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Bored is good April 3, 2009

Posted by Aella in Bahrain, Life.

I’m bored but I take that as a good sign. I rather be bored than suicidal, upset, desperate, crying or just plain ol’e unhappy.

I went to my kids school today and saw a kiddie “concert”. It was really cute with all the little girlies and boyz singing and dancing (some crying dying from stage fright) an it cheered me up big time. It was mini L’s first time on stage. She stood there in her little Slovakian outfit and didn’t flinch. Didn’t smile, didn’t sing and didn’t dance. Just didn’t care about where she was or what she was expected to do hehe. She didn’t smile until she saw mummy standing there with a camera waving :).

I so feel like going for a swim but I have still not found  (no wonder when I haven’t even looked) a place to go swimming in. Some people say this, others says that and some are just freaked by the idea of swimming in the sea here. Too polluted they say.

Anyway, tonight I’m slobbing out in front of the TV munching my usual popcorn n chips mix. I will mark exams tomorrow, do some yoga, read, cook biriyani and probably go for a walk. Dying from all the excitement :)! Hamdulillah I’m not feeling bad in any way though.



1. D.H - April 3, 2009

Hamdulila,låter toppen:) Kanske vår känslor gör oss bättre till mods bored är ju som sagt lättare att acceptera än de av tyngre karaktär;)
Hittar du inget bad,gör inget det är lätt fixat i Libanon!
Ha det bra, kram .

2. umm qahtan - June 23, 2010

As salam alaikum.

Ahlan wa sahlan.. welcome to bahrain..hehe. bahrain has been one of my homes over the years with my family still there..

I agree driving & bahraini women with mobiles on their ears is craziness…ohh boy.. one fo those nutty women smashed my fathers car into bit as she pulled out of her hidden garage in janabiya, then it turned out her father was a police officer and daddy got the blame.. nutts is the word.

have a grt day.
the island lover. lol

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