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Could you boycott Israel? January 11, 2009

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Coca-Cola, Banana Republic, Maggi, KitKat, Perrier, Lindex, Lancome, Johnson&Johnson, Fanta, Sprite,CNN, Nokia, Mc Donalds, Disney, Gap and Starbucks….what do these brands in common? Well, they are a few of many brands mentioned in lists and websites that asks people to boycott these products since purchasing them will somehow benefit Israel.

What are peoples reactions on these calls for boycotts then? Well many people I have spoken to do it without a problem and they won’t ponder about the possible consequences a boycott would have for local workers. Then there are people claiming that the boycott will only hit back on the local market and that not enough people are doing it anyway so it won’t make a difference. So, let’s say we boycott a brand and that company has hired people in our city or town. The boycott effects the company so they have to make some people redundant and then what? Perhaps later, they won’t bother renew their franchise contract since people are still avoiding to buy their products…and then what? Will it be felt in the pockets of those we are boycotting? And when?

I am all for a boycott if these products are related to  Israel and I have been for a boycott for many years. Unfortunately I haven’t followed it through like I should have. This is the problem. We don’t follow through. We start all fired up just like when we have just signed up for the newest, bestest gym in town thinking we will run a marathon in six months and then because it is actually hard work we fall back into our old habits and nothing actually  does make a difference. We are still unfit as hell.

I was and am quite impressed how muslims down here managed to boycott Danish product in no time and some are still doing it when the whole charicature affair appeared. It was of course for a noble purpose and naturally muslims should stand up for their prophet (pbuh). Now I wonder….if we take the West aside and look at this region.  How come it is so hard for people down here to boycott all the above mentioned brands? Aren’t the Palestinians worth it? Are they not your sisters and brothers worth figthing for just like you did for the Prophet (pbuh)?  Or perhaps it is a matter of which brands we are boycotting?  I guess living without Lurpak and Haribo wasn’t too hard (wow, what an effort when I come to think about it) but tell me, can you not live without your precious Starbucks down here (piece of crap generic place)? Read through the list again….could you live without these products?

Please fill me in on your thoughts of possible effect of boycotting products. I haven’t thought it all through and would love some feedback. Is a boycott right or wrong and would it in your opinion make a difference when it comes to Israel. And ehm, sorry for saying it, but isn’t it times to start making your own brands. It’s not like there is no money down here….just invested in the wrong places perhaps. The Lebanese are quite good at that coming up with brands by the way.

A dear friend of mine sent me the link to the page with all the brands and if you click on them you can read more why they should be boycotted. Please visit the page and make up your own mind:




1. BCIS - January 11, 2009

I can’t believe with all of this you have missed one of the biggest contributors; who have in fact received an award from the Israeli’s because of his contributions; the owner of Starbucks. Which I find quite ironic, since a person can’t even get into the KSA if they’ve been to Israel…but the owner of Starbucks (who is Jewish) has directly contributed to the Israeli cause, and weapons.

2. BCIS - January 11, 2009

Oh Yea…and I’ve driven past no less than 6 starbucks, and that’s just in Al-Khobar.

3. D.H - January 11, 2009

Det är klart lättare att bojkotta i Sverige då det finns mer alternativa varor.Strategiskt nog finns de flesta av dessa märken/varor i de arabiska länderna : (
Bra att du satte in listan iallafall : )

4. coolred38 - January 13, 2009

Boycotting is a waste of time…because it will have no affect on Palestine in the least. If Israel were to suffer financially in anyway due to boycotting…then the good ole U S of A will be sure to shore up the financial leak.

I dare say though…if Nokia were on that list…you might put a few Arabs in a panic over boycotting…the rest is crap and can be lived without I imagine.

5. MIJU - January 14, 2009

Why there are no cigarette brands in that listing….. aren’t there any Jewish links to cigarette brands….

6. Zanjabila - January 16, 2009

Israel has already begun to lose orders for its fruit since the Gaza bombardment. The boycott has become much, much bigger. Boycotting works. Without money, the economy cannot thrive.

7. Khayra - January 17, 2009

I wonder… What’s with all the “anti”s? Why do we put what little energy and productivity Saudis have in working against things?

Not only would there be support from most, if not all, other countries if Saudi Arabia utilized its resources and mindset on being pro-Palestine as opposed to being anti-Israel, but it would also help the current Saudi mindset phenomenally.

For instance, in Dubai volunteers were called to organize and package donations for them to be shipped, I don’t need to mention the sheikh calling off New Year’s celebrations, and the media is taking part in helping people find out how they can help.

… In Jeddah, people are wearing scarves and sending forwards about hating Palestine. I know that there are better things out there like blood donation drives and ways to get seriously involved, but where is the awareness of those things? Why isn’t the government or media getting involved?

Are we really going to pump our energy even more into circular reasoning and BIG far-fetched goals that won’t even have any immediate impact? I’d be all for it if it was concentrated on a few companies that have openly announced their alliance to Israel, but why hate on Disney for just stating what America assumes as fact? Lord knows that Saudi writers and companies have repeated ignored human rights and research to just get their product across.

I could go on, but I won’t bore anyone with this. My over all point is to go pro instead of dwindling in anti. There’s SO much good we can do, why stick on stopping the “bad” that isn’t really always proven as “bad”?

8. Khayra - January 17, 2009

My sincere apologies for the uber long message, I guess I got carried away.

9. ed~ - January 26, 2009

To coolred38 who writes above that “Boycotting is a waste of time”. It’s not.

10. Lamya - January 31, 2009

We are getting to be soooo selfish–we want to see immediate results, although our deen is based on rewards from Allah in the Hereafter. We have been indoctrinated with a culture “instant culture”–wanting instant results. If you look back at colonial projects by England and France, they took years to establish. They started off with trade, studying the land and the people, gaining and allies and then showing its ugly teeth. They lasted longer, because their influence was graduallly established. Looked at Ameica today, they take no time to even UNDERSTAND anything about the place and people they are occuppying. When they attacked Iraq, soldiers truly felt that once they got in the Iraqis would meet them wiht flowers after rolling out the red carpet. So, they were surprised when the oppsosite happend–and the list can go on and on. They think they can take over the world using this “instant” reaction as if it were instant milk, instant cereal, instant rice. And we Muslims are catching on as well–each person thinks the if immediate results of these boycotts are seen then they are worthless–where is the patience that we as muslims are requiered to have.What about doing for the coming generations, we have become selflish if we sacrafice we want the fruits for ourselves. Allah says, if you are hurting they are hurting as you are–just because they do not TELL YOU or SHOW YOU the results of your boycotting of Israeli products (i am sure the effect is great, there are boycotts everywhere around the globe–we are 1.5 billion muslims and growing and we have MANY non-muslim supporters) that does not mean they are not having an effect. Just like the rockets that Hamas is sending to them–i am sure they do a ALOT OF damage but they do not want us to get the satisfaction of KNOWING that with such simple ingredients and primitive means they are being overcome.

Just know that you will stand in front of Allah ALONE and HE (SWT) will ask you “what did you do in the face of all the suffering that your brothers and sisters in Palestine faced in the hands of Israel” and i urge you to contemplate your response–tell Allah (SWT) that you wanted instance results in dunya and without that you were not willing to take ANY stance. You will lose here and you will lose then as well. Let’s not be LOSERS!!!

11. Sous - February 3, 2009

Thanks for all your comments. I can agree that it is a good point that we should be less anti perhaps and try to gather and do something good for Palestine. I know a lot of people are but it’s not enough.

And as for a boycott, lika Lamya said. It takes time and it is true indeed that people want an instant result to everything these days (I was actually going to write a post abt this the other week). In the long run they will be effected if everyone is boycotting companies that are supporting the state of Israel in any way.

12. macth - February 14, 2009

i have boycotted israeli goods for years and i live in scotland. It is not hard there are other alternatives just as good. My company has also now started to divest and have asked all our suppliers to confirm that they do not deal with israel, sell or buy israeli goods and those who have replied they do we have cancelled their contracts. all new suppliers must now indicate in writing their affiliations with israel or israeli government in any way. how hard can it be surely if you believe in your principles then you will do so if not then it is just yack yack and no action as so many do.

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