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Weekend.. September 8, 2007

Posted by Aella in Bahrain, Manama.

Went and had an English breakfast in Upstairs – Downstairs yesterday morning and I can’t say I’m impressed with their service. I’m not really used to having to wait 35 minutes for a fry up. I could make six of them and prolly more in that time. It was far from packed when we arrived so unless they had to go and slaughter the cow for my bacon I can’t see why it took such a long time. I have heard that Ric’s Kountry Kitchen is supposed to be good for breakfasts so I will check it out another time. Really won’t bother go back to Upstairs – Downstairs for breakfast. It seems to be a jazzy place at night so for their sake I hope it’s better then.

Lulu Hypermarket opened up in Dana Mall the other day and I just love it. Its really neat, well organised and their fish and fruit and veggie section beats Geants (where I usually go) by far. I would like to check out the Jawad (I think that’s the name) Supermarkets though, I just haven’t got a clue where they are located yet. All in time…

Had a really rough night with little L waking up way too many time and I’m not feeling to perky today uh. Had to take a ride to Saudi the other day to renew the visa stamps until the Bahrain visa is sorted. I can say that my heart dropped as we approached Saudi. It felt like all the other times when we used to go back. I felt a sadness in my heart but as soon as we turned the car and started going back to Bahrain it all eased up. Talk about letting your feelings run you. As we were driving towards Bahrain I felt the same happiness I used to experience coming here before from Saudi. Ugh, God please never let me live in Saudi again.

Feels strange now that it is actually weekend – Saturday that is. I almost got used to the Thursday- Friday weekends and now it’s Friday – Saturday which I find nice. My son is off to a mall to watch a movie with a new friend in school. He didn’t mind living in Saudi but he will soon see the advantages of living here since he is old enough to go out by himself now.



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