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S as in Saudi – over and out. April 25, 2009

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Seef beach

So.  I have for quite some time been thinking about ending my blogging here at S as in Saudi. I have a lot to say but still nothing interesting to be honest. It has all been said. Been bitchin’, going on my rants, praising, celebrating, crying, whining and shit…
I have recently turned over a new leaf and I can see things quite a bit clearer and more focused when it comes to my life.  I must say that, the years that I have been blogging here has been some of the hardest yet most interesting years of my life. I finally feel I can focus even if I don’t know exactly where I am heading. At least I know where I am not looking to head.

It has been an interesting journey where I started blogging to record the changes in my life and attitude and ended up a truly different person in a situation in which I never thought I would be in.

So I guess this is the last post here. I will keep the blog online for now and I will come back and hopefully read old posts and comments with a smile. It has been great getting all these comments from people all over the place. Some of you which I got to know a little more and some who only came once for whatever reason. I want to thank you all for your presence.

I will eventually be blogging elsewhere but it will be about a topic that  I am passionate about. Who knows,  we might meet again.

love to all of you out there



Lights out December 31, 2008

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The following can be read at Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoums website:

sheikh mohammed UAE

“In his capacity as the Ruler of Dubai, UAE Vice President and Prime Minister His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has ordered the cancellation of all public New Year’s celebrations in Dubai, due to be held on Wednesday night.

The cancellation comes in solidarity with the Palestinian people, who are currently enduring death, suffering and destruction in Gaza.

Sheikh Mohammed ordered relevant authorities to implement this decision and undertake the necessary steps to make the order known to all concerned parties.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hats off to you Sheikh Mohammed. It is nice to see this solidaric gesture in times like these when most of the world is merely watching as the blood is flowing on the streets of Gaza. I just heard that Bahrain is also following this example. I am quite impressed and very pleased I must say. More about that can be read here:



(the picture is from Sheikh Mohammeds website)

It has to be said December 30, 2008

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palestinian mother

I hate Israel with all my being and all my heart. I hate it’s existence and everything it stands for. It is the most brutal nation on the planet and every person living there that claims to be decent should migrate and seek citizenship in other countries. They don’t have any right over this land and never did. People can argue and argue and argue that they built the country they call Israel but it was nothing theft. It sickens me and breaks my heart again and again to see all these innocent people being murdered by the Israelis. Hamas are no angels no and should be held responsible for their actions but should a mother of five daughters have to bury them all because the Israelis are animals? And the Arab nations 🙂 well ah they called in an emergency meeting I heard…for Friday :). That really sounds like an emergency meeting to me. What’s up guys? You busy planning how to spend your New Years Eve(and don’t give me BS that you don’t celebrate it)?

Barack Obama rules! November 5, 2008

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Today is my birrrrthday and I have been given the best birthday present ever!
Barack Obama have been elected president of the United States Of America and aaah I feel like weeping!

I am so happy and I wish him and the people of “America” a great four years and hopefully more years to come. I hope that this will be something positive for not only the “Americans” but for the rest of the world. Hopefully the world will be a little more peaceful now and hopefully Obama will spend more time working on what needs to be addressed inside the United States and not only lining his pockets like a certains someone.

May God give him a long, healthy life (and may intelligence protect him)!

obama barack
Sing Halleluja!!

Now I will go and watch Obama’s speech and cry a little!

Blinded by hate? May 21, 2008

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A few days ago my son came to me and told me that his American social science teacher had taught them about the holocaust that day. He had done this even though the school had asked him not to teach the kids about this…
What can I say?
How sad is the world?
Are people down here so blinded by their hate for Israel that they refuse to acknowledge what happened? I can tell you that I surely don’t like Israel and what they are up to but that won’t stop me from telling my kids about the holocaust. Why? Because it happened and it was awful. Shame we are letting the same thing happen again and again in other countries and with other people. I am really disappointed in the school since this is part of basic education in my opinion. Didn’t expect this from a school that calls itself “International”. Do any schools down here teach the kids what happened?

Want to deny this? Ignore it perhaps?

From the Holocaust Research Project site:

“It was once said that not remembering the Holocaust means to side with the executioners against its victims; not to remember means to kill the victims a second time; not to remember means to become an accomplice of the enemy. On the other hand, to remember means to feel compassion for the victims of all persecutions.

By solemnly commemorating the tragedy of the Holocaust, we will keep history in mind, never forget the past, cherish all lives, and create a better future.”


Free Fouad al Farhan January 7, 2008

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I am disgusted. Yes, really disgusted by what the Saudi system have done and can do to whomever they please. Everywhere I go online I read about Saudi blogger Fouad al Farhan and his arrest. He has been in “custody” since the 10 of December 2007 without any charges. What did he really do wrong? He wrote. He expressed certain views that didn’t suit the Saudi system and that has landed him a cell in Saudi. Appalling. Shocking. But Saudi yes, so perhaps not surprising for him and many other people.

I must say from what I have read of his quotes, he has not been disrespectful in any way. Fouad is an educated, well spoken, intelligent person (a classic case of a person that any regime wants to silence) and not a bad mouth yob. At one stage he was “asked” by authorities to shut his blog down but he decided to stay online blogging since being silent was not an option for him. Why did he come back? Fouad wrote:

Why Do We Blog?

1. Because we believe we have opinions that deserve to be heard, and minds that should be respected.
2. Because societies do not progress until they learn to respect opinions of their members. And we would like to see our society progressing.
3. Because blogging is our only option. We do not have a free media, and freedom to assemble is not allowed.
4. Because we want to discuss our opinions.
5. Because we think.
6. Because we care.
7. Because blogging has had a positive effect on other societies and we want to see the same result in our society.
8. Because blogging is a reflection of the life of society members. And we are alive.
9. Because blogging is gaining increasing attention from media and governments. We want them to listen to us.
10. Because we are not scared.
11. Because we reject the cattle mentality.
12. Because we welcome diversity of opinions.
13. Because the country is for all, and we are part of it.
14. Because we want to reach out to everyone.
15. Because we refuse to be an “echo”.
16. Because we are not any less than bloggers in other societies.
17. Because we seek the truth.
18. Because our religion encourages us to speak out.
19. Because we are sick and tired of the Saudi media hypocrisy.
20. Because we are positive.
21. Because blogging is a powerful tool that can benefit society.
22. Because we are affected and we can affect.
23. Because we love our country.
24. Because we enjoy dialogue and don’t run away from it.
25. Because we are sincere.”

(this quote was taken from http://www.saudijeans.org)

Ahmad al Omran of well known blog Saudi Jeans has with some other people launched the Free Fouad campaign. Please visit the site and show your support for Fouad and his family.

To the ones responsible for Fouads captivity I say – Free Fouad today damn it! I hope Fouad knows that people all over the world are supporting him and praying for his release.

Ramadan Kareem September 13, 2007

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Ramadan Kareem to everyone out there. May Allah’s blessing be upon you all.


May Allah accept your prayers, fasting and your good deeds.

Interesting search strings April 17, 2007

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It surely is always interesting to see what search strings people have used to land on your blog. Not saying people are weird out there but hmmm. Here are some that has been used the last few days;

arabian women’s breastfeeding photos

Hmm hmm, did you find any? Weirdo! I get a lot of similar search strings.

filipino gay maid looking for job

Good luck mate.

i don’t understand why israel exists

Well no one does but isn’t it interesting when people use the search engines as if they are talking to someone?

i am gays saudai

You’re what??

taking wine to saudi

Good luck to you too haha!!

men souk Breastmilk from woman

Eeeew, not sure how to interpret that but that’s just naasty!

“Why do humans breed in secret?”

Is this guy from the same planet as the rest of us? And like what kind of a question is that?

And this ones goes out to all the Saudi loving Bahraini readers!

“how a saudi can get bahraini nationality”

Maybe you guys can give him a hand hehe.

I blog, therefore I wonder.. March 27, 2007

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What should one care about when blogging?
Should we review our texts again and again in order not to offend anyone that might come across it (I don’t do that)? Should we have to worry if someone misunderstands us? Doesn’t these things take the joy out of blogging?

I think it is unacceptable to spread lies or insult people naming and shaming them (unless it’s an official person – well no need to lie about them anyway) but should we really have to sit and worry our asses off if people dislikes or misunderstands our opinions? And how far can you go in this part of the world without actually crossing any lines? And should we care if a line is crossed? What is allowed to be expressed and what isn’t? And should we really care?

I don’t know really, but I feel I am restricted in expressing my opinions cus I do not actually want to offend anyone (but Israelis I’m afraid) and somtimes I wonder what can be said without having the blog blocked by our friends in Riyadh (Salam guys) but they seem more open minded than I expected anyway.

Talk about taking things too serious huh? I will just stop thinking about it and get on with things.

Israel in Europe? March 11, 2007

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It is totally  unacceptable in any shape, way or form that Israel is seen as a part of Europe. I known it for some time but how the hell is it possible? As I was surfing for holidays from Sweden to Southern Europe yesterday I found on www.vingresor.se that Israel is under the category of Europe! Why the hell is that?? And why is Israel in the Eurovision Song Contest and many other European events? Why isn’t Lebanon part of Europe then? Or Syria (aah how would you like that Bashar?) Or Palestine? Is it so the damn Europeans can say that oh yeah we do have Jews in Europe, n a lot of them as well (well since they managed to kill so many in the past). Or what?
Can anyone explain this to me? And you might wonder why the upset. Well I simple don’t want to be associated with such a murder state as a European or shall I say a Swede (nooot saying we have a non-violent past in Europe – but I do).
Like fuck, this has to change!