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Unhelpful Swedes – blää August 26, 2006

Posted by Aella in Sweden.

Something I find extremly unattractive in many many Swedes is their unwillingness to help other people. It is not common that people hold the door open to strangers. If you walk behind someone as you are about to enter a door you can be pretty sure on getting the door in your face. Happened to me the other day and has happened many times before. Men are especially bad at holding the door open. I shiver when I think of how rude I think it is. And I find it so Swedish.

There are of course some good people here like everywhere else but I seem to bump into to what I think is rude people all the time here.. If you drop something they usually simply ignore it and step over it and let you pick it up even though they are close to it. After having lived in Lebanon for two years I am really not used to this kind of behaviour. You can here in Sweden for example see a woman carrying really heavy bags of shopping plus pushing a pram and no on will help her and I mean no one. Even old people carrying heavy bags struggling on their way home and no one gives a helping hand (I do so don’t even go there ;)). It’s a really sad society where people seems to help each other only if they are paid or asked to do so.

I have even experienced incidents with lost children crying for their parents and no one gave a damn. It always seems as if people assume someone else should take the responsibility for things. You can just look at how the old people here are treated. They simply get dumped in nursing homes and left there for years. Many not getting any visitors at all except for at Christmas and other holidays due to the fact ther their precious kids “are too busy working”. Is this a decent way of treating people?


Riding ridicule (yup) August 21, 2006

Posted by Aella in Saudi Arabia, Sweden.

It seems as if the Saudis are doing their best to keep people out of their country or is it just moi (prolly)? And what’s this about oh we want a proof of vaccine for this and that but ooh no we don’t need it now. Bloody waste of time and money. Never mind unless I will be forbidden to go there I will get there in the end. Guess it’s nice as my sister in law said to miss the August heat of the Gulf region.

Ceasefire didn’t last long (of course not with the Israelis involved). Will there ever be an end to this?

Feeling restless and as usual physically frustrated. Will need to eat something really good to ease that! Will be seing my sister and her family this weekend as we will all go to some friends for a gathering. Crayfish time again 🙂 (ya that’s an evil looking smiley, wordpress should really sort these freakin smileys out).

Got too much energy and not enough to do…

            Crayfish a' la Sweden

Oh and just one more thing… August 8, 2006

Posted by Aella in Beirut, Lebanon.

Attack on the village of Khiam To all the Israelis out there (just did my second news round of the day), I hate to say it but I fucking hate ya all.   

Murdered child in ChiahAttack on the village of Khiam

Sick n tired of it all August 8, 2006

Posted by Aella in Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Sweden.

There seems to be no end to all this fucking paper work.  I keep asking myself if I am trying to be picked out for a team going to the bloody moon. My medical tests are done but now they have to be stamped by Notarious Publicus and then by the Saudi embassy. Speaking of the the Saudi embassy in Stockholm I cannot think of a worse place to call. The visa section has phone hours between 10 and 1 and do you think anyone is there at 10? Wouldn’t think so. Then you can keep calling for hours having the odd conversation with the man on the switchboard that assures me that he hasn’t got a clue where they are, perhaps they are busy or on lunch. Lunch during phone hours. He said many times that they are really really busy. Did I miss something? Is there a mass migration from Sweden to Saudi Arabia all of a sudden. Well I wouldn’t mind that but heeeey what is this?

I sent some papers to be legalised to the Swedish ministry of Foreign Affairs last week. And did they stamp the papers? Nope, they decided that they wanted more stamps and signatures from the place where I got the papers. Funnily enough, they had a few weeks before that legalised the same kind of papers with the same stamps and signatures.

Really becoming too much this. On top of that of course, Lebanon is still being bombed to bits by the animals next door. And seems they have full support from the average man on the street. May they all pay dearly for these atrocities. There are no words for how I feel about this.

So yes all in all right now I’m a bloody happy camper. Wanna come and join the party?