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I am filthy rich! August 19, 2008

Posted by Aella in Al Khobar, Bahrain, Beirut, Culture, Lebanon, Life, Manama, Pictures, Saudi Arabia, Saudi culture, Sweden.


Something which I find both amusing and annyoing is that most people (except for the average Western expats) here seems to assume us European expats are loaded with cash. Having our mattresses stuffed with 20 dinar bills, wiping our asses with the same in the loo. Some do yes and some don’t… I bloody don’t and it is annoying when people are insinuating that one could and should pay more for goods and services cus oooh I am so loaded. Well I’m not fucking loaded ok and I can tell you that the average maid on the street most likely have more money in her pocket than I have during the month. Really, it is annoying so stop bloody assuming we are rich just cus we have white skin and a (kind of) clear accent.



1. D.H - August 19, 2008

Ja det är en konstig uppfattning…Har stött på den jag med men för gemene man är det mer “hål i fickan” som gäller 😉
Skulle jag vara lite mer vaken skulle jag skrivit den här på engelska!

2. Abid - August 21, 2008

New reader here!

Like your blog, will visit often!

3. David Brown McDougall MCQI CQP - October 7, 2008

We are a Scottish family of 6 who Immigrated to Canada in June of 2002, with around $750,000. In an interview with the Canadian Em-bas-sy in London England , Prior to Immigration, my wife Anne-Marie, a Scottish trained Primary school teacher, was told she would have no trouble in getting a teaching job in Canada. 18 months later we were told by the Ontario College of Teachers that Marie’s Scottish Teaching Qualifications were not acceptable to them and Marie would have to go and do a further 5 Full University courses. This was utterly devastating for our family!. I do not have the time to give the whole story , but we have lost over $350,000 can, and are on our 3rd and last mortgage, after which I assume the bank will ask us to leave!.
Our Eldest daughter Fiona is at York University, in her 4th year of a 4 Year Fine arts Degree Course(Fiona Mc Dougall Design, is her website). Alison McDougall is in her 3rd year of a Business Degree Course , Related to the Tourist Industry, at Ryerson University. Andrew, our eldest son is doing a Mechanical Eng.Degree course at Waterloo University, and wants to then go on to do a 12 month full-time Business Degree Course; and last but not least our youngest son, Kenneth wants to be a Corporate Lawyer.
All of our children have varying degrees of Musical skills , on Piano; Alto sax, and Violin, plus other talents.
My wife Marie is signed up with York University to get the 5 Full University Courses they say she requires to get Registered with the Ontario College of Teachers!.
I do not think our money will last out beyond December 08, or at the very most January 09, without me managing to find a good job.
I keep hoping my friend and confidant, God, will intervene, and save us all from such a terrible fate.

4. David Brown McDougall MCQI CQP - October 7, 2008

Is there any good jobs out there for a well Qualified Honest Hard Working Scot??

5. reema alsakeera reema - October 11, 2008

Well, there are many people who think Arabs=oil=$$$. I think the world is balanced out in a way that everyone gets their share of annoying remarks. We just tend to think we put up with it more than others, it’s like a silly contest.

6. Sous - October 11, 2008

Abid, thanks 🙂 . Come back often.

Reema, true true. We all get them some how. And yes in Sweden for example many people think Gulf Arabs are all rich from oil hehe.

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