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Quite frankly November 15, 2008

Posted by Aella in Bahrain, Beirut, Culture, Manama, Sweden.

….life here is slowly wearing me down. The last nine months has really taken a toll on my attitude, my strength, my patience, my beliefs and my personality. Being a single mother of three children with no support close to you is hard as it is without having people trying to exploit the situation.

I used to wonder how some people could be so negative, bitter and fierce but find that I am pretty much like that myself these days. I have developed a dislike for a lot of people and have no patience with them whatsoever. I can go from being happy to a state of rage in seconds if someone crosses my path in an inconsiderate way.

I have been patient with people, I have given them the benefit of doubt and I have reminded myself how I am brought up to treat people but I feel that wherever you go people want something from you, there are no what I call normal personal relationships. Everyone wants something from you whether it’s a date, a free ride,money or whatever.. It’s really too much.

When I am in Sweden I can get impatient with peoples stiff ways and their whiney attitudes as they complain about ridiculous things (is it really worth crying about how the neighbour closes his door?). They really do not understand how good their lives are over there and how safe lives they have. Here it is every man and woman for himself. You have to fight your way through and no one gives a shit by the end of the day whether you make it or not. Yes, my friends this is the bitter truth and you all knew it before I did since I have a disturbing, naive trait ( so I been told plenty of times) that has stayed with me until now. I always wanted to believe that people are good, that they don’t lie nor are looking to hurt you or use you. Unfortunately, this is not the case and I really can’t be asked to elaborate because I feel this is just the way life is down here (really not dissing your country Bahrainis). I am trying to keep up my spirit but quite frankly….

I’m tired of everything and I feel my strenght is leaving me.



1. Dubbelörnen - November 15, 2008

Kommer inte att säga “vadvardetjagsa” men vill att du hör av dig!!!

Vännen har den största empati för den situation du befinner dig i…

Ikväll har du mina varmaste kramar

2. mmk080 - November 16, 2008

I think that looking at the world like that is accurate but not really beneficial. It is only rational for people to do something and expect something back, whether it be a date or getting this good feeling in their tummys for helping someone. Try looking at a situation from a different angle, like if for example some guy does something nice and you know he expects a date in return of doing that thing, think of it as ‘wow this stranger not only is nice but also thinks I am attractive’ … ok, that was stupid. Forget what I said. I was just trying to help you but now I feel depressed too. Thank you very much! 😛

It will get better I am sure it will, just hang in there 😉

3. coolred38 - November 16, 2008

I feel your pain…I could have written this post myself…thankfully I did the only thing I could to save my soul…I came back home to Texas last week. Good luck to you…Bahrain is just dust on my heels now.

4. D.H - November 16, 2008

Vännen…ja du vi svenskar är så tålmodiga och sen får man skit för det..inte lätt,inte alls.Det som håller en uppe är ungarna även om det är tungt.Och bitterhet är tyvärr en sjuka jag drabbats av likväl livet är som ett hav stilla,stormigt…Håll ut det snart blåser det bris men det är j..la svårt att stå ut ute till havs. Finns här hör av dej när du vill
Och ..jag är väl den enda svennen som tycker att tvättstugan är en lyx tänk både ström och vatten , underbart !

5. Sanna - November 20, 2008

Jag vet, jag vet. Men det finns gott med. Ibland ser man det inte, för man får för mycket skit. Kanske är dags för semester? Själv vill jag hem ett tag… Till välbekantheten och anonymiteten.

Men oavsett vad du gör, du som jag bara läser och inte känner, så lycka till. Och ha det gott.

6. Nicole - November 20, 2008

“Everyone wants something from you whether it’s a date, a free ride,money or whatever..”

Sounds familiar 😦 But you have that even here in Hungary, we just realized 😦

Like coolred says: I am glad we moved out too. It starts to look not so bad from over here, but thank goodness I have some blog posts to remind me of how it was most of the time.
I would have thought, Bahrain would be better than Kuwait, but I guess it isn’t.

Take care girl, and maybe it is time to get out of there somehow?!

7. Reema3yoozbdoon7kma - January 31, 2009

It’s almost always “every man & woman for himself” when it’s not home. And who wouldn’t want to believe that people are good?:S
This gonna sound funny, coming from a Saudi, but Bahrain is kinda depressing… Waiting for you to stop laughing. I don’t have anything against Bahrainis or Kuwaitis but I dislike the feeling I get when I am at their countries. I prefer the UAE and Qatar. Mostly though, Saudi will do. The sentence before this is highly biased. Bahrainis, Kuwaitis, I love you guys ❤ don’t take it personal, bas zay ma ygooloon kil wa7id o d’ogah;P

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