi culture, Sweden.

I had a effing crap afternoon. Technology seldom works as one expect here!#$$%%. Just when you are about to email something or read something the fucking connection disappears. And of course the internet connections in Sweden are great! Why can’t the connection be great here too? And what is this thing with the plugs. Why can’t I just plug something in and then it should work? Why does the plug have to stick out halfway creating sparkles and flashes until it works? The compound is brand new so why can’t they hire people that does these things properly? Like ggggggggrrrr it was the same in Beirut! Add to that a screwed up, slow laptop that needs formatting and two screaming kids and aaah you got my afternoon.

And what is up with this maid and the damn passport? Is the maid swimming from Indonesia? Rowing? And did they send the passport papers by camel to Sweden? I will have a major fit one of these days!!! I had enough of things!! Bloody enough!!

Queer ways April 8, 2007

Posted by Aella in Al Khobar, Bahrain, Beirut, Lebanon, Manama, Pictures, Saudi Arabia, Saudi culture, Sweden.

Holding hands

Men holding hands in Bahrain

On the parking lots by some of the malls here are yellow spiky metal thingies sticking up from the ground that are designed in a way that you can only drive from one direction or they will puncture you tires. They also have them by the gates of many compounds to protect them from evil minded people. If you drive from the right direction they will be pushed down into the ground as you drive across them. If you drive the other way, well then you will have to make a visit to your local tire company very soon. Seems some people aren’t aware of this, or well at least not the Asian driver that took his employers big ass GMC and drove the wrong way just as I left Dhahran mall. First I heard like a strange sound as if he was driving with his wheels touching the sidewalk and then the sound of tires going flat. He didn’t realise that all tires were going flat until some Saudi guys started pointing and waving for him to stop. Hmm poor guy probably got a one way ticket back to wherever he came from…

Not much happening here. Still haven’t been to Bahrain since mid January and it’s like buhu. I am hoping the passport will come next week. Not sure how I feel any longer about things other than I know it’s not normal for me to live in a place like this. I know if you’re brought up here you think it’s all normal but to me it just isn’t. It’s just too weird for me not to see women anywhere…Ah I won’t go into that.

Was hoping to go to Beirut sometimes April but I don’t think it will happen since my mother in law is heading this way soon. Ah, how I miss my Beirut.

Something I find quite interesting here is the gay Filipino men working in some of the shops here. How do I know they are gay…? Well they are blatantly gay no doubt about it, and I find it quite cool. Before you come here you hear so much about gays having a hard time here and I am sure that’s true but these gay men working in the shops (and being all gayish as these guys are) are a slap in the face of the system here. Or isn’t it? Is it perhaps just a notion that gays aren’t welcome in this society? Anyway, I am less sure of their nationality than I am of their sexual orientation. They make me smile though.

And by the way, I know it is common here and in some other Arab countries that men hold hands but I still can’t help but smiling when I see it. It’s just so cute hehe. My son just can’t get over it. If you saw two men holding hands in Sweden you would know for sure they are gay (unless they are arabs that is hehe) but of course that’s not the rule here. I just feel like “coochycoochy how cute” when I see two tall men in thob, gutra and beard holding hands muaaahaahaha. Such sweeties.