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Property Arabia – Worldwide Property Show May 30, 2008

Posted by Aella in Bahrain, Culture, Manama.

After having spent two days working in the Property Arabia Real Estate show my feet are killing me. Yes! Uhu. Aha, killing me. My shoes aren’t uncomfortable but just the fact that I been wearing heels for two days standing and walking 9-21 is just a killer. Even though, it’s a small comfort we start at 12 today so my poor feet can get some rest until then. I will try to sit more today.

Woke up at 8 in the morning today which I haven’t done for ….ages. Gurls at daddies so I even got to sleep without any interruptions as well….ages ago as well. Still feeling a little battered though since the AC was on.

Anyway. It is really interesting to spend all this time in the Property Arabia show to see all the projects that are coming up in both Bahrain and in other countries. Of course also good to see all the faces behind real estate here in Bahrain.

I haven’t had time before but I want to mention the brilliant idea by some members of parliament to ban and evict all the Bangladeshis from this country. Nice idea I think. Why do they want this? Well one Bangladeshi apparently killed a Bahraini which of course is terrible but from there on apparently it is in the nature of the Bangladeshis to be criminals and therefore 90 000 people should be sent back to their country (no decision has been made to send them back yet as far as I know)… This is what Gulf Daily News reported the other day…

Daddy is coming home?

Yup kids, you better get an education and stop smilling cus we don’t want you here!
Best Regards
(some) Members of Parliament – Bahrain

(and just to clarify 😉 no the members of parliament DID NOT ACTUALLY write the the text under this picture – I DID (uh can’t believe I have to write that uuh))

Well I thought that sounded unbelievable. Surely it can’t happen. The next day the same paper reported that Bahrain has stopped issuing visas for people from Bangladesh… to be continued. I don’t need to express what I think of this..

(Ban Haifa for life damn it! And yes I am really, really jealous! I want to be just like her ah aaah!)

My fav nun looking slut Haifa Webhe

Aaah aaah aaaah aaannnaaaaaahh Haifa!

Seems the members of parliament here are really busy with really important issues such as banning Haifa Webhe and kicking out hard working people that haven’t committed any crimes. How about implementing stricter rules and punishment for people that come here every weekend and drive like…well fuckers – jeopardizing the lives of Bahraini families? People that have no respect for this country nor it’s residence. Or how about cleaning up the brothels of Hoora and Juffair? Or are they useful for the country in any way that I haven’t been informed of? Oh yes I remember now…they bring people from other countres…well we wouldn’t want to be without these kind of people here right?

Really….really…..there are no words for such waste of time…



1. oh minseok - May 30, 2008


I’m a korean living in seoul.(name: Oh Minseok)
Korean special investigative team investigated samsung
But they did not work right.
Suspicious to have been bought off.
Samsung corporation had many crimes.
And the team investigated samsung corporation.
It contained korean companies samsung,huyndai,sk CEOs’ illegal issuing
stocks or bonds. ( previous CEOs or present CEOs )
The quantity were plenty.
(Three company CEOs did(and are doing) many crimes to me.
Many koreans are knowing it.
But many koreans are bought off by illegal issuing stocks or bonds.
Korean prosecutors are also guilty.)
The team knew it.
Korean special investigative team must investigated this.
But they concealed it.
I ask for asking for this criminal investigation to prosecutors in any
And help the shareholders and me.
Three companies are hacking me and trying to kill me.
And are suspicious to use my name and email illegally.
If you receive another message that I dictated above are not true,
it is not from me, but from three companies.
The things I dictated above are true.

2. Adel - May 31, 2008

You might enjoy this site if you’re working in property development or marketing in Bahrain.


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