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Bahrain Daily 21 December 12, 2007

Posted by Aella in Bahrain, Bahrain Daily, Manama.

Holding hands

Seef Mall



1. Nicole - December 12, 2007

NICE :D!!!

2. Amjad - December 12, 2007


well-spotted! :-p

BTW, this isn’t only in Bahrain. Here in Oman I also notice the same thing with certain people in malls & public places, and people from different nationalities if I may add. I don’t know what are these people thinking, I don’t know if they’re really homosexuals or what exactly, but why on earth would two guys want to hold each other hands while walking in a mall or a public place! :-s.. It looks very odd yet common, apparently!

3. Sous - December 12, 2007

Cute eyy 😛 . Sorry about the quality but they were a moving target hehe. They were soo cute hehe. Not sure if they are Saudis or Bahrainins but I am guessing Saudis for some reason. And it sure looks odd!

4. Justin Deco - December 12, 2007

This is how very good friends – or even relations – behave in that part of the world. There are no homosexual connotations.

5. Nicole - December 13, 2007

The Kuwaitis and also Indians do it here too.
It strikes me as pretty odd as well, regarding to Homosexuality still being a sin, yet touching a male in any form seems to be normal?!

6. Sous - December 13, 2007

Nicole and Justin, I know that if they do hold hands here they are most certainly not gay. In Sweden on the other hand they would most likely be gay if they held hands since men holding hands is a big no-no between men. It’s interesting how different cultures are and what is taboo and what isn’t.

7. Ammar - December 13, 2007

i love your bahrain daily shots! it really is a very, very nice series, keep it up!

8. BrainsinBahrain - December 26, 2007

Its not homosexual but it’s extremely freaking creepy. I wouldn’t want to hold any man’s hands, not even my own FATHER’s as a regular day to day thing.

WTF ?? can you imagine going out shopping with an uncle or a cousin & holding hands the entire time.

For some, the palms and fingers are an erogenous zones. . . enough said.

Frankly, I’d be more comfortable with urinal staring than holding hands.

9. Sous - December 26, 2007

Thank you Ammar (seems my comments have disappeared, I wrote a comment to you here a while back anyway..). I’m happy you like them 🙂

Brainsinbahrain, I can’t still get used to it and am still amused (hehe) when I see it. I agree the hands are erogenous zones and it would be weird.

10. Adel - May 31, 2008

This thing is common in Saudi especially between friends in schools and universities. These two men are probably Saudis, It’s odd for Bahrainis to be holding hand even if they where close friends or relatives, if you see two Bahrainis walking while holding hands they are probably gay.

11. Deen - August 28, 2008

be open minded about it people .. i understand the shock but not the mock.

i bet if you go to these guys and tell them at some part of the world guys shower together naked they’d freak out as well !

12. saif - October 27, 2008

i m lookin for a homosexual saudi

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