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that sinking feeling January 28, 2009

Posted by Aella in Bahrain, Culture.

Wow, I just realised that the Life in Bahrain blogged is blocked….blimey… sorry about that guys.

Thanks for all the answers on the previous post. Yes, there are many ways around this block and I guess it’s not worth having a heart attack over but it’s just hmm very frustrating and sad… as if life here isn’t hard as it is.. Why don’t you just go home then you may ask? Ah well I wish I could…

I think it is really immature to block sites to be honest. It’s like a childish way to be in control of other peoples lives when you feel you have no other ways to do it. Petty, pathetic behaviour.

It is 7.17 in the morning and I wish I could go back to bed. Not feeling well really.

Today’s word….conceited.



1. D.H - January 28, 2009

Krya på dej 🙂

Ja vad ska man säga…absolut nån arabisk omogenhet( är väl bekant med den,den har bara olika symptom…) eller nån diagnos med inslag av kontrollbehov ,lol 😉


2. Rebecka - January 28, 2009

Why is it you can’t go home?

3. Sous - January 29, 2009

Tack D. Och ja arabisk omogenhet när det är som bäst.

Rebecka, jag skriver på svenska för jag gissar att du är svensk. Jag är frånskild ensamstående med tre barn men min före detta make vägrar låta mig bo i Sverige med barnen även om han vet att jag inte ens har visum eller arbetstillstånd här (eller något annat heller). Tråkigt att det är så jobbigt för dig säger han bara med en lätt sarkastisk ton.

4. Pia - January 30, 2009

They blocked my Finnish e-mail @saunalahti, probably thinking this is some kind of “sauna” website where you find photos of naked men and women in sauna. Well, not quite.
What do they think- don’t people travel abroad for business/pleasure and then access these blocked websites anyway? There are ways around, always and trying to control people’s lives and behavior this way is indeed STUPID. Some websites (porn, war, racist.. you know what I mean) deserve to be blocked, I’m not against that at all, but the logic behind blocking websites here is just plain stupidity.

5. jimgarrison - April 22, 2009

aafke steals a God spoken created christians ministry name that is protected and posts on a friends blog, but not her own to ruin Gods servant, she aafke of clouddragon

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