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Brits and monkeys December 23, 2007

Posted by Aella in Bahrain, Life.

..I was really seriously depressed yesterday when I called the riding club I was going to and they told me that I was late and that the group already had left. Uuuh. It was still 15 minutes to go according to my time and I hadn’t been told I was going with a group of people. They told me I could come back in an hour if I wanted to go riding later. I was a little ticked off (even if it was probably my confused minds fault). I said ok and then drove around some stables in Saar.

I ended up going to a place called Jazeera Stables and this place really made my day. The friendly owner said I could have a look around and so I did. He had a lot of different animals even if the place wasn’t huge. Dogs, cats, horses, foxes, crocodiles, rabbits, raccoons, peacocks, hens and roosters and other kind of birds, sheep and to top it all of a cheeky monkey jumping around teasing and playing with the largest dog around. There was a small chihuahua and god he was just so cute and friendly (well all the animals were friendly except on of the crocodiles who jumped at me). It really cheered me up being around the animals and I decided I will go back sometime with my two year old daughter. It is sad though to see dogs and cats in cages..not really used to that.

Anyway after that I was supposed to go to a supermarket called uh al Jawad/Jawal or something and I really didn’t have a clue where it was so I ended up calling the riding center a few times until the guy there lost his patience with me saying -Where is your mind lady? How long have you been in Bahrain and so on….. I just told him to cancel it cus I had enough of driving around…

Ended up going to al Osra supermarket in Budaiya and it felt like I was in England again. Even though I miss London it disturbed me greatly being there (in the supermarket) hearing only British accents and Christmas music. Don’t ask me why.



1. rainmountain - December 24, 2007

I guess you had a weird day.
I know those to well.
I had some similar experiences in the last few days and actually it’s getting quite old.
Oh well……I guess, I just need some more sleep….?!

2. BrainsinBahrain - December 25, 2007

Here is where Jawad is compared to Al Osra.

Al Osra is circled in green, Jawad in blue.

3. Sous - December 26, 2007

Strange I posted a reply for u here Nicole but it’s not here it seems. I was just saying that I do need more sleep. Can’t get enough of it these days.

Haha Brainsinbahrain that is soooo nice of you 🙂 . From looking at this picture it shouldn’t be too hard to find. Is the Jawad place where its like a petrol station? hmm I need to take a drive around there. Perhaps tomorrow.

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