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Under the abaya II – naughty Saudi t-shirts June 13, 2007

Posted by Aella in Al Khobar, Culture, Pictures, Saudi Arabia, Saudi culture.

City Plaza has done it again 😛 . It’s always a laugh going there looking at the naughty t-shirts they have for teenage girls.

I keep wondering if their parents know what it says on the t-shirts and heey what the muttawa would say if they got hold of them :P. Sure are interesting t-shirts to find in a place like this. Speaking of naughty. There is a lingerie shop in Dhahran mall that the other day were selling kinky (and ugly) costumes for women. They had put them on display outside the shop and by the doors and they cracked me up. It was cheap looking belly dancing suits, little Red Riding Hood, nurse outfit and other really silly looking things. I just can’t imagine these things being sold so openly where I am from and the contrasts here are refreshing and just cracks me up.




Most likely to steal your boyfriend



Keep staring



I’m magically delicious



I’m cute. You’re not. Seems so unfair.


And the winner of this weeks naughty t-shirt contest is…




Imagine this T-shirt wet

I spoke to a man from Bangladesh in La Vie en Rose (lingerie shop in Rashid Mall) the other day about living here in Saudi. He admitted that he as a man looks much more at women with covered faces because it makes him more curious about who is underneath. Not that I felt he is looking at the customers in any creepy way. He seemed to mind his own business but it’s interesting how the niqab attracts men more than an uncovered face. This isn’t news to me but it kinda defies the purpose when you get more attention than you would have without the cover.



1. Abeer - June 15, 2007

i dont think the probleme is in the t.shirt but i think its because its the saudi girls whos wearing it,,,any thing the saudi girls wear or do its going to be a probleme i dont know why? saudi people still want to live….so get off there back please….

2. Sous - June 15, 2007

🙂 I’m not on their back Abeer. I would say if anyone is on their backs it’s themselves for letting for example people like the muttawa run their lives. I’m all for them living freely. I am pretty sure the Saudis don’t need these people telling them what to wear and how to act.

3. Pia - June 19, 2007

If you feel the need to wear this sort of T-shirt, wear it under abaya and no one else needs to know. Or in the privacy of one’s home. Why does City Plaza even buy these T-shirts, where are they made?
I personally would not buy/wear one, but would not mind if people want to buy them. Still can’t resist asking Why would you buy one…

4. Karim - July 3, 2007

Yeah, women covered attracts more., atleast to me….and recently i came to know that it women with skimpy clothes gets offended more by women wearing hijab or abaya.

Anywayz, i never understand obsession with muslim women especially in the west., be it saudi, lebanese, pakistani or malaysian muslim woman. More atrocious is the attitude that if u r not like westerners, we will bomb u! huh!!

Muttawas dont come into homes and select dresses for them. They just are concerned things in public. In public, Islam tells to cover. If abaya is made standard, muslim women are happy with them…wats the problem of others? :O And wat they doesnt in anyway means force. May be in ur society, u people dont care about rapes happening everyday, blacks killing whites near ghettos….but we do care society as whole. And freedom has its limitations to maintain a fabric in society.

Also, May be women from ur place like to show-off, attract men and sleep around with as many as one likes., give birth to children out of wed-lock. This doesn’t work in muslim communities. Keep ur wise, moral, free-thinking standards to urselves plz! We r barbarians, give us freedom to live as barbarians. There are many tribes living in african jungles, far away islands…go teach them ur ‘values’. Why r u people always behind muslim countries with oil-resources????

Muslim women are pearls.They are gifts to us. We cherish them, We take care of them, they are our pillars, they are our moral strength in toughest times…and they too luv us 1000 times more in return.

5. Sous - July 4, 2007

Shouldn’t all women be considered pearls Karim? And to say that Western society cares less about rape than Arab society does is a sad thing to say. I have seen many instances where women of colour from for ex Asia has been raped in one of the Gulf countries and no one has bothered to investigate it since these women are worth less in the eyes of a lot of people in the Gulf. And that’s a fact.
I don’t know where you live but perhaps it is time to leave you barbarian cave and go and see Europe and face reality that most women there do not wear skimpy clothes nor sleep around. You prolly watch too much tv. Ricky Lake perhaps?
But sure I can agree that there is an obsession to discuss Muslim women and how they dress.

6. Ammar - July 18, 2007

I dont get the concept of buying a shirt to be covered, but hey, if it makes the woman happier, then by all means go ahead. remember, when theyre together at each others houses, theyre not wearing their abayas and can have a laugh about it

7. Sous - July 18, 2007

You’re right 🙂

8. sameer - January 30, 2008

all i can say is that most saudi males r really f–cked up

9. Geoff - February 2, 2008

most ME Arabs are self righteous SOB’s if you ask me! , as one blogger rightly put it they would shag anything from a camel to a hole in the wall, i have the utmost respect for islam as a religion but dont you think people in the ME and countries like pakistan go a little overboard in professing what one should and shouldnt do? i have seen saudi men come to dubai to shag russian / asain / emarati women. Saudi’s do drugs as well, a saudi stabbed a cop in a dubai bar the other day! and as for the women, they are not your little “pearls” as karim likes to call them, a lot of Sh*t goes on behind closed doors that would be considered blasphemous even in the free world!!!!

10. sameer - February 3, 2008

saudi males r camel hole shaggers, LOL
funny and disgusting at da same time!!
BTW, i know from personal experience that most saudi women abroad r slutty creatures and not so innocent as portrayed by these holier than thou saudi males.

11. Ahmed - November 30, 2008

All I can say is that I feel extremely sorry for Samer and Geoff, seems to me like young naive boys with a tunel vision they recieve or been inserted in their brains by their manipulative media or by these blogs. All you see is what you want to see or believe.

I personally do not think that any one and any particular nation is bad as a whole. We are all humans with good and bad in each society. You will find people in all religions and societies who exploit and bring shame to their origns, but that does not mean that their should be attributed to the whole religion, society or a country.

This is exactly what western media has been doing to achieve their political gains and unfortunately, so many people have been manipulated in this way.

Every society has good normes and no one should have any right to critisize them

12. adam muhammad - October 17, 2012

these all peoples are lusty for saudian chicks.. so they are discussing the issue… though one must wear a dress having a symbole of haya, but no matter if saudi’s are happy with it……… these girls are their chicks and let them what they wear…

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