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IKEA in Bahrain March 13, 2008

Posted by Aella in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia.
Lately I been hearing rumors here that IKEA is about to open in the soon to be opened City Mall. I could not believe it but so many people told me that this was the case. I googled it but there was no information to be found anywhere. I then sent an email to IKEA in Sweden and sadly this was the reply I received today:
“Dear S,
I work with IKEA franchise partners in the Middle East and therefore your request has been passed on to me.
We do not currently have any plans to open an IKEA store in Bahrain at this moment in time. We will however be opening a new IKEA store in Dhahran in August this year.
Thank you for the interest you have shown in our company.
Kind regards,
Mark Magee
Business Relations Saudi Arabia”
A sad day indeed ( . And to hear that IKEA won’t open in Dhahran until August, well that sucks.. I should go to Kuwait or somewhere hmm sigh…


1. Bob - March 13, 2008


If you know someone in Dubai they do deliver and the prices are reasonable.

2. ammaro - March 13, 2008


no no no… they promised us’!!!!

3. Da Shnutz, - April 5, 2008

*giggle*.. just found out what IKEA stands for..

4. Sous - April 5, 2008

hehe yes its not so cool huh 😛

5. andre - September 1, 2008

Well it is now 1 September and they have only just started laying asphalt in the IKEA Dharhan car park.

No sign of ANY of the displays going up inside yet.

No sign of lines of trucks delivering stock….

Sadly I don’t even think they will manage to open in September.

6. Sous - September 1, 2008

Wow, that’s sad news 😦
I can’t believe they are so bleeding slow =/

7. Rashi - September 2, 2008

i have heard that Ikea would open in the mid of september

8. nora - November 29, 2008

ikea opened last week

be happy 🙂

9. Sous - November 29, 2008

That is great great news I must say :)! Thanks for the info!

10. Sara - November 30, 2008

Is there anyway for ppl who do not have a saudi visa to buy stuff over the phone or online and have it delivered to Bahrain??

11. Soso - December 14, 2008

I went to Ikea Dhahran last week and the guys working there told me that they have been informed that Ikea will open in Bahrain but it will take time to build the store and everything maybe 2 years but they will open for sure and they told me the business man name who will open the shop

12. ali shafiei - February 28, 2009

can you give me Mark Magee email address? I have a solution that I would like to run by him.

13. ghulamhussein mohammed - November 10, 2010

dear sir;my name is ghulamhussein mohammed,im an indian born in zanzibar,i would like to have a job in ikea bahrain,im an artist,i cane deign meny thing like furniture and iron design,i have gifted allah [s.w]gave me,i dont have eny school degree.if u want a semple of my design i wil send it to u,for verification.thanks u sir.

14. Mohammed alhaddad - December 7, 2010

Some good news for you, IKEA has just been announced for Bahrain.

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