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Those wicked Swedes September 15, 2008

Posted by Aella in Bahrain, Culture, India, Life, Manama, Sweden.

An Indian woman selling software is visiting a real estate office in Manama:

Conversation goes….

Indian saleswoman: Oh, so you are fasting?
Swedish saleswoman: Yes
Indian saleswoman: Oh, what is your good name (who the F invented this expression?)?
Swedish saleswoman: XXX
Indian saleswoman: Oh, that doesn’t sound like a muslim name!
Swede: No, I guess not.
Indian: Well let me say, from one sister to another. You should at least cover your hair. I understand you want to wear your business attire but you should at least cover your hair!
Swede: Ya, I know. (Andy Pipkin style)
Indian: You are showing men your beauty. A woman’s beauty is in her hair.
Swede: (sigh and yawn but smiling, isn’t the person she is meeting ready soon?) Yea I know. (Andy Pipkin again)
Indian: You shouldn’t show them your hair! The men sees the beauty in your hair.
Swede: Well, I’m thinking to shave it all off and then that problem is solved!
Indian: (upset) It is not your right!!
Swede: Oh really?
Indian: No it is not your right?
Swede: Hehe nooo really?
Indian: Aren’t you married?
Swede: No
Indian (too caught up in her mission): Well then your husband has the RIGHT to enjoy your hair! You can’t take that right away from him!
Swede: (busy imagining herself with a shaved head wondering if she will look like Sinead O’Connor or butch lesbian) Ya, ok.
Colleague to Swede: Aha, ok hello Samira, sorry I kept you waiting!

Indian walks away throwing eye darts at sinful Swedish muslim.



1. Anti-Pukko - September 15, 2008

“I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to shave their heads or decide for themselves what to do with it”

2. Dubbelörnen - September 15, 2008

Sitter här o skrattar högt…. You can’t please them all ;).

Saknar dig vännen….


3. Hajar Alwi - September 16, 2008

Oh my. Such a sinful Swede you are. ~the irony. 🙂

4. Bahrainiac - September 16, 2008

“your good name”….I hate that expression too. I always reply with “How do you know I have two names? Why don’t you want my non-good name?”. It usually shuts them up quickly, or leaves them stammering for a few minutes. Always gives me a smile.

5. H. - September 17, 2008

But I like your hair!!

6. coolred38 - September 17, 2008

Darn I hate that….I always answer that my Muslim name is the same as my given name…which they then comment…it doesnt sound Muslim…which translates into…it doesnt sound Arab…so then I reply…Im not an Arab…

With the hair thing I like to reply…my husband loves my hair and enjoys it soooo much…he likes other men to see it so they know what they are missing….shuts them up.

7. Global Voices Online » Bahrain: Hair-raising conversation - September 17, 2008

[…] Well then your husband has the RIGHT to enjoy your hair! You can’t take that right away from him!” Posted by Ayesha Saldanha  Print Version Share […]

8. Vilhelm Konnander - September 17, 2008

Hallå där!

Underbart litet stycke vardagsdramatik… Råkade själv ut för två busringande typ 25-åriga damer i hijab vid halvtolvtiden kvällen före nyårsafton – visserligen i Abu Dhabi, men ändå…

Lev väl!


9. Kawthar - September 18, 2008

Of course, the “right of enjoyment” doesn’t go both ways…

10. D.H - September 18, 2008

Hehe ja och har man sjal kan man möta andra mussar som säger masAllha 10 gånger,vet inte riktigt svaret på det heller 😉
Livet är ju inte så kul som det verkar varken med eller utan !
Men snälla behåll håret ,tror inte du passar i flint 🙂
Ha det så gott vännen.Kram

11. Ahmed - September 21, 2008

hi all i want to learn swedish if you know some one can help in jeddah please contact me


12. Susie of Arabia - September 21, 2008

I hate it when people you don’t even know try telling you how you should live your life, what you should or shouldn’t be doing. It’s really none of her business. And if you want to shave your head, that’s your business too. Geez!!! Loved the whole conversation…

13. Suburban - September 22, 2008

I struggle daily to not tell people to take thier self rightious “advice” and shove it up thier ass. Which is not a very muslim sort of thing to do.

Bravo Keeping your cool with her,and being hilarious simultaneously. Truly keeping with the spirit of Ramdahan, well done.

14. Ashish - September 24, 2008

What’s your good name?

I usually answer that with, ‘I’m so glad you don’t want to know my bad name’

And most often the response is, ‘uhhh’ 🙂

15. Sous - October 1, 2008

Thank you all for your comments 🙂 . It’s funny to hear that people have similar experiences. The good name thing uuuh I soo wish they could stop saying that. I need to start replying like some hear with oh my good name is XXX and my bad name XXX.

And as for people preaching how other people should follow religion well what to do? It’s annoying when a Muslim does it but I am assuming at least they mean well (or I hope so) but it is even more annoying when non-muslims tells you what they think u should or shouldn’t do. Some seems to think that if you do one wrong then you might as well do more wrong..

16. Fatimah - October 21, 2008

Once a woman -stranger covered head to toe tried to persuade me to cover my face. I thought the easiest way to shut her up was to thank her for her advice =D It worked!

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