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The cries of Sanabis December 17, 2007

Posted by Aella in Bahrain, Manama, Pictures.

Cries of Sanabis

Yes well the cries aren’t coming from the people of Sanabis ( or whoever set this on fire -it’s in Sanabis) but from me who sat there in my car with a wicked angle (and no cars behind me) with only my “ok on normal day” but very slow Nokia N73 cam as I caught the fire. Blinded by the sun and asked by the police not to take pictures and move along I cursed my camera (uh phone)… I’m appalled how the pictures turned out. Where the heck are the rest of the policemen?? Grr! We do have another camera but it is time for me to look for a “real” camera. I have been wanting one for a long time but I haven’t figured out which one I want yet.


Soo, all you photographers out there, please help me out. Where do I start in this jungle of digital cameras? I want something that is easy to use still has a good zoom, fast, not too pricey, not too big, not too small ah well a good, reliable camera. And I don’t want this kind of camera http://www.steves-digicams.com/2004_reviews/a95.html but this kind http://www.steves-digicams.com/2006_reviews/nikon_d80.html (ok it doesn’t have to be that big). God look at my amateur talk. I really need to read up on digital cameras.

Please, yalla guide me in the right direction and anyone living here might be able to tell me where one can get the best deals on cameras (please not Geant I already had a fit with them over a laptop)



1. Tijl - December 17, 2007

The Nikon D80 is an excellent camera. I have it’s predecessor: the D70 and really like it. If you think the D80 is a bit to big, you might consider its smaller brother: the D40. (Similar Canon models are the eos 40D and eos 400D. There is also the Pentax K10D, the Sony Alpha and many others)

If you do buy an SLR, keep in mind that the type of lens you buy is much more important than the type of camera. So, better buy a “cheap” model like the D40, but spend some more money on a good lens, than buy an expensive D80 or D300, and use it with a cheap lens.

But don’t expect an SLR to behave like a simple point and shoot camera. If you want to put your SLR to good use, you’ll have to explore the functionality it offers you and you’ll have to learn a bit about how a camera works. If that’s not what you want, you might be better of with a compact camera like a Canon PowerShot. That’s a lot cheaper and easier to use. Yes, you can use an SLR like the D80 in fully automatic mode, but in my opinion, if that’s what you intent to do, an SLR is not the right type of camera for you and you might actual take better pictures with a point and shoot camera. But if you’re interested in photography and willing to spend some time experimenting, buy an SLR like the D80, you won’t regret it!

2. Kim Higgins - December 17, 2007

Hi Sous,
I really enjoy visiting your site from time to time. I lived in Al Khobar from 1996-2000. I am from Texas and living back home now. I really miss Bahrain.
I have a Canon PowerShot SD600 and love it. It is small but with a zoom and auto features that make it almost blonde proof.
You are lucky to have this venue to remember your time overseas. When I was there, the internet was very expensive and just coming to our compound as we were leaving.

3. llwynn - December 18, 2007

Hi S,
I was recently trying to figure out what digital camera to buy and I found a website where a guy extensively reviews cameras and gives recommendations according to specific parameters. Try http://www.kenrockwell.com/tech/recommended-cameras.htm but go mucking around his site a bit too for some great insights and info about different cameras.

4. rainmountain - December 18, 2007

You can also check out dpreviw.
One of the Best sites regarding reviews and side by side comparisons.
Oh – and the D80 is NICE!
I could testrun it in April, didn’t wanna give it back 😉

And yes, camphones are still not really great. There are only a few out there that take real good shots 😉

5. Sous - December 19, 2007

Tijl, Thank you so much 🙂 .I am not looking for a point and shoot cam and you actually wrote about a camera that after having followed Illwynns link to Ken Rockwells page is recommended – the D40. Sounds seriously interesting.

Kim, I think there is a Canon Power Shot in the house and it is good, I just want to have more options when photographing. And yes it is great to be able to have a blog to remember all the thoughts and events one goes through in this journey of life.

Illwynn, thanks for the link. Great page and I have am having a lot of use for it. Read your novel the Year of the Lie and found it to be really interesting. She seems to be a quite a special person.

Rainmountain, the D80 seems to be on everyones wish list 🙂 . I shall try it out sometime (who knows, maybe someone I know has one)

6. rainmountain - December 20, 2007

I would sure go for the D80 instead of the D40.
You would just regret later not to have taken that step.
Ask in a shop, I know some in Europe offer Testruns with the cameras.

7. Tijl - December 20, 2007

The D40 is a nice, small camera at a very good price. But it has one big handicap: it lacks an AF motor. That means the auto focus will only work if you use a lens that has it’s own AF motor. There are plenty of lenses that do have their own AF motor, so that doesn’t have to be a big problem. But some of the cheaper lenses (like the excellent Nikkor primes) don’t. So keep in mind when you compare the price of the D40 and the D80, that you might have to spend more money on lenses when you choose the D40.

8. rainmountain - December 21, 2007

I didn’t even think of that one.
Good point, Tijl!

(I would go for the D80… 🙂 )

9. Sous - December 23, 2007

Hmm Tijl, as Nicole said,,good point. I am now actually looking at the Canon 40d. Anyone have any experience of this one?

10. Tijl - December 24, 2007

Well, I played with the Canon 40d for a while at a Canon promo event in Brussels. It looked nice, but I’m used to my Nikon D70 and didn’t really like the way that Canon worked. It’s probably a good camera, but I’m just not a Canon guy.

I suggest you go to a shop and try a few different models. There are a few technical differences, but all camera’s mentioned here are good camera’s. So I guess you should try them and see which one you like best.

11. rainmountain - December 24, 2007

Check the http://www.dpreview.com as well.
You will find a lot of Info on any of the cameras you lay an eye on.

And yes, don’t buy one, before you had them at least for a short time in your hands and see how they function.

I eyed a Canon a while ago but for no special reason it draws me solely to the Nikons now 😉

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