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Bahrain Daily 7 October 31, 2007

Posted by Aella in Bahrain, Bahrain Daily, Pictures.





1. rainmountain - November 1, 2007

You know that I’m stupid???

That pic of the mounds, was that in Saudi or in Bahrain?

For whatever reason, I had stuck in my mind that you are in Bahrain, but just now thought that the writing there looks Saudi and then I read your header *yes, I know…*
Call me blind…….stupid….whatever you want, grin 🙂

And that Couch, or whatever it is, wouldn’t stand around here for long, someone would grab it 🙂

2. BrainsinBahrain - November 5, 2007

She upgraded from Saudi to Bahrain.

3. Sous - November 5, 2007

I sure am in Bahrain 🙂

4. Nicole - November 6, 2007

And I sure got lost here for a second or two or three 😛

Oh, I’m sure that IS an upgrade (sorry, Saudis 😉 )

(Why does your blog want me to fill in my name, email & webaddress when I’m logged into wordpress? Uh? Is that normal?)

5. Sous - November 6, 2007

I really dont know why it does. Odd really.

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