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S as in Saudi – over and out. April 25, 2009

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Seef beach

So.  I have for quite some time been thinking about ending my blogging here at S as in Saudi. I have a lot to say but still nothing interesting to be honest. It has all been said. Been bitchin’, going on my rants, praising, celebrating, crying, whining and shit…
I have recently turned over a new leaf and I can see things quite a bit clearer and more focused when it comes to my life.  I must say that, the years that I have been blogging here has been some of the hardest yet most interesting years of my life. I finally feel I can focus even if I don’t know exactly where I am heading. At least I know where I am not looking to head.

It has been an interesting journey where I started blogging to record the changes in my life and attitude and ended up a truly different person in a situation in which I never thought I would be in.

So I guess this is the last post here. I will keep the blog online for now and I will come back and hopefully read old posts and comments with a smile. It has been great getting all these comments from people all over the place. Some of you which I got to know a little more and some who only came once for whatever reason. I want to thank you all for your presence.

I will eventually be blogging elsewhere but it will be about a topic that  I am passionate about. Who knows,  we might meet again.

love to all of you out there



Thank God for the days of ignorance February 24, 2009

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For some reason it just hit me that back in high school I used to have a major crush on Johnny Rotten, the singer in the Sex Pistols. Only. The Sex Pistols played in the 70’s so by the time I had a crush….

I don't wanna holiday in the sun!

I dun wan'a holiday in the sun!

…..Johnny probably looked like this.

Not so hot :)

Not so hot 🙂 (who said I had a strange taste in men huh)

Well, thank God there was no internet back then so I didn’t have to see this haha and thank God dreams don’t come true so I never got to meet him.

Sweet n salty tooth December 26, 2008

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Ugh! This page is just killing me.


I know I shouldn’t browse it but oh my god it had to be done! I miss real licorice soo much. This place has sooo much stuff I have never tried. I should so visit Germany, The Netherlands and Denmark just for this. Licorice tour!

Turkish Pepper - God send me some with DHL!
Turkish Pepper – God please send me some!

chupa chups salmiakChupa Chup people!
You been holding out on me!

I didn’t actually know that the Germans and the Dutch were into salty liquorish. I can honestly say that I can’t find any nice sweets here except for the Danisk Haribo (gummibears but no liquorish of course). The chocolate is the average American and British bars and the sweets ah well….
The pick and mix in the malls is of a sad standard. They all taste the same and just doesn’t do it for me. The often look really juicy and has the same appearance as our brands back home but tastes nothing like them. The only sweet that I have enjoyed is the sour Skittles and Starburst. The crisps and the snacks is a whole other story because you can find some ok brands but that’s another post.
As for pick and mix. Karamellkungen needs to pack a bag and get here (not claiming he is Swedish).
Karamellkungen to the rescue!
Do check out the site and don’t forget to take a trip to the kings toothbrush school.

yup, we are serious about lösgodis in Sweden

Ikea in Dhahran – Saudi December 4, 2008

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ikea logo

So apparently according to a readers comments IKEA in Dhahran has opened. To think that it is only across the border filled with goodies of all kinds kind aaah ticks me off since as we all know Saudi is not a country you can just visit. Sooo another reader asked if there are any delivery services by IKEA to Bahrain. I emailad them and got this answer.

At the moment we can’t do deliveries to Bahrain, there is a lot of things in regard to customs. If you can arrange a driver to come & pick up the goods we can hopefully help you the assembly of the items.


Yousef Imad

Customer Service Manager

IKEA-Dhahran, Saudi Arabia”

So there you go folks. IKEA hasn’t figured out how to make money out of us here but I am sure someone with a Bahraini passport surely must come up with the idea to take orders from people here (for a certain charge) and cross the border and pick up the items, since apparently it is not a problem if you send a driver.

I want things 😦 …….now! I want ginger bread, crisp bread, chocolate, this AND that. Sigh…. is this hell? To know that IKEA is so close yet you can’t go there. This is the first time since I left Sweden that I am living kinda close to IKEA. Cyprus, no, Lebanon, no and Saudi well too far to Riyadh. Ah this sucks.

Man I wish I could live in an IKEA showroom. Would have made me happy.

On another note. Check out the IKEA hijab in the UK


I guess this won’t be needed in the islamic country of Saudi Arabia since from what I hear no women are allowed to work in the stores. I hope this is not true because that would be soooo un-Swedish (as I call it). If it is true… it’s time for you guys to let it happen because an IKEA store without women is like hot chocolate without cocoa, useless, so sort it out. And ehm… I’m serious.

Quite frankly November 15, 2008

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….life here is slowly wearing me down. The last nine months has really taken a toll on my attitude, my strength, my patience, my beliefs and my personality. Being a single mother of three children with no support close to you is hard as it is without having people trying to exploit the situation.

I used to wonder how some people could be so negative, bitter and fierce but find that I am pretty much like that myself these days. I have developed a dislike for a lot of people and have no patience with them whatsoever. I can go from being happy to a state of rage in seconds if someone crosses my path in an inconsiderate way.

I have been patient with people, I have given them the benefit of doubt and I have reminded myself how I am brought up to treat people but I feel that wherever you go people want something from you, there are no what I call normal personal relationships. Everyone wants something from you whether it’s a date, a free ride,money or whatever.. It’s really too much.

When I am in Sweden I can get impatient with peoples stiff ways and their whiney attitudes as they complain about ridiculous things (is it really worth crying about how the neighbour closes his door?). They really do not understand how good their lives are over there and how safe lives they have. Here it is every man and woman for himself. You have to fight your way through and no one gives a shit by the end of the day whether you make it or not. Yes, my friends this is the bitter truth and you all knew it before I did since I have a disturbing, naive trait ( so I been told plenty of times) that has stayed with me until now. I always wanted to believe that people are good, that they don’t lie nor are looking to hurt you or use you. Unfortunately, this is not the case and I really can’t be asked to elaborate because I feel this is just the way life is down here (really not dissing your country Bahrainis). I am trying to keep up my spirit but quite frankly….

I’m tired of everything and I feel my strenght is leaving me.

Barack Obama rules! November 5, 2008

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Today is my birrrrthday and I have been given the best birthday present ever!
Barack Obama have been elected president of the United States Of America and aaah I feel like weeping!

I am so happy and I wish him and the people of “America” a great four years and hopefully more years to come. I hope that this will be something positive for not only the “Americans” but for the rest of the world. Hopefully the world will be a little more peaceful now and hopefully Obama will spend more time working on what needs to be addressed inside the United States and not only lining his pockets like a certains someone.

May God give him a long, healthy life (and may intelligence protect him)!

obama barack
Sing Halleluja!!

Now I will go and watch Obama’s speech and cry a little!

Eid Mubarak September 30, 2008

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Eid Mubarak to you all. I hope you and your families will all have a great Eid.

Woke up way too early today. Will take a nap later.

Those wicked Swedes September 15, 2008

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An Indian woman selling software is visiting a real estate office in Manama:

Conversation goes….

Indian saleswoman: Oh, so you are fasting?
Swedish saleswoman: Yes
Indian saleswoman: Oh, what is your good name (who the F invented this expression?)?
Swedish saleswoman: XXX
Indian saleswoman: Oh, that doesn’t sound like a muslim name!
Swede: No, I guess not.
Indian: Well let me say, from one sister to another. You should at least cover your hair. I understand you want to wear your business attire but you should at least cover your hair!
Swede: Ya, I know. (Andy Pipkin style)
Indian: You are showing men your beauty. A woman’s beauty is in her hair.
Swede: (sigh and yawn but smiling, isn’t the person she is meeting ready soon?) Yea I know. (Andy Pipkin again)
Indian: You shouldn’t show them your hair! The men sees the beauty in your hair.
Swede: Well, I’m thinking to shave it all off and then that problem is solved!
Indian: (upset) It is not your right!!
Swede: Oh really?
Indian: No it is not your right?
Swede: Hehe nooo really?
Indian: Aren’t you married?
Swede: No
Indian (too caught up in her mission): Well then your husband has the RIGHT to enjoy your hair! You can’t take that right away from him!
Swede: (busy imagining herself with a shaved head wondering if she will look like Sinead O’Connor or butch lesbian) Ya, ok.
Colleague to Swede: Aha, ok hello Samira, sorry I kept you waiting!

Indian walks away throwing eye darts at sinful Swedish muslim.

Iftar 10/09/08 September 10, 2008

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The sun had set and something made her slow down the car as she passed by the now lit up fast food joint. She parked her car in an utterly bad and careless way on the side of the road. Not because she was actually careless, merely because she felt no will or strenght to care for a proper parking. Surely the police will be eating now anyway she thought as she grabbed her cardigan, car key and bag and left the car.

As she pushed the door open she once again registered what she already had seen from the street. The place was pretty abandoned except for one couple that had come to pick up a take away. They sat by the window talking and smiling. Their silver coloured car was parked outside the door in the middle of the lane, the engine still running. A small man in a big suv was honking his horn obviously thinking the car would move. It didn’t.

She walked up to the counter and made a quick order of something she had eaten before but still didn’t care much for. Why was she here, she wondered as she walked down the room and sat down by one of the many empty tables. The streets outside were empty with the expecetions of a few men on bicycles cycling by. She rested her face in her hands and sighed. Something inside felt sad and god so heavy. How sad am I, sitting here alone she thought. She grabbed her bag to see if there was anything to read in there but could only find her passport. A manic version of herself was smiling back at her as she flicked through the pages. Sad and lonely were the only feelings she could describe the moment as.

The take away couple grabbed their bags and left. Silence. A feeling of something strange in the air. Her heart sank even deeper. So this was it? She looked outside and saw her reflection in the mirror. Fifty-six empty chairs in the room and then there she was. Alone. She hated to admit it but the air was carrying a feeling from the past. She felt like an abandoned child at Christmas. Not that she ever was abandoned at Christmas.

She ate her food with no contentment whatsoever. Left the joint and drove home.

As she washed her face in the bathroom after having arrived home,  she sang a song from her childhood. A song that was a part of a life left behind but held dear in the most secret part of her being.
Loud and clear did her voice echo up through the thirteen storey building. Families having just finished their first meal of the day stopped talking and looked up. Children stopped their crying and interupted their boisterous games. All members of these well constructed family units leaning their heads towards their bathrooms listening to the lonely and clear voice. What language may this be they asked themselves? What floor does this voice stem from?

natten var stor och stum
nu hör det svingar
i alla tysta rum
sus som av vingar

se på vår tröskel står
vitklädd med ljus i hår
Sankta Lucia
Sankta Lucia

The song cleansed her broken spirit if only for a moment and a certain beauty was added to her loneliness. Something from the past held her company.

Ramadan Kareem August 31, 2008

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Ramadan Mubarak to all sisters and brothers out there.
May Allah accept your prayers, fasting and good deeds in this holy month
and may it’s virtues extend to many years to come.
Have a good ‘un!