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Frivolous Friday March 28, 2008

Posted by Aella in Bahrain, Bahrain Daily, Culture, Manama.

I woke up at seven this yesterday morning. My plan was to have a really loooong sleep since my daughters are at their fathers house but my body is so used to waking up early that there was no use in trying to sleep. I went to al Jazeera and bought some fresh bread and some other things, went back home, had brekkie and went back to sleep around ten. Now my plan was to go somewhere and get a slight tan today. I woke up around 13.15 and started stressing a little thinking it was cloudy outside. It wasn’t. I had an invitation to join some people at the Mövenpick pool but declined. I wanted (as boring as it may sound) to just lay by the roof top pool at our office with a book and just chill. No people, no noise, no one checking anyone out. Drove to the office and to my disappointment the door to roof was locked and the caretaker has the day off. Really sucky of him to lock it. Will have to beat him severly him tomorrow.

I ended up just going for a drive and drove to my fav place in Manama – the shores of Seef. I just love being there.

seef manama

I parked the car, took my shoes off and started walking in the sand towards the water. Tiny crab in shells had been left by the tide and was desperately looking for water, digging into the sand with their little cone like shells. I picked up a few, let them crawl in my hand then drop them into the water. They quickly started running on the bottom of the sea celebrating being into the water again. I looked around only to realise that there were hundreds of them in the same situation… I’m sure they will survive..*looking away, feeling guilty*


I started walking into the water. It was warm and clear. I so wish I could have swam there but it’s just not appropriate. As I was walking around for some time I suddenly felt a sharp buzz in my left foot and I let out a cry. I had stepped onto something that did not approve of my weight trying to crush it. I felt a sharp sting in my foot and was pretty startled wondering what it could have been. The pain subsided after some time.

boat seef

After some time a car pulled up close to mine and a Bahraini family of four started making their way down towards me. The mother and father were carrying children the same age my girls. Around the ages of one and two. Their children where bare except for the eldest wearing a nappy. The mother was covered from head to toe in black and her pretty face was shining as they let their children walk in the water. They played with them and splashed water onto their faces, much to the amusement of the children. What a sweet scene I thought as I stood from a distance leaning on a boat (not in the water – in the sand).
Then suddenly..

I see the man hurling something into the sea…
I squint towards the sun drenched, wavy sea to see what it is..
The nappy…
Just like that. They gathered their things and left. The nappy floating lonely in the sea.

littering gulf

It really made my jaw drop. I can’t understand how these people think. Do they have less brain capacity than others? They drive to the sea because they want to share this experience with their children only to litter the very same place they came to enjoy. I have one word for people like this. Pigs. I was on the phone for quite some time when I was walking in the sea so unfortunately I could not take pictures of the young camels and their keepers that passed by (I didn’t have the camera with me and my other phone battery died). The young ones did not move in the typical bumpy way that is associated with camels but in a graceful and light trot. A grand scene indeed.

sand art



1. D.H - March 30, 2008

Ja det är bra konstigt att folk inte vet vad en papperskorg är år 2008 😉

2. Sous - April 4, 2008

Precis 🙂

3. Da Shnutz, Aka Globalization Pimp - April 5, 2008


The nappy floating lonely in the sea.

Such a picturesque description…

Sigh,…. nature, the human race not only takes it for granted.. but go on a non reversible chain reaction to self annihilate…
Little do they know.. when earth breathes.. humans have no chance..


4. Linda - April 5, 2008

Papperskorgar verkar sakna sin mening i många länder, tyvärr… Men du, vad duktig du är på att skriva. Vad är det för kontor du jobbar på? Du får mig att hoppas på att det faktiskt finns en chans att man kan klara av att bo utomlands i ett lite udda och annorlunda land från Sverige.

5. whatsupbahrain - April 29, 2008

I love the shores of seef as well… since i live nearby i always tend to take a walk there and take a bunch of photos ….

6. Adel - May 31, 2008

Good news for Seef shore lovers, It will be developed as a public beach, no reclemation.

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