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Hilarious March 25, 2009

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and well done Aafke!

Aafke is a Dutch artist with a great sense of humor (which I am guessing perhaps has lived in Saudi). While surfing her blog Clouddragon yesterday I bumped into this :

“Do you feel the need to harass others?

Do you despise free will?
Do you want to arrest women and stripsearch them on trumped up charges?
Would you enjoy chasing people to their deaths?
Does beating up people to death sound amusing to you?
Do you agree that cats and dogs are created so men can chat up women?
Are you ready to eradicate happiness?
Are you too disgusted by all the loose women walking around?
Are you willing to put it to a halt?”

It is theeeee Muttawa Compatability Quiz, made by Aafke herself and it can be done here: Muttawa Quiz .

Cracked me up this early, gloomy Wednesday morning. Check her site out, she has a lot of really interesting posts mixed with a great sense of humor and some serious common sense.


Sweet n salty tooth December 26, 2008

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Ugh! This page is just killing me.


I know I shouldn’t browse it but oh my god it had to be done! I miss real licorice soo much. This place has sooo much stuff I have never tried. I should so visit Germany, The Netherlands and Denmark just for this. Licorice tour!

Turkish Pepper - God send me some with DHL!
Turkish Pepper – God please send me some!

chupa chups salmiakChupa Chup people!
You been holding out on me!

I didn’t actually know that the Germans and the Dutch were into salty liquorish. I can honestly say that I can’t find any nice sweets here except for the Danisk Haribo (gummibears but no liquorish of course). The chocolate is the average American and British bars and the sweets ah well….
The pick and mix in the malls is of a sad standard. They all taste the same and just doesn’t do it for me. The often look really juicy and has the same appearance as our brands back home but tastes nothing like them. The only sweet that I have enjoyed is the sour Skittles and Starburst. The crisps and the snacks is a whole other story because you can find some ok brands but that’s another post.
As for pick and mix. Karamellkungen needs to pack a bag and get here (not claiming he is Swedish).
Karamellkungen to the rescue!
Do check out the site and don’t forget to take a trip to the kings toothbrush school.

yup, we are serious about lösgodis in Sweden

Barack Obama rules! November 5, 2008

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Today is my birrrrthday and I have been given the best birthday present ever!
Barack Obama have been elected president of the United States Of America and aaah I feel like weeping!

I am so happy and I wish him and the people of “America” a great four years and hopefully more years to come. I hope that this will be something positive for not only the “Americans” but for the rest of the world. Hopefully the world will be a little more peaceful now and hopefully Obama will spend more time working on what needs to be addressed inside the United States and not only lining his pockets like a certains someone.

May God give him a long, healthy life (and may intelligence protect him)!

obama barack
Sing Halleluja!!

Now I will go and watch Obama’s speech and cry a little!

Sloth August August 18, 2008

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Not much happening here except for in my head.

It is hot but not as hot as in Dubai. I am so happy to have the girls back home and it is great to see them just doing their thing,  as in: pouring water all over the place, mopping the floor (yes a 2 year old can do that apparently) sneaking into the food cupboard for snacks,putting my shoes on, being addicted to their tooth brushes, stealing things from each other, looking after each other when one of them is upset (Mummy the table beat A! Why?) dancing and jumping to newly found “The Black Keys”, giggling at being tickled….bliss.. bliss…bliss.  Sweet little angles.

the black keys
the black keys

Work is slow and it seems most people are out of the country at the moment. A colleague of mine had to go to Syria for 10 days in order for her visa to come through here. Seems really inconvenient and I hope for her sake she will be back soon.

Hmm what else. Not much except for that ehm ehm you Saudis and Kuwaitis that come here, well you bloody suck at driving. My lovikavante could drive better. Dude I’m so sick of you guys cutting everyone of in your crappy ways. You shouldn’t be allowed in the country khallas! And you know I’m right! Ha ha I’m bloody well right, you know I got a right to say!

Ah anyway, I’m bored. Lights out.

(handsome is coming home in a couple of days!! yezz! It will be great to have you all back under the same roof)

My heart June 18, 2008

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Sweden 1995
Yes lil dude, I will take u to a country
full of those when you’re older.

My beloved lil son just left for the airport to go to Sweden…it broke my heart to see him go. He has grown so much the last year still to me he is this little boy who used to sit on the edge of the sofa in England in his Spiderman pyjamas asking me who I thought was the strongest -Spiderman or Batman…never happy with my answer and forever explaining why I was wrong..

He is the little guy that at the age of three would take the train with me down to London and spend the day in West End, holding my hand as we were walking through China Town and along Oxford Street.

I feel it is only yesterday he was four and I would carry him on my back home from school in England with him giggling and laughing as I was skipping along Queens Road of Brentwood.

He is the little joker who would insist on getting “stingstings” (Cheestrings) more than once after having seen the commercial only to frown upon and refuse to eat them once he had them in his possession.

The young man that fell in love with Lebanon and all it’s charm and mystique.
The sweetheart who is never afraid to show his family love.
The brother who kisses his feisty sisters even when they hit him.
The boy who was sad to leave Saudi Arabia.
The mischievous sunshine that never fails to make me laugh.

He is

The little fella whom I moved one too many times. Who had too many homes. Too many countries he did not belong in. Who still fitted in. Who still made friends and who is still loved by everyone.

He is

The young man traveling alone in the night towards the country where he was born.

he is all that
so much more.

My son.

Real Estate Bahrain? June 6, 2008

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Last night I read a heated debate over at “Mahmoods Den” about the real estate market here in Bahrain and the affect it may or may not have on the Bahraini society. Mahmood pointed out that many projects can be of benefit for the society whereas a person commented under the name of “Hassan Alkhuzaei” claimed that the current real estate boom had many negative effects on society and that the Bahraini people need more opportunities, not more projects…. well it’s just a short summary of what can be read.

Now, I will not get into details but reading this was interesting since I myself am an “expat” selling projects such as the ones mentioned. I love my job but like I have mentioned before it saddens me to see huge projects coming up. I am a fan of old buildings and neighborhoods with character and soul. These new projects are soulless and dead in my opinion (not saying that I don’t like any projects but look at Juffair for a bad example) . That isn’t relevant for the economy but anyway.

fontana towers
Me no like
(Fontana Towers)

Yes anyway.
What do I see in my line of work in regards to this?
I see land prizes increasing drastically every month.
I see people playing the property game buying one property for 90 000 BD only to sell it a couple of months later for 100 000 BD or more.
I see the same people making 7000 BD in one day from a newly acquired unit.

I meet Bahrainis that wants to buy for investment or living but cannot afford asking me to contact them when something suitable comes up. I will.

I meet people that say it saddens them to tell their kids they will not have their own bedroom (ever) because daddy can’t afford it even though he is working full time as a manger in a store. Sorry kid, you have to share with your three brothers.

I see prices shooting up over night.
Owners aggressively pushing the prices up.
Buyers withdrawing due to sudden price increases.

It’s a crazy market if you ask me.

I have asked Bahrainis what they think of the boom that is going on. Some, working in real estate think it is a great thing without touching on the social effects it may have, only financial. Others are worried about what this will do to their society and what will be left of the country the grew up in.

Now something I am wondering is… Why are there so few Bahrainis selling property? I mean, there is a lot of money to be made in this line of business yet when I ask people that are looking for work they are simply not interested in doing it. I have asked managers of real estate companies why they have no Bahrainis on their teams (some don’t even have ONE Arabic speaking person) and they all answer that Bahrainis start and then they leave after a couple of months. Some even point out that they have no intentions of staying.
It just puzzles me when I know that many young people are on such low wages. Working in real estate kicks ass most of the time to be honest.

It was commented on Mahmoods blog that sometimes companies hire Bahrainis just to get visas for expats and I can confirm that this indeed happens. I have heard more than one person mention that this is how it is done.


I’m homesick yes.

Sick in the head R us March 28, 2008

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Are these people sick or sick or sick? I know it’s an old article and nothing unusual but it still both upsets me and surprises me that the Saudis let these animals roam around arresting people. I wonder where in our religion it says that they can tell a woman to undress (sick fucks you are – u just wanted a glimpse to save for your evening session).

Really, really upsetting. And to think that they are telling her she will go to hell.

Dudes! You have the grand stand in hell!


“A 37-year-old American businesswoman and married mother of three is seeking justice after she was thrown in jail by Saudi Arabia’s religious police for sitting with a male colleague at a Starbucks coffee shop in Riyadh.

Yara, who does not want her last name published for fear of retribution, was bruised and crying when she was freed from a day in prison after she was strip-searched, threatened and forced to sign false confessions by the Kingdom’s “Mutaween” police.

Her story offers a rare first-hand glimpse of the discrimination faced by women living in Saudi Arabia. In her first interview with the foreign press, Yara told The Times that she would remain in Saudi Arabia to challenge its harsh enforcement of conservative Islam rather than return to America.

“If I want to make a difference I have to stick around. If I leave they win. I can’t just surrender to the terrorist acts of these people,” said Yara, who moved to Jeddah eight years ago with her husband, a prominent businessman.

Her ordeal began with a routine visit to the new Riyadh offices of her finance company, where she is a managing partner.

The electricity temporarily cut out, so Yara and her colleagues — who are all men — went to a nearby Starbucks to use its wireless internet. She sat in a curtained booth with her business partner in the café’s “family” area, the only seats where men and women are allowed to mix.


Rasta Ladin January 23, 2008

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Omar bin Laden with hot looking wife Jane Felix Browne
Just read that Usama bin Ladens son Omar don’t agree with him in how he is killing civilians and says that his father could conduct his fight in other ways. I haven’t heard of Omar before but man just looking at his pic, the guy looks cool enough. The resemblance of his father is of course there if you looking at his face. It’s like looking at a a mix of Bob Marley and Laden (for the Swedes – he reminds me of Tomas Di Leva). Keep it real as Ali would have said.
The Ladens in Sweden on holiday. Osama circled. This picture is just too cool to be true.
It’s like you are just expecting them all to start singing and dancing to
“You should be dancing yeaah” (Bee Gees) . Really funky picture.
Gimme five Osama!

Free Fouad al Farhan January 7, 2008

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I am disgusted. Yes, really disgusted by what the Saudi system have done and can do to whomever they please. Everywhere I go online I read about Saudi blogger Fouad al Farhan and his arrest. He has been in “custody” since the 10 of December 2007 without any charges. What did he really do wrong? He wrote. He expressed certain views that didn’t suit the Saudi system and that has landed him a cell in Saudi. Appalling. Shocking. But Saudi yes, so perhaps not surprising for him and many other people.

I must say from what I have read of his quotes, he has not been disrespectful in any way. Fouad is an educated, well spoken, intelligent person (a classic case of a person that any regime wants to silence) and not a bad mouth yob. At one stage he was “asked” by authorities to shut his blog down but he decided to stay online blogging since being silent was not an option for him. Why did he come back? Fouad wrote:

Why Do We Blog?

1. Because we believe we have opinions that deserve to be heard, and minds that should be respected.
2. Because societies do not progress until they learn to respect opinions of their members. And we would like to see our society progressing.
3. Because blogging is our only option. We do not have a free media, and freedom to assemble is not allowed.
4. Because we want to discuss our opinions.
5. Because we think.
6. Because we care.
7. Because blogging has had a positive effect on other societies and we want to see the same result in our society.
8. Because blogging is a reflection of the life of society members. And we are alive.
9. Because blogging is gaining increasing attention from media and governments. We want them to listen to us.
10. Because we are not scared.
11. Because we reject the cattle mentality.
12. Because we welcome diversity of opinions.
13. Because the country is for all, and we are part of it.
14. Because we want to reach out to everyone.
15. Because we refuse to be an “echo”.
16. Because we are not any less than bloggers in other societies.
17. Because we seek the truth.
18. Because our religion encourages us to speak out.
19. Because we are sick and tired of the Saudi media hypocrisy.
20. Because we are positive.
21. Because blogging is a powerful tool that can benefit society.
22. Because we are affected and we can affect.
23. Because we love our country.
24. Because we enjoy dialogue and don’t run away from it.
25. Because we are sincere.”

(this quote was taken from http://www.saudijeans.org)

Ahmad al Omran of well known blog Saudi Jeans has with some other people launched the Free Fouad campaign. Please visit the site and show your support for Fouad and his family.

To the ones responsible for Fouads captivity I say – Free Fouad today damn it! I hope Fouad knows that people all over the world are supporting him and praying for his release.

Bahrain Daily 25 December 20, 2007

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