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Radang paru-paru November 4, 2007

Posted by Aella in Bahrain, Manama.

Our housekeeper has had a persistent cough for quite some time now and today we finally got an answer to what it is. When she first started coughing I bought her medicines and none of them had any effect. She insisted to try some home remedies and none of them worked either. I called Bahrain Specialist Hospital for an appointment but they said they have no doctors dealing with cough which I thought sounded a little odd. I have been to this hospital before and must say I like both the service and the staff there. So I called International Hospital of Bahrain and booked an appointment with a dr A.K. Once there we explained the problem but instead of asking the usual questions he instead had a frown on his face and started asking if she had kids, if she missed them, if I knew them and so on. He listened to her chest and looked in her throat all while saying that the cough she had meant nothing to him as a dr and that her chest was clear. She had nothing in other words. He said she might be allergic to something and prescribed allergy medicine and an injection. If she isn’t well in a week he went on to say – Then she needs a psychiatrist. I asked him what he meant and he said that the cough is all in her head….

Needless so say I left him pretty pissed off. Our housekeeper learnt a new English word on the way out which she quickly adopted when speaking of the doctor in question – idiot. She got her medicine and her injection and we went to pay. 60 dinars the young man behind the counter said. Uh? 60 dinars I said? Aha, he replied and smiled. I handed over my card and asked the three men behind the counter why the heck this hospital was so expensive? One of them pointed at the slogan of the hospital that said “We care more” and said with a smile -We Charge more. You sure do I said. I actually found his comment pretty amusing even if I was quite ticked off with having come there in the first place. One of the men at the counter offered some kind of payment plan if we were frequent patients there but I declined and said that I shall not return to this hospital again.

In any case. Today we went to the American Mission Hospital since the cough never disappeared. Didn’t see any signs of Americans there but it perhaps could be called the Indian Mission Hospital. The doctor, listened to her lungs and said he could hear something there and sent us off to do a x-ray. Once this was done he took a look at the pictures and said that it seemed as if she had a pneumonia (radang paru-paru in Indonesian fyi ). He gave her some medicines and asked us to come back in a week. I was pretty pleased that we finally found the answer to what she has and inshalla she will soon be fine. I will so call the International Hospital of Bahrain and complain about the other doctor.



1. Balqis - November 4, 2007

Not a surprise .
I was told the same many times here : being an expat authomatically means that you’re depressed and anxious which justifies most of the diseases you have .
Thanks God am a pharmacist so at least I manage to ask for the exams I think might show the problem .
Wish I could find European or European graduated at least but I think here in Mct they’re disappearing day after day .

2. Dubbelörnen - November 5, 2007

Visste väl att du inte ger dig i första taget, eller hur?! 😉

Hör av dig, har mailat dig…

3. D.H - November 5, 2007

Ahh intressatn…hosta av psyket det har jag inte läst i nån av min böcker när jag plugga omvårdnad ; ) Hamdulila att ni fick rätt diagnos till sist…stackars henne.
Ha det bra.

4. Nicole - November 6, 2007

Oh man, European doctors don’t mean good doctors either.
It’s a rare find to get to a good one that doesn’t blame things on being depressed, overweight or not sportive enough.
It’s so easy to do so, charge a lot and make stupid people come back.
I’m glad you found a good place and are taken care off now!!

5. Sous - November 6, 2007

No, of course European doctors aren’t all the either. Nationality isn’t really important, their attitude is more important. But yea it seems they blame a lot in depression and anxiety.

Dubbelörn: vilken address har du mailat? Har inte fått något..

D.H tack så mycket. Tyvärr är det värre än vad vi trodde. Ska till sjukhuset med henne i dag.

6. grey - June 21, 2008

finally you learn some indonesian language…. i am so proud of you..

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