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Lazy asses September 5, 2008

Posted by Aella in Bahrain, Culture, Don't - just don't, Life, Manama, Pictures.
A picture I took a few years ago in Beirut.

Beirut 2004 - we need some of those signs here!

Here is an advice for anyone looking for accomodation here in Bahrain. If you are happy realising that there is a so called cold store (mini market) close to your new found home – think again before you sign those papers. My home is next to a building which houses a cold store and God it is so annoying. Why? Well, simply because people are so damn lazy they can’t even get out of their cars and go inside and get what they came for. So what do they do? They honk.. and they honk…and they honk. You see, if the little Indian man doesn’t run out the very second they honk, well then they honk again, and again and again until he comes out. There is no such thing as (God forbid) patience because oooh I dragged my lazy ass out and drove all the way here so you should run for me!!
I wonder what makes them so scared of leaving their cars? Losing some of those hard earned calories perhaps?

This disturbing behaviour is even during Ramadan where I would have expected people to show some respect but aah nope.. The cold store is open until twelve at night and yes…they keep honking until then. How are these people raised I wonder?



1. mmk080 - September 6, 2008

u know we had this same problem here in Qatar. But a law has been passed that makes it an offence to honk in public places like that. If you do honk in front of a mini market (say) u can get fined. I havent seen people honk these days when Im around the mini markets so i guess its working to a certain extent.

Anyway, I guess what I am trying to say is … Qatar is getting a little better than it used to be?

2. Adel - September 6, 2008

Yes honking is annoying, but Bahrain is still better than most countries in the Arab world especially Lebanon. Just don’t live near an Indian run Barada(mini mini market)

3. Hajar Alwi - September 9, 2008

Nowadays, I’m seeing a lot of that in my place. Just when I thought no one I know will be doing it, lo and behold … one of my friends honked furiously as if her life depended on it. I suppose I spoke too soon.

4. Sous - September 15, 2008

mmk080:good that u have laws against this cus they sure dun seem to have them here

Adel, so is there a difference if the barada (u taught me a new words there) is run by an Arab or an Indian?

Hajar Alwi, Hehe it’s like jinxing urself thinking like that :p.
Sorry to hear that!

5. Adel - September 20, 2008

A mimi market is called Barada in Bahrain. What I meant was that if a Barada is run by a local, most probably he will not get out of it to get your order cos mostly only indians do, so there will be no honking.

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