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I hate socks December 16, 2007

Posted by Aella in Bahrain, Culture, Life, Manama, Pictures, Saudi culture.




What is it about socks? I mean once you have washed clothes they just lay there in a bloody mess and you just cannot be bothered to put them together. In a family of five there are a gazillion colours and styles and God I really hate sorting them out. It can take days before I even look at the pile of socks. For Gods sake we live in a country where we don’t have to wear socks so why bother? I am totally with the idea of people wearing flip-flops and open shoes all year around like a lot of the Saudis I see (ahh I can just imagine men in suits wearing flip-flops haha not so cool I guess). Ok wear socks if you have to but make sure all socks are say, black or navy blue and bought in the same place so there is less hazzle trying to figure out who is married to who. I hate different shades of blue when it comes to socks. I mean God damn it why not just have the same colour?


Here is some seriously cool ( and perhaps provocative for some) artwork for Christmas 2007 (look at “The Wall”)



The weather here is just great these days. I wish it was like that all year around (with a few extra plus in the summer). It is just beautiful and suits me perfect. And ok I can admit that I find it a little cold in the evening (to my excitement) which means I can wear a jacket (aah feels like back home).

Must say I am bored these days. Too much housework so I am mostly at home which sucks. Really need to get hold of a maid soon..



1. Nicole - December 16, 2007

Yepp, socks are my enemy too 😉
But thank goodness, it’s just the two of us and no, I don’t want to quit wearing them, even though you usually see me barefoot everywhere in summer.
Not here.
This dry and dusty climate kills my feet. Dry and nasty,…., socks help 🙂
(Too much dirt out there and taking the dogs 4-6 times a day 😉 )

And the art is pretty awesome!

2. Sous - December 16, 2007

You are right. It does kill your feet. At first when I lived in Sweden I used to use sp much lotions cus my feet got dry but for some reason they have got used to the climate now 😛 (4 years now since I left Sweden). And if I went out walking dogs 4-6 times a day I too would wear shoes with socks…too much dirt and dust.

3. Amjad - December 17, 2007

LOOL.. you seem REALLY very annoyed with sorting out socks. I guess it would be annoying to sort out a tremendous amount of socks of different colors & shades! I understand.. lol

4. Sous - December 25, 2007

Yes God it is so annoying! Just wish they would go away!

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