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S as in Saudi – over and out. April 25, 2009

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Seef beach

So.  I have for quite some time been thinking about ending my blogging here at S as in Saudi. I have a lot to say but still nothing interesting to be honest. It has all been said. Been bitchin’, going on my rants, praising, celebrating, crying, whining and shit…
I have recently turned over a new leaf and I can see things quite a bit clearer and more focused when it comes to my life.  I must say that, the years that I have been blogging here has been some of the hardest yet most interesting years of my life. I finally feel I can focus even if I don’t know exactly where I am heading. At least I know where I am not looking to head.

It has been an interesting journey where I started blogging to record the changes in my life and attitude and ended up a truly different person in a situation in which I never thought I would be in.

So I guess this is the last post here. I will keep the blog online for now and I will come back and hopefully read old posts and comments with a smile. It has been great getting all these comments from people all over the place. Some of you which I got to know a little more and some who only came once for whatever reason. I want to thank you all for your presence.

I will eventually be blogging elsewhere but it will be about a topic that  I am passionate about. Who knows,  we might meet again.

love to all of you out there



Thank God for the days of ignorance February 24, 2009

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For some reason it just hit me that back in high school I used to have a major crush on Johnny Rotten, the singer in the Sex Pistols. Only. The Sex Pistols played in the 70’s so by the time I had a crush….

I don't wanna holiday in the sun!

I dun wan'a holiday in the sun!

…..Johnny probably looked like this.

Not so hot :)

Not so hot 🙂 (who said I had a strange taste in men huh)

Well, thank God there was no internet back then so I didn’t have to see this haha and thank God dreams don’t come true so I never got to meet him.

Sloth August August 18, 2008

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Not much happening here except for in my head.

It is hot but not as hot as in Dubai. I am so happy to have the girls back home and it is great to see them just doing their thing,  as in: pouring water all over the place, mopping the floor (yes a 2 year old can do that apparently) sneaking into the food cupboard for snacks,putting my shoes on, being addicted to their tooth brushes, stealing things from each other, looking after each other when one of them is upset (Mummy the table beat A! Why?) dancing and jumping to newly found “The Black Keys”, giggling at being tickled….bliss.. bliss…bliss.  Sweet little angles.

the black keys
the black keys

Work is slow and it seems most people are out of the country at the moment. A colleague of mine had to go to Syria for 10 days in order for her visa to come through here. Seems really inconvenient and I hope for her sake she will be back soon.

Hmm what else. Not much except for that ehm ehm you Saudis and Kuwaitis that come here, well you bloody suck at driving. My lovikavante could drive better. Dude I’m so sick of you guys cutting everyone of in your crappy ways. You shouldn’t be allowed in the country khallas! And you know I’m right! Ha ha I’m bloody well right, you know I got a right to say!

Ah anyway, I’m bored. Lights out.

(handsome is coming home in a couple of days!! yezz! It will be great to have you all back under the same roof)

Don’t…. just don’t… August 8, 2008

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whackjobs inc

whackjobs inc

Don’t go and watch the movie Mamma Mia, just don’t…. The cheesiest and tackiets movie I ever encountered… The only time I ever walked out of a movie theater before the movie ended. Terrible, awful and just…fucking appalling.

Whole Lotta Love – Led Zeppelin December 9, 2007

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Damn it! This so good it gives me goosebumps!

Time after time November 28, 2007

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If you’re lost you can look- and you will find me
time after time

If you fall I will catch you- I’ll be waiting
time after time

Them there eyes – Billie Holiday November 17, 2007

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It was so hard to find any video with this song and I guess perhaps there is no footage of Billie Holiday singing it. Shame really. I will just have to make a video of my own (not that I have a clue how to do it really).  Mmm just love this song.

Robbie rox my car November 12, 2007

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Robbie Williams – Karma Killer

The ultimate song for driving.

Keep on loving you September 24, 2007

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Keep on loving you – Reo Speedwagon

Acrobalance August 11, 2007

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I just have to post this clip of my friend Henrik Agger and his girlfriend Louise. I think they are just amazing. I met Henrik in high school where we were taught theater and circus for two years and he is still doing his thing. He is a talented, skillful and hard working artist and I wish him all the best in his career. They will perform at the Stockholm Fashion week next week (at Berns for you who know where that is). More information about them can be found at www.acrobalance.com .