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Free Fouad al Farhan January 7, 2008

Posted by Aella in Al Khobar, Bahrain, Beirut, Culture, Dubai, Iran, Israel, Lebanon, Links, Manama, Pakistan, Qatar, Quotes, Saudi Arabia, Saudi culture, Sweden.

I am disgusted. Yes, really disgusted by what the Saudi system have done and can do to whomever they please. Everywhere I go online I read about Saudi blogger Fouad al Farhan and his arrest. He has been in “custody” since the 10 of December 2007 without any charges. What did he really do wrong? He wrote. He expressed certain views that didn’t suit the Saudi system and that has landed him a cell in Saudi. Appalling. Shocking. But Saudi yes, so perhaps not surprising for him and many other people.

I must say from what I have read of his quotes, he has not been disrespectful in any way. Fouad is an educated, well spoken, intelligent person (a classic case of a person that any regime wants to silence) and not a bad mouth yob. At one stage he was “asked” by authorities to shut his blog down but he decided to stay online blogging since being silent was not an option for him. Why did he come back? Fouad wrote:

Why Do We Blog?

1. Because we believe we have opinions that deserve to be heard, and minds that should be respected.
2. Because societies do not progress until they learn to respect opinions of their members. And we would like to see our society progressing.
3. Because blogging is our only option. We do not have a free media, and freedom to assemble is not allowed.
4. Because we want to discuss our opinions.
5. Because we think.
6. Because we care.
7. Because blogging has had a positive effect on other societies and we want to see the same result in our society.
8. Because blogging is a reflection of the life of society members. And we are alive.
9. Because blogging is gaining increasing attention from media and governments. We want them to listen to us.
10. Because we are not scared.
11. Because we reject the cattle mentality.
12. Because we welcome diversity of opinions.
13. Because the country is for all, and we are part of it.
14. Because we want to reach out to everyone.
15. Because we refuse to be an “echo”.
16. Because we are not any less than bloggers in other societies.
17. Because we seek the truth.
18. Because our religion encourages us to speak out.
19. Because we are sick and tired of the Saudi media hypocrisy.
20. Because we are positive.
21. Because blogging is a powerful tool that can benefit society.
22. Because we are affected and we can affect.
23. Because we love our country.
24. Because we enjoy dialogue and don’t run away from it.
25. Because we are sincere.”

(this quote was taken from http://www.saudijeans.org)

Ahmad al Omran of well known blog Saudi Jeans has with some other people launched the Free Fouad campaign. Please visit the site and show your support for Fouad and his family.

To the ones responsible for Fouads captivity I say – Free Fouad today damn it! I hope Fouad knows that people all over the world are supporting him and praying for his release.



1. Nicole - January 7, 2008

I’ve heard about it a while ago – it’s sad indeed 😦
I hope he will get out soon!

2. Pia - January 7, 2008

This is actually the first time I have heard of him, and now reading his blog I have to say I am impressed. There aren’t many people, who share their opinions like this. He must be freed!

3. Abdallah al Utaibi - January 12, 2008


I believe this is not the real problem I and many other Saudis are worried about, which is the arrest of Fouad. More than 3,000 have been arrested in the last few years because of saying their honest opinion in public (Al Jazeera TV Channel, Blogs, Internet Forums etc.). It is believed that more than 20,000 have been arrested since 1990 (A historical year for us Saudis, since the beginning of the Internet, Iraq’s Invasion to Kuwait and hosting 100,000+ Americans during the second Gulf War, and the beginning of Clash of Civilizations).

Our real problem is how those people and Fouad got arrested: the security forces simply went to his house at will and arrested them. The ministry of interior works independently of anything else in the Kingdom. There is no permission from the court, there is actually no independent court in Saudi Arabia. There is not even any constitution to begin with.

Having a constitution is going to be resisted because it brings law and order, it brings rights and systems. The government loves chaos because it gives them more flexibility, which is power. It’s very complicated. But it’s about money. Oil!


4. Joel - January 13, 2008

A blogger in Kuwait was also arrested in early 2007 for writing a post about the Amir. Upon his release, he was asked to delete that post. Doi they have to arrest you to tell you to delete your post?!? Weird,ugh!

5. Joel - January 13, 2008


And is Farhan released?

6. Sous - January 13, 2008

Abdallah, it’s really terrible all these arrests 😦 . It really saddens me. What makes me happy though is that people keep on writing and keep on making their voices heard. It is unacceptable to silence your voices. Never stop writing. Would have liked to read your blog but I don’t master the Arabic language I’m afraid.

Joel, I don’t think he is released no. I think they let him see his family a while back though. And aha it seems they need to arrest people to get them to delete their posts. Retarded!

7. KSA Anonymous - January 24, 2008

i don’t know him but to be honest he is not the first one.

we living here in the capital and we r like slaves. we are allowed to
do something as long as we keep our voices inside !
what a good life here !

the bad news is – the new king don’t know how to do anything
so we r going down so soon.
there arrest him and another 100 Fouad will be born and we will
expose it to the world.

i love my country but i hate the ppl running it !

i will be one of the 100


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