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I want to be made.. February 14, 2009

Posted by Aella in Bahrain, Life, Pictures.

Slurp dribble drool where's ma food?

Yesterday as I went to bed all stressed out (having  X-mans lawyer trying to intimidate me by phone with threats – no visa – no lawyer and no money aah life is great) I had a vision. I suddenly had a wish that I was a dog.  I have always thought people are ridiculous asking what kind of an animal I would be if I could be an animal…I mean, I love being around them but hell no I wouldn’t want to be one….

Now last night…. I felt it…yes….I would love to be a big fat Saint Bernard dog. Not a little, happy, yappie puppy, no, a fat, lazy, dribbling Saint Bernard with droopy, wet eyes.  Just sitting and staring at people with a drooling gob. No bravery and no actions. Sleeping most of the day. Having some dummy giving me left overs and taking me for walks. Slobbering all over little kids and furniture. Farting and chasing cats in my sleep when the family has guests. No visas to worry about, no exes, no money worries, no lawyers playing head games and no nothing keeping me up at night.

I never really liked Saint Bernards. My uncle had one when I was a kid and since I was really small it used to knock me over (with its butt). It had a funny smell and the fur wasn’t even that pleasant to stroke…still…this is the only dog that came to mind.

And no, I didn’t take my pills today either.



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2. Abu Kevin - February 15, 2009


Please this is you know who?…shing you a shong…ccontact me at my add… of great importnace

3. D.H - February 15, 2009

Haha ja det vore ju nåt…om inte annat kan man skrämma araber ( o en o annan advokat kanske) om man är en vovve!

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5. Klara Kaos - February 18, 2009

Aslema, lebes? Tittar in här en sväng eftersom du tittat in hos mig och här kommer jag nog att stanna ett bra tag till.

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