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It has to be said December 30, 2008

Posted by Aella in Uncategorized.

I hate Israel with all my being and all my heart. I hate it’s existence and everything it stands for. It is the sickest nation on this earth and every person living there that claims to be decent should migrate and seek citizenship in other countries. They don’t have any right over this land and never did. People can argue and argue and argue that they built the country they call Israel but it was nothing theft. It sickens me and breaks my heart again and again to see all these innocent people being murdered by the Israelis. Hamas are no angels no and should be held responsible for their actions but should a mother of five daughters have to bury them all because the Israelis are animals? And the Arab nations 🙂 well ah they called in an emergency meeting I heard…for Friday :). That really sounds like an emergency meeting to me. What’s up guys? You busy planning how to spend your New Years Eve?



1. LiB Team - December 30, 2008

I think the Arab leaders are more concerned about what kind of machboos they will be having in their summit and who they are going to unanimously choose from amongst them to insult, grill and degrade like all their previous summit.

Even the machboos they have is different than ours but they don’t give two shits about those poor people in Ghazza.

May God have mercy on those poor souls and one day their dignity will be restored…

A moment of silence…

2. soulsearch - December 31, 2008

Rightly said S. Some emergency Meeting. They want to first get drunk senseless then they will probably issue a useless statement that helps no one

3. D.H - December 31, 2008

Salam’s… back in Sweden.
Ja det är hjärtskärande…Och det är ju inte ett nytt läge..konflikten ligger år bakåt ,men i svensk nyhets uppläsning är det 5 dagars krig …ohh my ! Tänker bara på de fem systrar som satt uppe och läste till sina exams…(vilket slit I håller på med det samma) och sen är dom bara borta…Må Allah hjälpa de drabbade och omvärlden vakna upp…

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