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Thai massage ? August 23, 2007

Posted by Aella in Bahrain, Manama.

For the last two days we have been driving around to different furniture stores in Manama trying to find some decent wardrobes and drawers for the kids clothes and it has been hard to say the least (since we didn’t know a lot of places close midday and open later). In any case..since I wasn’t driving I have had time to check out the surroundings. Something that struck me is that Manama seems to have a looot of Thai Massage and other massage parlours … So hmm is massage a big thing here? Or is it the equivalent of the Lebanese Super Night clubs and the Cypriot Gentlemens clubs?

I went into a place today called Ramez (think that was the name). As I entered I was shocked to say the least.. I went there to look for red chillies (I had already looked in Muntazah and Geant) and since the place looked like a tornado, a typhoon and a earthquake had hit it, I really couldn’t see where the vegetable section was. I walked up to a youngish man in a suit and asked him where the fruits are. He looked pissed off and said WHAT? I repeated my question and he said -Ok, come here. I followed him as he walked across the shop shouting to someone in a language I did not recognise.. (urdu perhaps). After having crossed the whole bloody shop he speaks another guy and tells him to help me.

I tell the other guy the same thing and he starts walking across the room. I am following but nowhere can I see veggies nor fruits.. – Do you want coal, he goes as he is gesturing with his hands in a shape that resembles a an oval big ball. I am lost and reply back -I want apple (not really but I figured he wouldn’t understand chillies) as I make a gesture of an apple with my left hand.
He goes – Coal???
I go Urrrgh! and just keep following him. As we are walking, I ask him, -Do you speak Arabic (since I can make myself understood slightly in Arabic)? -No, I speak English, he replies a little annoyed. Well if you do speak English sweetheart, why don’t you understand the simple composition – I want apple? It is as basic as it gets no? And if you do speak English, why do you take me to the jucie fridge and point at the fruit juices? I just looked at him and shook my head and left… There was nothing to be done… And oh God, what a messy place. I could probably lose my children in that mess.



1. Shameless - August 27, 2007

Ramez is at the bottom of the barrel as far as the big supermarkets in Bahrain go.

The reason most people go there is for the rock bottom prices, definitely not for any hint of civilization. Rude staff, neglected stands, unlabeled goods and a general “we don’t give a crap attitude” attract really the most wretched traits in people.

Having said that, shopping at Ramez is in fact marginally better than foraging for sustenance in a hostile jungle because when you do happen to get frustrated with the unnecessary madness, you can just climb into your car and drive away, knowing that you’ve just saved a fair amount of money shopping.

2. MomTo5 - September 2, 2007

Salaam ….nu har jag hittat hit men vart skall jag borja nanstans….vill lasa om din tid i Libanon men ar valdigt nyfiken pa hur du hade det i Saudi, hoppas att du har skrivit ner positiva o negativa upplevelser men man kanske inte kan skriva om allt…oopps !
maila mig garna lankar ,du har ju skrivit sa mycket masch allah
manga kramar fran Johanna

3. Rebecka - September 2, 2007

Nu är ni äntligen i Bahrain, hoppas att allt är bra och bättre än i Saudi!!
Synd att vi ej träffades när ni var hemma…
Khaled skulle aldrig jobba så jag körde ej dit..o du vet när man har en liten så går dagarna snabbt o man hinner ej mycket.
En stor kram till er !!!

4. Sous - September 3, 2007

Shameless, bottom om the barrel sure was the right description for that place and I really can’t see myself going back there again. Left me slightly traumatized :I

Johanna, good to hear from you again 🙂 . Du kan läsa det mesta här om min tid i Saudi. Om min tid i Libanon har jag skrivit om i http://www.12manypeaches.net men den funkar tyvärr inte just nu. Har visserligen inte skrivit något nytt där på länge. Take care and enjoy

Rebecka :), Hoppas allt är väl med dig o familjen. Tråkigt att vi inte kunde träffas men som du säger så går dagarna fort med små i huset. Inshalla nästa år. Allt i Bahrain är bättre än i Saudi 😛 utan tvekan. Ha det så bra! Kramar


5. Abdullah - April 5, 2008

I am look for british or american women for massage in Bahrain or Saudi.

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6. Sous - April 5, 2008

Loool! Yes BYE Abdullah :P!! Good luck and gurrllss you got his number so knock urselves out!

7. napha pansuea - August 8, 2008

hi i women from thailand now i working massage i work thai body massage oil massage sole massage now i work in malaysia now have salaries 1800 ringgit i want to work massage

8. siravunee - February 28, 2009

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9. Rolly - April 20, 2009

Filipino Massage Therapy ( Mobile # : 0561357002 )

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The session will cover 1 hour and a half with more of Swedish strokes, few of Shiatsu and Basic Reflexology.

Service will only be done in your home or in your hotel room as I do not have any available place for the session.

Transportation is not included from the massage Fee.

For more details please call 0561357002 and look for Rolly or log on to http://www.friendster.com/theraroll if you want to see my real photo and for you to scale my personality if it is needed so.

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Thank you very much.

10. Tongkorn - May 9, 2009

I am a female thai massage specialist looking for a job in Bahrain. Anybody have any clues? Please reply at jiraparit@hotmail.com

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