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Driving in Bahrain September 25, 2007

Posted by Aella in Al Khobar, Bahrain, Culture.

I have now been driving here for about 10 days or more and aaah I just love it. Since I have seen the traffic in both Saudi and Lebanon I feel the traffic here is not really bad. Having a Lebanese license of course isn’t very good here (or anywhere) and the Traffic Dept. wasn’t too keen on stamping my international license. They gave me 6 months to drive with this license and asked me to get a Bahraini one so that’s what I’ll do. The car rental places weren’t thrilled either but I eventually found a place that would accept a crazy Lebanese license…


This pic was taken as I sat in the passenger seat so don’t worry ;).

So far I have been driving here and there. Been driving around in Adliya, Mahooz, Juffair, Seef and even took a trip to Ali and Isa Town last week. Oh and yes, Hoora has the name it deserves…. Don’t step out of the car there less you are looking for sleaze (I mean by the crowded hotel area).. Hoora by the way means whore in Swedish and it is a suitable name for that area (no offence to anyone living there). Drove through the souk the other night as well which was kinda cool. It was really packed with people coming from the mosques and shopping in the area but it was nice to be able to drive there ( and no I didn’t drive where you aren’t allowed to drive ook). Planning to go for a little shopping trip there one of these days. Just don’t want to go on my own since all the dudes there stare way too much.



1. Pia - September 25, 2007

Hey mabrook for your successful driving- I envy you, it is not at all same here across the Causeway as you know. The souq in Bahrain as far as I remember from 4 years ago was real nice and I plan to come for shopping trip soon. The souq in Dammam, where I visited yesterday with a friend of mine, had plenty of people staring at us, how rude. One nearly tripped over as he carried on walking, head turning almost 360 degrees and kept on staring. This makes one feel kind important, like a celebrity..? Well i did not feel like Paris Hilton at all, in fact had to cut the shopping trip short because of awful humidity, and these rude stating guys.

2. D.H - September 28, 2007

Hamdullha att det går bra,läste just i veckan en insändare i City Stockholm med rubrik”Sudiska kvinnor vill komma ur baksätet” nu har du ju både kommit ur Saudi & baksätet,kan det bli bättre?; )

3. MomTo5 - October 12, 2007

ha ha ha i guess you did not like Hoora….i wonder why…
send me an e mail,pleaseeeeeee

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