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Rasta Ladin January 23, 2008

Posted by Aella in Culture, Links, Pictures.
Omar bin Laden with hot looking wife Jane Felix Browne
Just read that Usama bin Ladens son Omar don’t agree with him in how he is killing civilians and says that his father could conduct his fight in other ways. I haven’t heard of Omar before but man just looking at his pic, the guy looks cool enough. The resemblance of his father is of course there if you looking at his face. It’s like looking at a a mix of Bob Marley and Laden (for the Swedes – he reminds me of Tomas Di Leva). Keep it real as Ali would have said.
The Ladens in Sweden on holiday. Osama circled. This picture is just too cool to be true.
It’s like you are just expecting them all to start singing and dancing to
“You should be dancing yeaah” (Bee Gees) . Really funky picture.
Gimme five Osama!


1. Nicole - January 24, 2008

That family picture is just too funky!
Where did you unbury that one?

And his son, well, we will see what comes of him.
I think, he’s trying, but he’s a bit unorganized.
Trying to do that race in March and trying to find Sponsor and participants NOW?

2. ammaro - January 24, 2008

i actually knew 2 people in college. osama is their uncle… they’re totally cool; you wouldn’t think they were binladens until they told you, because people get the general impression that a binladen is an extremist terrorist kinda guy… not really. in this family, osama is the exception, not the case.

anyway, away from this fact; the binladen family is a rich, rich family and their businesses of construction has built up half of saudi and a good part of the UAE.

3. Sous - January 24, 2008

Nicole 🙂 yes it’s funky alright. They are right cool. I just bumped into it when I was surfin.As for Omar, yes time will tell I guess.

Ammaro, It’s a shame for the rest of the Bin Ladins that people freak when they hear the name (at least outside Saudi). Like you said Osama is the exception. It must be odd though to tell people he is your father-in-law..(would be quite funny actually)

4. Suburban - January 29, 2008

that picture is worth a thousand words! WHere did you find it?

Great posts lately!

5. Pia - January 31, 2008

Hey, he looks like a kind of Bob Marley reggae celebrity:) Not bad at all.

PS: Jag har varit lite sjuk, men mycket battre nu. Jag has ocksa varit i Facebook, det ar super-kul!

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