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The wonderful world of Barney September 10, 2007

Posted by Aella in Bahrain, Culture, Manama, Pictures.

I must say it was with great sadness that I noted the demise of our great Pavarotti the other day. It really broke my heart. I always wanted to see him but never had the opportunity. I believed that one day I would see him live… Anyway, may god bless him.

The last few days A has been having a Barney feast and quite frankly it is driving me mad. I have changed the dvds to Teletubbies at times but approaching the age of two she knows how to change the dvd back without any problems. Now Barney is sweet and colourful (and quite unfit- no wonder dinosaurs died out)…but the bloody songs gets to your head. If all the raindrops were gummybears and milkshakes blablablablabla standing outside with my mouth open wide yack yack yack yack yack yack la la la….and so on. I have gone to bed hearing these songs in my head, I have dreamt of Barney singing and woken up in a cold sweat knowing I am dreaming of an imaginary creature. Because this is according to the songs what Barney is. Imaginary.


First time I watched a whole Barney dvd I realised in the end that he is a just an imaginary friend. Now that is really worrisome. Whole generations are watching and loving a pink, queer dude jumping around doing all kinds of stuff and then the production company producing this, is telling us he is not real. How is that? I can’t help thinking we would have to take some serious hallucinatory drugs to imagine such a character and the things he does. I mean, we can actually see him, he is not in our head, so he does exist. Right. Couldn’t they have settled for letting him be a real friend? I’m all for imaginary friends but this guy actually exist so why pretend he doesn’t? I find is so odd that six kids in one Barney episode imagines the same thing…and some of them are more twelve years old than say five (I can’t see any twelve year old imagining she/he is taking submarine rides with Barney). Really odd. Really odd.


My kind of Barney.



1. MomTo5 - September 10, 2007

sorry…..will do this in swedish….jag forsoker lasa i kapp…hehe,finns det foton pa dina barn nanstans,skulle va kul att se o dig sa klart.
ang blogspot, laste har http://sasinsaudi.com/2006/11/15/blogspot-blocked/
hemma hos mig kan jag inte komma at min blogg men nar jag gar till nat internet cafe har i syrien sa funkar det,inte overallt men nastan, skall kolla lanken du gav men det ar ju ett valdigt gammalt inlagg……
vet du nan som ar skriven fran syrien eller mellanostern ….typ skrivna av sana som vi?
Kram / Johanna

2. MomTo5 - September 10, 2007

ok i tried to open my blog but this came up,
Unable to Connect to the Main Database…Cannot Select the specified database… or database does not exist


3. MomTo5 - September 14, 2007

sorry if i have make a wrong comments here but i was so happy WHEN i read about it here and thougt i could open up blogspot but not, do you have any idea?

i hope you will have an blessed ramadan insch allah


4. Sous - September 14, 2007

Aah Salam Johanna 🙂 I wish you a blessed Ramadan as well. Don’t worry about the comments. I have no pics of the kids. I don’t know any other blogs written by Swedes down here but I can take a look around. Check out bloggtoppen.se under resor. Där har de utlandsbloggar 🙂 . What’s the problem with you not being able to open blogspot? Can you not use inblogs?

5. MomTo5 - September 17, 2007

i think syria have blocked blogspot,thats why. there are so many other sites as well.

6. MomTo5 - September 20, 2007

i have read about inblogs here at your blog thats why i asked you and your friends around here,
maybe some one know what to do,anyway the inblogs dont work….so i guess i have to continued my blog some were else.

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