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Brain meltdown May 1, 2008

Posted by Aella in Bahrain, Culture, Manama, Sweden.

I kid you not when I say that right now I am ready to go back to Sweden cus I am so damn sick of bad internet connections and extremely sick of people promising they will fix it “tomorrow”. Why is it that so many things down here doesn’t work and why is it people can’t be asked to fix things on time? I am so sick of not having a connection buhuhuhuhu! So bloody sick of it!

We have these really annoying watchmen in our building that kindly make sure to guard everyones morals and I don’t know what. They are two Bangladeshi brothers and quite frankly they both get on my nerves, one more than the other. One of them just stands and stares at people as they park, as they enter or exit the building, as they talk to people, as they leave their cars, as they scratch their asses and sweep sand of their cars. His face is just blanc as if he is waiting for something. He reminds me of a fat meerkat who lost his marbles.

Nosey bastard

This guy has been known to tell parents about their kids dating habits even though these parents were already aware of it and had no problems with it. I’m not sure these brothers quite understand that they are only employed to open and close doors as well as helping people when it is needed. We really don’t need any muttawas opening our doors.



1. Nicole - May 2, 2008

Grin at the meerkat comparison 😀
And yes, we are sick and tired to, after less time than you.
But the last 2 months of almost constant dust just made the decision for us.
I could stand it here longer, but only if hubby can.
He can’t, made up his mind this morning.
And I am grateful to have this summer in a place where I can go outside, swim in a lake and have good food and booze – yeah, we are going to Hungary for the summer (unless something changes), but we are for sure leaving Kuwait!!!!


Hope stuff gets better for you any time soon.
Maybe going back to Sweden wouldn’t be such a bad idea??

2. D.H - May 2, 2008

Hoppas vi kan ses denna sommar 🙂
Man kan bli så trött på allt där ute i vida världen även om inte Sverige är topp så uppskattar jag det med andra ögon nu
tvättstuga=lyx,november=helt ok o.s.v
Men mitt hjärta är i Libanon trots allt…

3. ammaro - May 8, 2008

my internets been disconnected for 2 days now… ridiculous… only thing i hate about this coountry…

well… not the ONLY thing… :p

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