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Here comes the rain again July 31, 2007

Posted by Aella in Bahrain, Beirut, Culture, Karlskrona, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Saudi culture, Sweden.

Summer here isn’t really great. It’s raining almost every day and it is actually worse weather than Saudi winter. Not that I mind really. I know once I get back to Bahrain I will get both heat and sun. More than I want probably. It’s a shame for all the Swedes that has endured the long dark winter eagerly waiting their holidays hoping for some sun and fun. It is just so depressing when you live here and you realise the summer will soon be over (with no sun) and autumn will come with it’s doom and gloom.

Right now I am preparing for an old linguistics exam that I should have done ages ago. The book I am reading right now is “The Study of Language” by George Yule. It surely is interesting but I feel my head is about to explode from all the different linguistic terms. I feel though that I have finally grasped some things that seemed slightly confusing before. If I was to choose between this one and Kafkas “The Trial” (Der Prozess) which I finished just before I left Saudi I would choose this one.. but aaaah God it will be good when it’s over. I have so many interesting, juicy books waiting for me in my bookshelf and I have also bought more since I came here.

One thing that has struck me since I came here. Why the hell are most of the dressing (or fitting if you like) rooms in clothes stores so damn dirty? Isn’t it standard to clean them every day? The floors are usually dusty and I just find it so sick. I never saw this is in Lebanon (and in Saudi Arabia of course there are no dressing rooms).

What else? Aha I been bitching about the health care here in Sweden (yaya I know in my part of the country 😉 ) and I will again. My youngest daughter ended up with impetigo (not cool) and it has been a mission to make sure she gets the medicine that she required. People just get soooo puzzled when they realise we don’t live here which means we aren’t registered here… seems foreign tourists can get their medicine (I saw an example – good for them) faster than a Swede coming home for holiday. And, and, and when I wanted to get a new Swedish ID-card and went to Svensk Kassaservice who are responsible for this they simple said -Uhh sorry but you can’t get one cus you don’t live here (grrrr). I could get a new passport no problems but not a poxy ID-card. I can apply for one at the policestation I was told but it will take up to 5 weeks which means I can’t get it before I leave.

Now if I was a refuge I could have applied for one. I’m thinking of getting rid of my Swedish citizenship and come here without ID papers and apply for asylum or something. Life seems easier that way.



1. Dubbelörnen - August 1, 2007

Vi har faktiskt haft betydligt bĂ€ttre vĂ€der Ă€n ni dĂ€r nere i södern 😉
GrĂ€smattan har t o m bruna flĂ€ckar, strĂ„lande sol Ă„terigen, klarblĂ„ himmel…

NĂ€r planerar d resan tillbaka?


2. Sous - August 1, 2007

Vi Ă„ker den 19 augusti sĂ„ Ă€n har jag tid att komma o hĂ€lsa pĂ„ 🙂


3. Dubbelörnen - August 1, 2007

SĂ„ planera in en tripp! Vecka 33 finns dagar tomma 😉


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