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Yaaoo Bahrain! August 20, 2007

Posted by Aella in Al Khobar, Bahrain, Karlskrona, Saudi Arabia, Saudi culture, Sweden.

Came here yesterday and I must say it feels pretty fine even though I am still tired (Little L kept waking up at night). I am so pleased I am not in Saudi (no offence Saudis) but I might still pop over there sometime to run some errands. What I really like about Bahrain is the mix of people and that the society is alive. People dress how they want and all people I have ever met here so far (from my visits from before ) have all been friendly. I know it’s a country with all kinds of people rude, nice, friendly and whatever but I just feel it’s a “real and normal” country unlike Saudi. Just to see people smile here makes my heart happy. Women smiling and looking at my little daughter today, who excitedly ran through the Geant Mall (I don’t know the name of the mall), well it is just so nice to see their faces and smiles. Talk about enjoying the little things in life..

It appears that we live quite central in Manama. It is just a few minutes away from both Geant and Seef Mall which is quite handy.. What else.. I just killed a cockroach bleeh. Didn’t have those in Saudi since everything was just dead…We used to have a car fumigating the compound (as I have mentioned) so everything just died (cats, lizards and all).

The flat is a mess and I will try to sort it out the coming days and then to sort my life out here.. Being in Sweden this year was ok but not as great as it used to be…this year hasn’t been a blast so far to say the least (stop ur whining I know I know!!)

All in all, HIIYA BAHRAIN!!



1. Dubbelörnen - August 20, 2007

Good to here you’re safe and sound 🙂

You know I want weekly reports on mail… My thoughts are with you…

Warmest hughs

2. Sous - August 21, 2007

Thank you :). I shall try to keep u updated 🙂


3. Shameless - August 27, 2007

Nice to have you here, please forgive the weather, it should be alright in another month or 2.

4. Global Voices Online » Bahrain: Getting Into Gear and Going All the Way… - August 27, 2007

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