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Karlskrona June 20, 2007

Posted by Aella in Al Khobar, Bahrain, Beirut, Karlskrona, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Saudi culture, Sweden.

It was bloody freezing as I took a little walk around town yesterday. I was wearing trousers and long sleeved but I was still cold. Must have been around 17-19. Not funny. Little L soon 5 months looked a little shocked under her thin hat. Her brown eyes were so big and she looked at me as if she was saying – Mummy what is this? How could you take me so such a cold place? Get me back to Saudi!

Feels weird to be here. As if I never left. I guess I had an overdose last year. Felt weird to feel the huge differences in these two societies (Saudi and Sweden of course). To see women dress how they want, walk and talk freely, work,drive, laugh and just be a part of everything going on…. so different from Saudi. And I want to point out that women here don’t really wear very provocative which a lot of people think. Most from 20 and upwards seems to wear trousers or long shorts with tshirt or longsleeved. Far from the sexy Swedish image some people have in their head.

I must say though that even if Lebanon is the way it is (now and before) I prefer it to any other place I have lived in. I miss Beirut and I so wish I could turn back time or at least go and visit her soon. She is a darling but she is unfortunately infested with some pests that perhaps could be taken care of with some Piff Paff. I would proudly wear a  t-shirt saying “I love Beirut” (not really my style to wear such t-shirts 😉 ).

Anyway, I will stay here for 2 months with the kids and our maid. Speaking of her, she was puzzled as to how late the sun is up here. At 8.30 she stood amazed by the window watching people pass by in more or less daylight. I am assuming I will go back and settle in Bahrain after these 2 months but you never know what life throws at you..

Now I will go and have some brekkie and then go out for some light shopping..



1. Rebecka - June 20, 2007

Välkommen hem till kalla Sverige!!
Hoppas resan gick bra!
Du är inte den ända som älskar Beirut och längtar dit!! VARFÖR ska det alltid vara problem där????
Jag och lille Ayman har varit på en härlig barnvagnspromenad och nu är han hungrig..

Ha det bra!!
Vi hörs och ses hoppas jag!

2. Pia - June 21, 2007

Hejsan igen. I know what you mean, I was on vacation in London and Finland, and felt like I never left. I actually did not feel like returning to Saudi anymore, but here I am..
Hey, at least you hopefully won’t encounter those silly City Max t-shirts. I am sure that Swedes as well as Finns have some sense of style. I hope your blog will continue and please keep us updated of your news in Sweden and then later in Bahrain.
Ha det bra.

3. Dubbelornen - June 22, 2007

Välkommen hem vännen!!! Hoppas så att vi kan få till det i denna sommar… längtar så att träffa dig…

Ja det finns alltid två sidor av myntet… Sverige är inte helt fel för barnen….


4. Sous - June 23, 2007


Rebecka 🙂 Hoppas lille Ayman mår bra. Kommer ni till Karlskrona något?

Pia, So you are back now. Must be great 😛 I sooo envy you. I will try to keep the blog updated and keep writing from Bahrain later. You so have to come and visit us 🙂 .

Dubbelörnen 🙂 Tack. Hoppas verkligen att jag kan komma o hälsa på i sommar. Skulle vara så kuuligt!


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