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Educational toppings March 25, 2008

Posted by Aella in Bahrain, Life.

“Please change A’s yogurt, she likes Al Marai yogurt. Please also change her cake to chocolate”

That was the note in my two year old daughters nursery bag the other day. I didn’t know whether to laugh or get pissed off. Chose both. Since when did my daughter know what different brands are? Since when do I give my kids whatever they point at? And since when did it become a norm to eat chocolate cake every bloody day? This is not how I am raising my kids and I don’t even approve of the idiotic idea that they are actually required to bring a piece of cake every day. Is that what they call a snack? Look around you… There are obese kids all over the place and these are the habits they are taught at a the tender age of two? It’s sickening that an institution that is supposed to raise kids and educate them seems to think it is normal to eat crap like this every day.

Can I have lard with that please miss!

A while back I received a news letter from my sons school. Some of the elementary kids had been on a school trip. Did they go to a museum and learned about the heritage of Bahrain perhaps? No. Did they go anywhere and learned anything of use? No. Where did they go one may ask?

They went to bloody Pizza Hut and had the honour of touring the kitchen and put their “favorite” topping on pizzas… Now how retarded does that sound on a scale? Sure it can be interesting to see what is going on in a kitchen but whatever happened to learning something useful? We went to nuclear plants, museums and farms not to bleeding McDonalds..

Kids these days eat way too much crap so perhaps the school thought they were doing the kids a favour by being able to imagine what Fernandez does in the kitchen after they have made the order….no or uh, what? I don’t get it. I just don’t get it.

Since I am on the topic of education… My son has been going to “international schools” since 2003 and what are they learning there in terms of social science? Do they learn about the region they reside in perhaps? Eh, hell no. He has studied the American States and their wars one gazillion times, learnt everything about the system in the states and I don’t know what. Ok, it is not a local school but what the hell is this all about? Are the kids supposed to be totally ignorant of the culture they are living in? About the history of the region?
Is the world becoming a dumber place as I am writing? Yes, I think so indeed.



1. Dubbelörnen - March 25, 2008

*ASG* Nu är hon tillbaka!!

Skulle nog vara lika upprörd som du över snacksförslagen ;).

Tror skolan i Sverige har varit lite “lutheransk” *fniss*. Skolan var en skola o inte ens en utflykt fick göras till något lättvindigt. Sonen har också betat igenom varenda museum i Stockholm o en pizza på skoltid. Never!! *skrattar*. Men han hade däremot med glädje följt med på denna pizzatur *asg*


2. Nicole - March 26, 2008

Sweet goodness?!
Some people shouldn’t teach.
It is just way too easy these days to become a teacher 😦
In Korea I could have been one without any degree at all and you can get a TEFL degree in less than a month if you hurry your studies….

And yes, the world seems to become a sad place.
You have the Internet and can google everything, if you want.

And a tour through Pizza Hut – sure better than a museum. I mean, that’s where many kids will start their careers later :S

3. A - March 26, 2008

Have you been to muharraq yet S?
See the famous hungry people street that stretches all the way from mothercare to delmon bakery.. Lines of restaurants, kabab tikka places, cafetarias…

4. Da Shnutz, Aka Globalization Pimp - April 5, 2008

Ah yes…. educashan for da naishan.. (in a rastafari mood.. sorry..).. i could tell stories on education, and what goes on in the region, that even a retarded ant in polka dots would think twice in applying…
But then again…. culture… awareness.. time will prevail and things will get better.. (i try to be optimistic .. i try.. honest!)… its a learning curve, despite technology, advancement in educational techniques, a human will remain human, with limited capacity to evolve…..
This truly applies to its evolution in awareness and culture.. so maybe this lifetime.. maybe not.. we’ll get there..

oh and by the way…
one word..
Globalization… sad but true..

over n out

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